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  1. I've had a go at facebook Poker and quite like the idea of playing with small real money. Nothing serious just a few quid on the table that kind of thing. Are there sites like this about? I haven't done much gambling let alone online.


    There are several places online where you can play for small amounts, normally you need to download software but there are a couple of sites which you can play in your browser. If I were you I would stick to British based companies (such as Ladbrokes, Will Hill etc) , as if you are only playing low stakes these sites allow small deposits and small withdrawls, minimum

  2. Could somebody answer this one for me? During Sky Sport's Premier League coverage they play this song going into the advert breaks. Lyrics I can catch are..




    Sounds very "Stone Roses"-ish IMO. Anybody know what the title is?


    Thanks very much!


    I am not sure that the lyrics you give are correct but Sky Sports have been using Club Foot by Kasabian for their Ford adverts recently which replaced The Time is Now by Moloko

  3. This is a very stupid question but I am going to ask it anyway. I am thinking of hiring a car when I am in spain later in the year, but on left hand drive cars is the clutch brake and accelerator in the same order as right hand drive cars?


    The pedals are the same, however the gears will feel different. For example for 1st gear you will need to pull the stick towards you and up, rather than push away and up.


    Thanks bud, does it take a while to adjust? Just wondering should I take 5 minutes in the car park to get use to it.

  4. Recently I have been thinking about moves that have not to my knowledge been performed. One move I have dreamt up is a fall-away moonsault. A fall away slam but keeping hold of the opponent landing in a pinning position.


    The only thing I can think of that was remotely close was John Morrison doing a moonsault with a mini ladder in a MitB match. Has this move ever been performed?

  5. After watching The Apprentice it has reminded me that I really want to get myself a tagine. Does anyone have any idea where I could get one without trawling to Northern Africa?

    It's a tourist thing, it's not really used for cooking in Morocco any more. It's often presented in one at the end of a meal.You can get them in pretty much any department store, Debenhams, John Lewis, etc. I've seen them in Matalan before. You can get them from Amazon too.If you want my advice, save your money and buy the biggest Le Creuset casserole pot you can afford. It'll last you literally the rest of your life and is handy for hitting intruders over the head with.
    Thank you squire, I shall look out for one. :thumbsup:
  6. After watching The Apprentice it has reminded me that I really want to get myself a tagine. Does anyone have any idea where I could get one without trawling to Northern Africa?

    What as in the food..? I dont watch the apprentice..But Uncle Bens used to do a sauce with SaffronSainsbuires do a sauce, and many Mediterranean resturants do Tagine.. as do some pubs, just a case of looking at the influences
    I am after a tagine cooking pot for the authentic taste. I got a great recipe from the hairy bikers which I want to try, but I always like to have the right equipment.
  7. This has been narking me for a couple of days. When Bret Hart and Lex Luger jointly won the Royal Rumble, there was a coin toss to decide who would face Yokozuna first at Wrestlemania, and the other would face the champion later that night. Now I know Luger got the first shot, which lead to Bret Vs Owen. But if the coin toss went the other way who would have Luger faced?

  8. Does anyone have any idea how to order Wrestlemania on Virgin Media (formerly NTL)?!...Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    I believe you have to go on to the On Demand menu and click on PPV, you should be able to find it on there. But knowing Virgin Media there will be a cock-up and you will end up getting it for free.
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