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  1. My wife and I had a McDonald's breakfast this morning and 30 minutes later she had a call from the GP to offer a Pfizer vaccine today. If this isn't the UKFF cosmos in action, I don't know what is.

  2. Apologies for the delay, I have finally found time and a tiny bit of motivation to post the results. 


    Firstly the winner of the Women's Rumble Lottery is PSF with a massive score of 168, a good 26 points ahead of second placed Brady is god22. Harry Wiseau grabs third place with 140 points. Gaz2050 picks up the wooden spoon with a pitiful 3 points. 



    Now on to the Men's Rumble; The winner is with 196 points is @WeeAl who comfortably beat cobra_gordo into second place. Onyx2 takes the imaginary bronze medal. 

    The King of Swing takes the booby prize by getting -18 points with Fog Dude the only other competitor to get a negative score.  








    And finally on to the overall scores, the winner is........




    @PSF does the double by taking the overall crown, stewdogg narrowly misses out in second and judging by the team who he supports, SuperBacon will be very comfortable with third position. 

    The King of Swing takes a second wooden spoon for finishing rock bottom. 


    If I get chance I will post a breakdown of points later tonight and I am sorry once again for the tardiness, I have been otherwise occupied helping Mrs Pilchards bring this cheeky lad into the world. 



    Until next year (if I can be arsed) be lucky. 

  3.  Part 1 of Brian Pillman is widely available on YouTube. Despite not been asked to be interviewed, @Liam O'Rourke got a nice plug with Jim Cornett's grinning like a Cheshire Cat reading Crazy Like a Fox.

    There was not a lot that we didn't know before, but I loved the narrative of Pillman working for his release from WCW and Bischoff pathetically claiming he was in the know the whole time. Eagerly awaiting for Part 2.

  4. That my friend is not a parmo. For a start you need the cheapest orangest cheese you can muster. Secondly the bechamel sauce needs to be thicker than wallpaper paste and at least an inch thick. The chicken needs to be pounded within an inch of its life so it does not resemble any part of a chicken. And finally there is no garlic sauce.

    Chips look good though 


  5. Quick update - I need to ratify the scores that I currently have by doing a second view of the Rumble's.  I have not had the opportunity to re-watch the two rumble matches yet due to an unexpected increase of work, building work in my house and not really wanting to watch the Rumble matches again. 

    I will put myself through the torture this week and I will reveal the winners by the end of the week 

  6. The quiz is over, but we are keeping the chat open for the Royal Rumble if anyone wants to join in. 

    Currently in the room is Shy Dad, Carbomb, Fog Dude and rollthedice

    Drop me a PM for a link to the zoom room. 

  7. Thank you to the great big cheater of 2020 @TildeGuy~! for bringing this to my attention:




    So with that I have decided to make the deadline for entries on Saturday evening at 11:30 pm. I cannot be arsed with the faff of making judgement calls like I had to do last year with Lesnar announcing he was number 1. I will lock the thread at the deadline and reopen for discussion after the show is finished. 

  8. Normally on Royal Rumble Night, I would be at my friend's bar hosting a wrestling quiz as a precursor for the event. Unfortunately I cannot do that this year so why not offer a quiz to the wonderful people of the UKFF. 

    Join me on Sunday 31st January at 8.30 pm where you will be tackling 60 wrestling questions and I will be covering the 1980's - present, mainly WWE questions but there will be a smattering of BritWres, TNA, WCW, ECW, ROH and AEW. We should comfortably finish before the preshow. 

    This will be hosted on Zoom and we will be using the SpeedQuizzing Live app and is compatiable on Apple, Android and Kindle. It is recommended to use a tablet or a computer to watch the Zoom Meeting and to use the app on your phone. I will do a demo of the app prior to the quiz starting so everyone knows what they need to do.  https://www.speedquizzing.com/playlive/ 

    You don't have to have your camera active but it would nice to have a chit chat between rounds

    There will be a small charge of £3.00 to cover the costs of using the app and any money left over will be winner takes all. 

    To enter please post below and I will send you a PM of my PayPal details, once I have received payment I will message you with the meeting room ID 


  9. 13 hours ago, Chest Rockwell said:

    I never knew Barclays made the first atm and I spent a while working for them. You'd think that would be one of those fun facts that would come up...

    I worked at Barclays for six months in 2010 and it was mentioned in the training materials of the induction. Also a photo of Reg Varney was plastered in the stairwell of the branch I worked at. 

  10. If it is a dealer approved garage for your brand of car then you could probably get away with it. If it is a local mechanic and MOT centre then I don't think the police will look too fondly on that. 

  11. It's that time of the year once again where I reluctantly renew my subscription for the WWE Network to allow over 100 nerds to pick 5 random numbers to accrue as many points as they can by arbitary topics created over the years, which in turn causes me hours of unneccessary work. Yes it is the 2021 UKFF Royal Rumble Lottery! 

    Let's have a reminder of the brave souls who have won this pointless competition in the past: 


    Hall of Fame

    2011 Lancastrino

    2012 Chilli Dog

    2013 Vince Russo

    2014 Silky Kisser

    2015 Seph

    2016 JohnCarr92 and The Four Horsemen

    2017 Otto Dem Wanz

    2018 Men's: HBK4Life

    2018 Women's: BradyiÔĽŅsGod22¬†

    2018 Overall: Grecian

    2018 Greatest Royal Rumble: Wrasslin

    2019 Men's: Cobra_Gordo

    2019: Women's: Alex Wright Mark

    2019 Overall: Supremo

    2020 Men's: rollthedice

    2020 Women's: Callum1993

    2020 Overall: Harry Wiseau


    As usual all you need to do is reply to this thread and pick FIVE numbers between 1 and 30. These numbers will be used for both Rumble's. Each selection will be allocated points as below



    The Top 5

    Winner - 50 points
    Runner-up (last eliminated) - 35 points
    3rd - 25 points
    4th - 15 points
    5th - 10 points

    Survivor award; the most time spent in the ring
    1st longest - 20 points
    2nd longest - 18 points
    3rd longest - 16 points
    4th longest - 14 points
    5th longest - 12 points

    Your wrestler eliminates another: 3 points

    The Bushwhacker Luke award; If your wrestler is eliminated within 60 seconds of entering the ring you are deducted 10 points.

    Skinning the Cat Award - If your wrestler skins the cat and returns into the ring you will gain five points. However if he is eliminated whilst attempting it or within three seconds of returning into the ring he will be deducted ten points for being a dickhead.

    The Tiffany Award - If your wrestler is by himself in the ring (after entrant number two enters the ring) then he will receive six points. It is possible for your wrestler to score more than once. Obviously the winner is not included in this.

    The "You Stupid Idiot" Award - Renamed after Chris Jericho who did this in 2017, if your wrestler volunteers to climb the top rope but then gets knocked off and eliminated you lose 20 points.

    The "Well We Weren't Expecting You!" Award - If your pick is a WWE Hall of Famer or someone who is not a member of the active wrestling roster you will gain 10 points. (My decision will be final if the person qualifies for this award)

    The Double Bubble Award: If your selection competed earlier on the card = 5 points

    The "In Like a House on Fire" Award: If your entrant eliminates someone within 60 seconds of entering the ring they will get an additional four points as well as the normal elimination bonus. 

    Hat Trick Heaven: If your pick is a member of an active tag-team or stable you will get 3 points. If they are in the Rumble at the same time as a fellow group member it will be doubled to 6 points and if they are three members or more it will be doubled once again to 12 points. (It will be capped to three members)

    The "Well We Weren't Expecting You!" Award - If your pick is a WWE Hall of Famer or someone who is not a member of the active wrestling roster you will gain 10 points. (My decision will be final if the person qualifies for this award)

    New for 2021 - The "Who the Fucking Hell Are You?" Award - I have to be honest I have completely fallen out of the loop with WWE ever since it moved to BT Sport and the last show I watched was Wrestlemania, so there will be a number of WWE Superstars I will have not of heard of or seen before. So anyone who has not previously entered a Rumble and I have never casted my eyes on them will get a bonus of 5 points. 

    Before you post your selections please read these rules to help me out:

    1. Make sure you only pick FIVE numbers from 1 to 30
    2. Make sure they are in numerical order
    3. If you fail to adhere to these rules I will make you look like a chump.


    My selection is 2,6,11,24 and 28


    Good luck!

    Due to WWE Backstage announcing entrants on their show on Sunday morning the deadline will be Saturday 30th January at 11:30 PM.


    Edit: I forgot to mention that I am planning to run a Royal Rumble quiz in the build up to the PPV. This will be done using an app on a smartphone and I will broadcast live on either YouTube and Twitch. If you are interested let me know with your picks and I will post a new topic closer to the time with all the details. Hopefully this will make up for the fact I didn't do a Brain of the UKFF in 2020. 

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