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  1. I wonder what the rationale is for Vince wanting to sell. For most of my life as a wrestling fan I'd have told you that was slightly more unthinkable than Undertaker losing his streak. Maybe I've been worked and I'm severely underestimating the power of mo money, but the guy's already got more cash than he can spend for the rest of his weird life and they've always trumpeted WWE being a family run business. It's been a publicly traded behemoth for years - granted - but actually selling the company and bringing it under the umbrella of a larger entity is a different ball game. Doubtless t
  2. Yeah, I had no idea Bryan was involved in creative and my first thought was fine, he's probably not going to do a bad job, but "Guy who can help the boys put together good matches" is so far down on the WWE's list of issues right now. I know he's not been trumpeted as some creative saviour in the slightest, but I bet there's elements of the fandom out there that will still cream over it as a prospect, much like Heyman taking over Raw awhile back.
  3. Even Big Show's fallen in with the narrative too on multiple occasions that he just wasn't good enough to be booked well upon his debut. It's the usual revisionist rubbish from WWE. It's not like you were handling corrosive material or writing a season of The Wire. Your product's never been hotter, you've just signed The Giant, and people are hot to see him in the top mix. It makes even less sense when you consider they put the title on him by the end of the year anyway, and had him be a bit player in the WrestleMania 2000 main event when he hadn't gotten any better.
  4. Paul London for me, too. He was the lynchpin of my early teens phase of self identifying as a smart fan. I used to get genuinely excited when he got a spot on a single brand PPV card, convinced his cameo in that night's cruiserweight battle royal was a sign that top brass were interested - finally - in what he had to offer. Come to think of it, I used to feel a great wash of empathy for most of the cruiserweights on the blue brand back then. The little ones toiling away on Velocity doing the cool moves and just looking for a chance. I was desperate for my real dad to take a shine to them, much
  5. Doing sandwiches in the grill without putting a tray under them. My work from home lunch practically every day is a greasy tuna cheese sandwich and every few weeks we have to scrape a cheese graveyard of Pompeii proportions from the bottom of the grill because dickhead here keeps refusing to put a tray under what he's toasting.
  6. Some of the deep dives on these gaming disasters are funny and informative, and I can't blame fans for having a go at raking in the YouTube views, but I deplore that whole trend as a whole. There's more to guys like Jim, and I might be wrong about Joe, but every time the fucker pops up on my recommended he just looks like another one of the bazillion whiners whose every video thumbnail is them standing in front of their massive video game collections trying to look as upset as possible. WHAT DID GO WRONG WITH CYBERPUNK?! I don't know, gaming YouTube. I don't think it's been cov
  7. I do think John Cena showing up in AEW is a possibility. It's a remote one, but I wouldn't say it's an astronomical one. The landscape today is a lot different to what it was in 1998, or even 2010. WWE has become a financially infallible theme park monument to itself where it doesn't seem like it really matters anymore who comes or goes. Throughout it all, some of its own biggest performers seem to have become increasingly aware that they're all just bit players in the end. Endlessly rewritable TV characters under dodgy independent contractor terms. There's that happy to be here strain ru
  8. It goes to show how powerful nostalgia and a hot time period is that his very first year in the WWE is still my favourite. The look, the debut, being a big nasty bastard 'coz his momma said so. My preferred mental image of Big Show is still all packed into that first year. Nothing at all from the gazillion years since where he supposedly improved loads, developed that much vaunted 'mean streak' etc.
  9. Also...an AEW guy I'd be quite happy with showing up on Impact to murder somebody!
  10. He's not going to turn any tides - granted - but you really don't get surprises like this in wrestling anymore so wow! I'm sure the reality might be less tantalising than any speculation - maybe the guy wanted to try somewhere else before hanging up the boots - but he definitely would have been a WWE lifer.
  11. Re-installed it on the Xbox last Saturday, as it happens. I like it. As long as you don't have any massive expectations, you should get some worth out of it if you're big into the other games. I play solo specifically for comfort gaming. The servers are dead feeling, you have to eat and drink every so often and there's a big emphasis on scrapping and crafting so if you're just looking to just piss away a few hours pretending you're a filthy scrounger it's an oddly peaceful experience. Just expect that the (few) NPCs and quests won't exactly be Hollywood. They're bog standard, pract
  12. It's our Bluedust Vs. Goldust.
  13. That Quay Sessions version of Mogwai Fear Satan has been a long favourite of mine. There's a bunch of critical darlings at the moment coming out with this so called progressive black metal which - lose the screeches - is basically just that track. Or sped up Slowdive done by Europeans droning on about metaphorical satanism.
  14. I've been aware of his London Real platform for a few years. It started out as a mildly interesting, fairly inoffensive DMT is cool think tank. As Butch alluded to, cut from the same cloth as a lot of that Joe Rogan stuff. He surfaced on my algorithms again last year when he anointed David Icke his official brand mascot, aping Icke's Covid-19 conspiracies and giving them huge platform - "Because it's important to hear all sides!" - despite clearly not believing a fucking word of it. His adverts are hilarious. A real arch narcissist: He seems to be conning his supporters ou
  15. Miz has always been an exhausting simulacrum of modern day WWE. There's been occasional deviation from that formula, but his best position for me will always be getting knocked about by some shit rapper or someone from Jackass in a SummerSlam gimmick match or something. He seems like a decent enough guy, so fair play to him for making quite an incredible career out of being one of their safe media hands. They're perfect for each other, Miz and corporate media giant WWE. He's on the Mt. Rushmore of local news network appearances, for sure. I'm sure you could re-license My Sacrifice and do
  16. Paul Bearer getting crowned with a kick drum always makes me piss myself laughing.
  17. Batista's one of the few self-aware, absolutely doesn't need WWE megastars that you can count on one hand which automatically gets him into my Hall of Fame. Guy just wanted to work house shows after getting a taste of the modern WWE creative system in 2014: Yeah, the man. Also, it's mainly the contract signing segment that comes up in these threads but my heart still jumps at the reveal here: When it's good...
  18. Triple H being hard to take seriously as a face is an odd take, as well. Setting aside that age old argument on whether someone in his position can be considered a draw or not, or what his perceived star worth is spitting distance outside the confines of WWE's media empire, he's had plenty of memorable runs as a face. He was on the brink in 2000 against Angle before they dug their heels in to feed him to Austin's boring revenge arc. The feud with Jericho was the pits but his return at the 'Garden was a real highlight. It might have been critically panned by online fans but the DX reunion
  19. I imagine it'll follow the same visual formula as WWE legend nights and going to see old farts like Iron Maiden and Metallica perform live. They're all way older looking, but they've sobered up and are still shilling enough from the rubes to have had work done. So it's the guys you knew and loved with added tacky jewelry and on-brand t-shirts, looking like melting action figures of themselves in horrible, uncanny HD.
  20. The music's fine. The t-shirt smacks of metal edgelord posturing. I can't otherwise fathom the desire to want to wear the shirt of someone who stabbed a bloke 23 times in a 'Who's Spookier?' arms race and has a hard on for racial purity pseudoscience. That's the least of Bam's problems, though. I really hope he can turn the ship around. He wasn't everyone's favourite but I'd rather not have anymore Jackass guys dying for a long, long time. There's something about the guy that tells me it'll be a hard way out, though. It's weird saying that because I don't know any of them, but I guess th
  21. Memories of him in the doctor's office in Beyond the Mat being told the good scenario was "You should be able to just about get around in extreme pain."
  22. Is it wrong that I'm a little excited by it? I don't want to get into the moral complexities of it, suffice to say this is something they're legally able to do and my own feelings on it won't make a damn bit of difference. I have to admit I'll be tuning in to see fans at a WWE event in large numbers for the first time in a year.
  23. Like Rick I got them through Kindle. I really wanted to enjoy them but the writing style is a barrier even for infrequent dips. There’s also the fact that the big takeaways are general knowledge by now anyway. Sure - there’s some fine detail - but you generally know the score. Though that’s hardly Dave’s fault. But what you’re left with is poorly written tidbits without a fresh narrative thread. If I had my hands on it when I was a kid my brain would have been splattered all over the walls though. I may as well have been wrestling James Bond. I’m sure somebody back in the day went into c
  24. I remember everyone going gaga for that Bockwinkel turn at the time, but it’s pure shite watching it back and seems to foreshadow the era of promos being heavily scripted to bullet points and camera placement - as much as Jericho likes to pretend he rips up stuff writers give him. The Michaels feud in 2009 is one of the most overrated ever as well. Or is it? Watched it back lately? Me neither.
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