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  1. "I was NOT intending to offend when publicly questioning utilising a relatively innocuous set of tags made to make a marginalised and vulnerable group of people feel better about themselves. It was just my wine joke!" Fuck off. Hate that bollocks.
  2. I don't really mind Tony getting a bit of piss and vinegar about him as long as it doesn't affect the on screen creative. It's easy to ignore. The business gets everyone eventually, doesn't it. "We make movies."
  3. I wouldn't exactly listen to his theme in my spare time, but it 100% has that x-factor that causes people to cheer louder than they normally would, I think.
  4. Haven't they been working on this in some form for two years, and still with a huge amount of assets brought over from years old titles and still with a practically featureless initial launch window? Konami seem to almost deliberately be killing all of their big franchises but there's probably a lot more to this than Publishers = Bad. PES was languishing for years and years with such difficult to develop facets as the design of the menus. It was kept going by great gameplay and they've fucked that now.
  5. It went awfully. You boys weren't lying. The pitch looks like it was done on MSPaint. Some serious post postmortems coming on this one. They had an extended development cycle, moved to - in Unreal Engine - a fairly comprehensive, ease of use set of building tools and this is what's emerged?
  6. I'm not a social gamer but I like the mood of the old Left 4 Dead games so I'll do Back 4 Blood just the once with bots next week. I'll definitely check out the new eFootball this weekend. Footy games are at an absolute nadir and it sucks, but the base game is free and I'll never buy FIFA so I'll give it a whirl. A lot of talk out there about it being the death of PES, but they needed to try something to compete with EA - and this is something - so we'll see how it goes. I'll pay for a Master League add on if the gameplay is good. Far Cry 6 looks decent, but I'm more than happy to wait for it to go half price during some sale within a few months. I love the Halo campaigns so I'm definitely looking forward to Infinite. My expectations aren't huge. An old school 1-3 style campaign with big set pieces and a convoluted aliens + religion story but in the new open world map will suit me fine. Beyond that I'm still largely playing catch up. Just picked up the Mafia trilogy in a sale so that'll keep me busy for awhile. Going to try Mass Effect after that. If all else fails I'll fall back on Fallout 76 and ESO.
  7. Excuse for what? Why on earth would anybody need to defend their habit watching?
  8. The spooky ending isn't on the show's official YouTube highlights, which might hint at their social media team at least being clued in as to the initial backlash. I didn't see the big deal with the New Jack gimmick of the music playing over the beatdown until the rope snap, at which point I laughed out loud. What a way to make him look like an absolute clown.
  9. Ricky's "Great, I can beat him on my phone too!" line after Excalibur plugged Punk on their mobile game was brilliant. There always needs to be a Team Taz. Just have it be a never-ending conveyor belt of whoever is new and has nothing going on, and have them dissing people left right and centre, getting occasional big TV matches against the big boys.
  10. Shows you how good standards are right now that Punk could be considered to be treading water the same week of this episode of Dynamite's reaction and promo.
  11. Van Dam strikes me as the kind of guy who has enough on-point recollection to send half the alumni down for time, despite being stoned out of his gonads virtually every hour for most of his adult life. We reach for good guys even if they aren't perfect, and I feel good for him that he's emerged from the industry as an oddly lucid above-the-shit authority of sorts.
  12. Happy birthday to the forum that Single Handedly Killed British Wrestling.
  13. That was a tough watch. Hasn't Dreamer got form for defending the business at all costs? Goon is a Heyman text away from blowing his head off for an angle.
  14. Sure look, it may be low down schadenfreude with mitigating circumstances permitting, but there's something amusing about the idea that Vince is blowing a gasket about this somewhere. Hopefully it leads to more crazy hotshotting from the other side. TNT must be delighted with it.
  15. Nevermind, nearly had me there.
  16. I can definitely relate to the humdrum of America's city geography being really drilled into me, too, because of Howard Finkel and Tony Chimel. The missus will still be flabbergasted every now and then when a quiz show is on in the background or some prompt comes up in a drama where I'm able to confidently confirm the fact that - say - Annville is in Pennsylvania, because it's where Steve Blackman is from. I was gutted to discover that Bitters, Arkansas isn't a real place though. There's probably half a thread just in this aspect of it alone. Much like referee personalities and a bunch of other fun little things, I don't really notice where most WWE superstars are from these days for the most part. Is it because they all live in Orlando, or just down to how unmemorable the ring announcers generally are? Because it was an important part of wrestling growing up. Everyone watched it in school, but to really prove your mettle you'd have to answer each others questions on where the guys were from. Along with their real names, of course.
  17. Credit where it's due, that's a proper overhaul of your show's aesthetics. I didn't realise until I saw it how sick to the teeth I was of NXT being a yellow paradise. Decent show, and they've got me a little for trying something new, but it's probably a case of one hour too far for me each week. A lot of it still blends together from one segment to the next without sticking in my memory.
  18. Yeah, the lines blur a bit here for me. A lot of it can depend on the gig, but to be honest I think when it comes to anything where the music assumes a bit of kinetic energy, then the front rows belong to the people who are going to give the performers back something. If you want to have a chat with your mate or record the whole thing then pop down to the back and do it from there. My glasses aren't too rose tinted when it comes to crowds - I'm a-okay with spitting, bottling and hostile environments for women not being the norm at mainstream gigs anymore - but I do quite like the idea that the front is for whoever wants it the most. Especially at a rock and roll show. That's why open air metal and dance festivals are a paradise for people like me who can't abide by the stiff elbows brigade, and why - and I've had this discussion before with friends - the "Worst gig crowds" question always throws up some surprising answers. Slayer? Limp Bizkit? No problem. Whereas I found Depeche Mode to be full of insufferable arseholes who are obsessive and wealthy enough to follow them around on tour, who balk when you start moving too much. Everybody protecting their little space around them. I can't do concerts like that. Along similar lines, the guy who runs the record store I frequent swears blindly from hearsay that the Nolan sisters used to frequently have the most brittle, aggro crowds around.
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