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  1. The Tale of Princess Kaguya is a wonderful film but not as showy as some of Ghibli's others, so it doesn't quite get the level of attention.
  2. I'm halfway through Russian Doll and it's fantastic. I'm a sucker for timeloopy stuff like this anyway, but it's superbly written and open to interpretation. Natasha Lyonne is a treasure.
  3. Where can I grab copies of both those documentaries? Haven't seen any streams anywhere.
  4. But if he takes away all the time he spent at school, sleeping, having a crap and watching cartoons, he was born last Wednesday.
  5. It does the rounds on TCM quite regularly, I think. It's a revisionist western before they were even a thing. One of the greatest films ever made.
  6. You should watch Bad Day at Black Rock, Marvin is an even better villain in it. Love this film though.
  7. Why are you telling me to calm down, you weird arsehole.
  8. Adam Pearce is on TV? I might watch some of it now.
  9. I like Gompertz and he's mostly correct when he talks about what films were or weren't worthy of wide recognition this year. But articles like this, in a way, only serve to strengthen the perception that the Oscars should be leading the narrative on what's the 'best'. They shouldn't.
  10. Eye for an Eye This Spanish thriller just popped up on Netflix with no fanfare but it's superb. They'll do better than, Uncut Gems aside, to manage a better Original this year. Luis Tosar is a superb actor. The ending is quite something.
  11. It was a disappointment. It was stuck between being a 90 minute documentary that just focused on his convictions and a longer series that focused on the wider issues in detail, such as his upbringing, sexuality in sport, the culpability of the Patriots, and concussions. Ultimately it didn't focus on anything for very long, even at over three hours, and it was a missed opportunity. Netflix are becoming muddled with their documentary formatting.
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