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  1. I’m not saying they haven’t done enough. I’m suggesting it might be a nice idea to uploaded some of his high profile matches to their YouTube channel, in full, so that fans who haven’t seen his AEW work can check it out. It would help spread Brodie’s legacy to a wider audience for years to come.

  2. 23 hours ago, LaGoosh said:

    AEW Unrestricted podcast this week us really interesting. Tony Khan breaks down how the last months of shows happened and the logistics. Very informative and he comes off very well. Crazy that a guy with limited wrestling and production experience wrote weeks of decent, logical wrestling TV in one evening on his own last minute with a severely limited crew at his disposal. 

    For me this proves that any of us wrestling obsessives would make great bookers! Just need the opportunity...

  3. 10 hours ago, Supremo said:

    I’m not an expert on ratings, and will oftentimes completely zone out when Meltzer runs through them on Observer Radio, but I’m absolutely convinced this empty arena stuff is going to leave permanent damage.

    The story of WWE the last fifteen years or so has been them chipping away at the size of their fanbase by forcing people to fall out of the habit of watching.

    Whether it was increasing the number of Pay Per Views to two-a-month at the height of the original brand split, increasing Raw to three hours, increasing the current length of Pay Per Views to about five to six hours or adding NXT to national TV. Every step of the way they’ve made it harder and harder to watch everything, forcing people to skip stuff here and there, which in turn results in people getting used to not watching, then just binning it off entirely.

    It already felt like it was at the peak level, where only absolute freaks like me were still watching, and now they’re putting on shows that feel like the training levels on WWE2K, as if we’re waiting for the real show to load.

    Once the hardest of hardcores stop trying to keep up you have to wonder just how low the number will go and if it will ever return to what were already record-setting low numbers to begin with. At least if they’d just suspended shows for a while there would’ve been an excitement and anticipation about them returning. Just continuing without fans and putting on some of the worst shows of all time could prove fatal.

    All true, but if they had anything that resembled a hot product they wouldn’t be in half the trouble they are now.

  4. 12 hours ago, tiger_rick said:

    I skipped through the matches so might aswell have just stuck to the supercut. Not sure how a single person anywhere on the planet could be expected to give a fuck about any of those matches. Not one. Wasn't a title on the line, a title opportunity on the line, not even an internet wet dream.

    Little harsh I think. They worked in plenty of little stories throughout the show to give you a reason to watch most of matches on there. It could always be better, but with the returns thrown in as well, it was a solid start to 2020 and the road to the rumble. 

  5. 5 minutes ago, Frankie Crisp said:

    An industry where workers have no rights, work themselves to death and can’t afford medical bills?

    I’ll get back to you.

    Sorry. I’m talking about UK wrestling fans.

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