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  1. On 7/17/2021 at 1:24 AM, boshealecta said:

    Is Chris Jericho a heel? His promos always seem heelish. He basically said this week he would punch a dead boxer who most people loved??? 

    He was trying to get over he was willing to do anything no matter how despicable to allow him to get his hands on MJF.

    i.e Stealing candy from a baby or drowning a bag of cats 

  2. I don't put the blame on the Beeb, it was the fault of the UEFA TV director. They were controlling the camera cuts. I am willing to bet that in the broadcasting contract that the broadcaster must show the live feed until instructed by the UEFA director. 

    Anywho they should give Simon Kjaer Player of the Tournament right now. Heroic actions by the Danish captain.






  3. 10 hours ago, Cod Eye said:

    One thing I would like them to do is promote the World, Woman's and Tag titles equally. It would take some hard work, but allow them to constantly mix up the cards so the main event/top program is not always the men's title match.

    I agree that the women's division requires elevation up the card, but the same can't be said about the tag team division. It has been at the same level, if not higher on occasions than the World Heavyweight title ever since SCU have dropped the tag belts.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the PPV, I can't remember popping for so many spots for a long time. The highlight was when Kenny Omega kicked PAC in the stomach and went flying into the turnbuckle like he got shot out of a cannon. Sting Allin/Page Sky was way better than it should have been. Cody can fuck right off though.

  4. I was supposed to get my second jab on Sunday, but I have had a horrendous week. On Monday morning at 4am my youngest started screaming for a feed. I scooped him up from the cot and made my way to the landing and trod on the dog. I desperately rearranged my feet and stood on the bastard mutt again which caused me to go arse over tit and did a flat back bump on laminate flooring whilst cradling the baby.

    I managed to get up after 5 minutes very gingerly and decided I better get checked out at the hospital. After a brief prod I was chucked some Naproxen and off I fucked. On Tuesday afternoon the baby started balling it's eyes out and I went to pick him up out of the Moses basket. I got him up about six inches off the mattress and then the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life jolted throughout my body. I dropped the baby and thankfully he landed safely back in the basket. I ended up in an uncomfortable position on the sofa.

    Writhing in pain it soon became apparent that I was not going to get up unaided. My parents came round and did everything in their power to get me up to no avail. I called for an ambulance and was initially fobbed off to ring the hospital who then told me you definitely need an ambulance. The paramedics arrived promptly and pumped me full of Morphine and gas & air which allowed me to roll off the sofa and shepherd into the ambulance.

    I was x-rayed that night and had an MRI on Wednesday which showed I have suffered a prolapsed disc and spinal stenosis. I have been in bed ever since, only managing to sit on the side of the bed twice. All attempts to mobilize me have failed so far, and my right leg is so weak I can't raise it above 1cm.

    I've tentatively rearranged my jab for next week, but I am not counting any chickens, I just hope I can walk again sooner rather than later.



  5. My wife and I had a McDonald's breakfast this morning and 30 minutes later she had a call from the GP to offer a Pfizer vaccine today. If this isn't the UKFF cosmos in action, I don't know what is.

  6. Apologies for the delay, I have finally found time and a tiny bit of motivation to post the results. 


    Firstly the winner of the Women's Rumble Lottery is PSF with a massive score of 168, a good 26 points ahead of second placed Brady is god22. Harry Wiseau grabs third place with 140 points. Gaz2050 picks up the wooden spoon with a pitiful 3 points. 



    Now on to the Men's Rumble; The winner is with 196 points is @WeeAl who comfortably beat cobra_gordo into second place. Onyx2 takes the imaginary bronze medal. 

    The King of Swing takes the booby prize by getting -18 points with Fog Dude the only other competitor to get a negative score.  








    And finally on to the overall scores, the winner is........




    @PSF does the double by taking the overall crown, stewdogg narrowly misses out in second and judging by the team who he supports, SuperBacon will be very comfortable with third position. 

    The King of Swing takes a second wooden spoon for finishing rock bottom. 


    If I get chance I will post a breakdown of points later tonight and I am sorry once again for the tardiness, I have been otherwise occupied helping Mrs Pilchards bring this cheeky lad into the world. 



    Until next year (if I can be arsed) be lucky. 

  7.  Part 1 of Brian Pillman is widely available on YouTube. Despite not been asked to be interviewed, @Liam O'Rourke got a nice plug with Jim Cornett's grinning like a Cheshire Cat reading Crazy Like a Fox.

    There was not a lot that we didn't know before, but I loved the narrative of Pillman working for his release from WCW and Bischoff pathetically claiming he was in the know the whole time. Eagerly awaiting for Part 2.

  8. That my friend is not a parmo. For a start you need the cheapest orangest cheese you can muster. Secondly the bechamel sauce needs to be thicker than wallpaper paste and at least an inch thick. The chicken needs to be pounded within an inch of its life so it does not resemble any part of a chicken. And finally there is no garlic sauce.

    Chips look good though 


  9. Quick update - I need to ratify the scores that I currently have by doing a second view of the Rumble's.  I have not had the opportunity to re-watch the two rumble matches yet due to an unexpected increase of work, building work in my house and not really wanting to watch the Rumble matches again. 

    I will put myself through the torture this week and I will reveal the winners by the end of the week 

  10. The quiz is over, but we are keeping the chat open for the Royal Rumble if anyone wants to join in. 

    Currently in the room is Shy Dad, Carbomb, Fog Dude and rollthedice

    Drop me a PM for a link to the zoom room. 

  11. Thank you to the great big cheater of 2020 @TildeGuy~! for bringing this to my attention:




    So with that I have decided to make the deadline for entries on Saturday evening at 11:30 pm. I cannot be arsed with the faff of making judgement calls like I had to do last year with Lesnar announcing he was number 1. I will lock the thread at the deadline and reopen for discussion after the show is finished. 

  12. Normally on Royal Rumble Night, I would be at my friend's bar hosting a wrestling quiz as a precursor for the event. Unfortunately I cannot do that this year so why not offer a quiz to the wonderful people of the UKFF. 

    Join me on Sunday 31st January at 8.30 pm where you will be tackling 60 wrestling questions and I will be covering the 1980's - present, mainly WWE questions but there will be a smattering of BritWres, TNA, WCW, ECW, ROH and AEW. We should comfortably finish before the preshow. 

    This will be hosted on Zoom and we will be using the SpeedQuizzing Live app and is compatiable on Apple, Android and Kindle. It is recommended to use a tablet or a computer to watch the Zoom Meeting and to use the app on your phone. I will do a demo of the app prior to the quiz starting so everyone knows what they need to do.  https://www.speedquizzing.com/playlive/ 

    You don't have to have your camera active but it would nice to have a chit chat between rounds

    There will be a small charge of £3.00 to cover the costs of using the app and any money left over will be winner takes all. 

    To enter please post below and I will send you a PM of my PayPal details, once I have received payment I will message you with the meeting room ID 


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