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  1. England's run is eerily turning into Middlesbrough's FA Cup run in 2008. Going into the quarter final against Cardiff we knew that Portsmouth and Barnsley had progressed into the semi-finals and the other quarter final was between Championship West Brom and League 1 Bristol Rovers. It was the best opportunity for Boro to lift the FA Cup for the first time ever since reaching the final in 1997.  All the big guns had fell by the wayside, the only major obstacle was Harry Redknapp's mercenaries, surely it was our time to lift the famous silver trophy. 

    But a horrifically weak and spineless display resulted in Middlesbrough getting beat by Cardiff 2-0. I have never seen such apathy on the pitch in a big match at the Riverside, we were only 2 years on from the incredible UEFA Cup run where we did the impossible against Steaua and Basel. As soon as the second goal went in on the 20th minute I was foaming with anger along with the rest of the 30,000 Boro fans in the stadium. We just knew that we could not breakdown the resolute defence of Cardiff with the pitiful firepower of the rotund Mido and expensive show pony Alves. We had blown it big style. 


    The manager at the time?




    Oh Shit. 

  2. I think that each coach is limited to two appeals but if it is unsuccessful then they lose a substitute. If they have used all their subs then they lose a substitute for the next match. That should stop any unnecessary appeals.  

  3. Damn right Butch. Nothing beats a local takeaway deal. Pizza Palace in Stockton does a 12" pizza, Large parmo and chips, Portion of donner meat, 2 tubs of sauce and 2 cans of pop for a tenner. Or for an extra 2 quid you can get 3 X 12" pizzas. They are proper meal deals.

  4. It was the year we were liquidated and forced to play at the Victoria Ground after relegation to Division Three. The entire squad was made up of 18-21 year olds from the local area and Bernie Slaven. 

    Middlesbrough miraculously won back to back promotions with no budget and the whole squad is remembered very fondly on Teesside hence why we always say the 'Spirit of 86' and was a stepping stone for bigger things for Gary Pallister, Tony Mowbray, Peter Beagrie, Stuart Ripley and Colin Cooper. 

  5. It depends which model of plane you are on @Cod Eye if you are on one of the smaller planes it will be the old school tv monitor in the middle of the aisle. If it is one of the newer planes then there is individual entertainment units.

    It is free but you only get a limited choice of about 8 films, 10 tv programmes and themusic channels. There is an upgrade option to get more TV shows and 100 more films. I would recommend loading a tablet or mobile phone with your own stuff.

  6. I feel like a Scottish Marathon runner.Enjoyed a comfortable lead for a while, then collapsed with the finishing line in sight. Congrats to MVP and thanks for running the competition Foggy. I know with running the Rumble Lottery it is a pain in the arse, but to do it for over 9 months takes some commitment. 

  7. Week 40 fixtures

    Premier League (Sunday 3pm)

    Huddersfield Town 2-0 Arsenal
    Liverpool 4-1 Brighton & Hove Albion
    Newcastle United 0-2 Chelsea
    Swansea City 3-1 Stoke City
    Tottenham Hotspur 3-0 Leicester City

    Scottish Premiership

    Celtic 2-1 Aberdeen (Sunday 12:30pm)
    Dundee 1-1 Partick Thistle (Saturday 3pm)

    Hibernian 2-1 Rangers (Sunday 12:30pm)

    St Johnstone 0-0 Ross County (Saturday 3pm)

    La Liga (Saturday 5:30pm)
    Getafe 0-2 Atlético Madrid
    Girona 2-1 Valencia
    Real Betis 1-3 Sevilla

    German Bundesliga (Saturday 2:30pm)
    Hamburg 1-1 Borussia Mönchengladbach
    Hertha Berlin 0-2 RB Leipzig
    Hoffenheim 1-2 Borussia Dortmund
    Schalke 2-0 Eintracht Frankfurt

    Serie A (Sunday 2pm unless stated)
    Atalanta 1-0 AC Milan (5pm)
    Bologna 2-0 Chievo
    Crotone 0-2 Lazio
    Fiorentina 2-1 Cagliari
    Hellas Verona 0-0 Udinese
    Internazionale 2-1 Sassuolo (Saturday 7:45pm)
    Roma 2-2 Juventus (7:45pm)

    Ligue Un (Saturday 8pm)

    Girondins de Bordeaux 2-0 Toulouse
    Monaco 2-1 St-√Čtienne
    Strasbourg 1-1 Olympique Lyonnais

  8. The worst Turn has to be Rockin Robin singing America the Beautiful at WrestleMania V. She sounded like Peter Auty after his balls dropped. 


    Anyway... the worst heel turn has to be when Eugene turned heel on Hacksaw Jim Duggan in 2006. Who in the right mind would want to boo a 'special' person?

  9. Week 39 fixtures

    Premier League

    Bournemouth 1-1 Swansea City
    Chelsea 2-2 Liverpool (Sunday 4:30pm)
    Everton 1-0 Southampton (5:30pm)
    Leicester City 2-0 West Ham United
    Watford 1-1 Newcastle United 
    West Bromwich Albion 0-3 Tottenham Hotspur

    La Liga
    Barcelona 2-1 Real Madrid (Sunday 7:45pm)
    Celta Vigo 1-1 Deportivo (5:30pm)

    Bundesliga (2:30pm)
    Cologne 0-5 Bayern Munich
    Werder Bremen 1-2 Bayer Leverkusen

  10. The end of the football season has became a bit of a damp squib. The Premier League has already been won, the race for the Champions League is a non-event and the relegation battle is like several bald men fighting over a comb. 

    So to keep us all entertained until the start of the World Cup I have devised the World Cup of music. I have picked 32 different songs to represent each country in many different ways. It could be the artist is from there, the song title is about the country and on a couple of occasions it is a very tenuous link indeed.

    We will be starting off with Group A. All you need to do is to post what your favourite song is. The top 2 will be moving on to the next round. In the result of a tie in time honoured World Cup tradition it will be decided by drawing lots. Group B will be unveiled in roughly 48 hours time. 

    So let's start with the controversial hosts….




    With controversial hosts we have a controversial act. Representing everything against the Putin regime Pussy Riot are the first entry in the World Cup of Music. The song was released during the trial of three members of the band for ‚Äúhooliganism‚ÄĚ which is what we expect to be rife during the tournament.



    MEDINA - YOU & I


    I have to admit it was hard finding a song representing Saudi Arabia. So I went the cheap way and found an artist whose name is shared with the second holiest city in the Islamic world - Medina. A typical inoffensive Europop song from this Danish act. If you think this link is tenuous, just wait until we finish the group stages!






    Nothing like a stereotype to get yourself a massive hit. One of the biggest acts of the late 80’s represent Egypt. If you regularly frequent casinos as I do, you should have an irrational hatred of this song after every single time someone triggers the Pharoh’s Fortune bonus.






    It was a tough ask to find any decent Uruguayan music, I even got desperate and searched to see if Gus Poyet ever released a concept album to no avail. So I came across this bizarre song (not literally, well maybe a little) from New Zealand. Basically the song is about the Chuckle Brothers long lost cousin who picks up a transvestite. Lola it ain’t but this completes the first group of the World Cup of Music


    I admit it is not a great start, but it will get better. Not a lot but it will get better

  11. 14 hours ago, eugenespeed said:

    I think I actually ended up with zero points. 

    It is worse than that pal......

    Here are the results for the Greatest Royal Rumble UKFF Lottery



    We have an outright winner. With a massive 195 points the recipient of the 1990 Royal Rumble jigsaw is @Wrasslin they were the only person to pick the magic combination of 1 and 41 which was critical to their victory. PM me your address and I will fire off the puzzle on Monday. In 2nd place is Cheapheat with an impressive score of 169 and Lorne Malvo takes the bronze position with a score of 147

    As alluded to earlier the winner of the wooden spoon is eugenespeed who has set the new record for the lowest ever score in the UKFF Rumble Lottery. Three of their scores were duck eggs and the other three were in the negative. Lion of the Midlands was the only other player who managed to get a negative score with -7.

    So that is it for another year, unless North Korea decide to copy off Saudi Arabia and want a Rumble in the May Day Stadium in September. Watch out in off topic next week as I will be starting my World Cup of Music. Expect wonderful world pop and terrible puns. 

  12. Early indications show that the jackpot numbers are: 

    1, 16, 20, 35, 41 and 49 

    No one has selected all six of these numbers. Below is the breakdown of the points:







    Just to clear up the point decisions; Jericho,Khali and Mysterio were announced prior to the event, so were not deemed a surprise. As Angle and Henry have a Hall of Fame ring they qualify for that award. 

    Shane McMahon and Slater qualified for the You Stupid Idiot award after being manhandled by Strowman.

    Shelton Benjamin successfully skinned the cat and was eliminated seven seconds later so he gains five points rather than getting a deduction.

    If you think I have missed anything please give me a shout. 

    The winner will be revealed tomorrow with the rest of the results as I am struggling to stay awake and the little pilchard is kicking off. 

  13. Week 38 fixtures

    Premier League

    Crystal Palace 1-2 Leicester City

    Huddersfield Town 1-0 Everton

    Manchester United 2-0 Arsenal (Sunday 4:30pm)

    Newcastle United 1-1 West Bromwich Albion

    Southampton 1-0 Bournemouth

    Swansea City 0-2 Chelsea (5:30pm)

    Scottish Premiership

    Celtic 3-1 Rangers (Sunday noon)

    Motherwell 1-1 Dundee

    Serie A

    Fiorentina 1-2 Napoli (Sunday 5pm)

    Internazionale 0-0 Juventus (7:45pm)

  14. I have looked high and low in a number of charity shops in Teesside and I could not find an elusive Big Boss Man figure to create a Golden Bossy. So I have conjured up another prize. 

    The winner will receive a 1000 piece jigsaw of the 1990 Royal Rumble promo poster. I will add a photo when I am at work in the morning.

    Please get your picks in by Friday at 4.30 pm




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