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    10 Better Names We Could Have Used
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    My friend is now a finalist in the Vanarama Van Hero of the Year Award. He doesnt drive. They are trying to get him to attend an awards ceremony somehere near Silverstone. Shall update with full details when home from holiday, but suffice to say I'm astonished the fine people at Vanarama bought my Herculean tale of van bravery, which included my friend digging his van out of ten foot of snow to deliver Christmas turkeys.
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    Had a chat with a girl I worked with a couple of years ago about quorn. She loved it as it was a wonderful substitute for meat. I explained to her it was still meat, and the quorn is a genetically bred brainless animal that comprises of a round body, no legs, no eyes or ears, just a mouth and an anus. They are grown for 2 years, at which time they are euthanised by inserting a finger into both the mouth and the anus at the same time, suffocating it. In despair, she contacted PETA. This was the same girl I had the haggis discussion with. Bless.
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    I am officially no longer unemployed and I am over the fucking moon about it. If I wasn't doing go sober for October for charity I'd be neck deep in a beer right now. Buzzing to get to Bath and celebrate with some friends this weekend. Finally all looking up.
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    If things go tits up, you'd get a bit for the Porsche and the BAFTA.
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    Apparently he's walked out and is possibly leaving.
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    So nearly 2 months ago I asked for some help with regards to addiction issues which were becoming increasingly serious. I've been going to see a councillor on a daily basis since which has been an incredible help, and after finally telling my family what was going on, they have been incredibly supportive. Much more than I truly deserve. There is still a very long way to go, but, I can see light at the end of the tunnel. The reason for this post really is tbat id like to publicly say thanks to @SpursRiot2012 who gave me some fantastic advice, and was incredibly kind and sympathetic to the situation. I dont think you'll ever really know just how much I appreciated your advice and listening ear. Thank you
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    I don't care what the evidence points to but if any of you honestly think Uti killed his wife you're morons. Someone's name is being heavily tarnished here with Sheriff's Department ineptitude.
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    I don't know, perhaps some free samples will help me decide.
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    Found out tonight that @kfc only follows a few people, namely: Herb Schribner Herb J Wesson Jr Herb Walters Herb Dean Herb Sendek Herb Albert Geri Halliwell Melanie Brown Emma Bunton Melanie C Victoria Beckham Which is sheer genius.
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    Bit of an update: After tapping out of the online dating scene in the Spring, a tad disillusioned from 8 months of rejection and a bit poorer, I received an e-mail at the end of July from the app I was using that I found odd as I thought I had deleted my profile. Turns out I had merely logged out while busy and removed the app from my screen. Anyway, having downloaded said app to investigate the source of the e-mail, I find a few expired matches and general inactivity. Not surprising. A bit of ‘in the moment swiping’ and decided I was wasting my time and removed the app, this time aware my profile still existed. A day later and curiousity led to the app being back on my phone. A few fresh matches appeared but none I found particularly appealing. See, us guys online can be selective as well. But just as I was about to delete for another day, this one match appeared... long story short, we’ve just had our 3rd date and I may be onto a good thing. Watch this space. Just hoping my experiences-induced insecurities don’t re-emerge.
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    I thought his list was alright, personally. A decent read.
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    Not quite as shit as the sound design for alien isolation, but still really shit.
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    I posted before about postgraduate applications, asking for advice. I got some good advice from a couple of people here and wanted to update. So, I got offers to a few places but today I got an offer for the MA/MSc Digital Journalism at Goldsmiths. This was my absolute first choice. They only take 15 students per year on this course and graduates from it are usually in high demand in the media industry. So, I am pretty fucking pleased with myself! Just got to make I don't flubb my last year at Birkbeck!
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    How I sit on the loo is my own business, thank you.
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    That's a damn lie. I almost choked on my Eggs Florentine when I read that.
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    Bought The Rock, Stone Cold, Sting and HHH Mattel Retro figs at the weekend from Smyths. Felt like a 14 year old trying to buy a jazz mag. Unfortunately the kid who served me wanted to chat all about them whilst I just wanted them in a bag in case I saw anyone I knew - did tell him that 'my boy loves them' I don't even have a son.
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    Hey, is it time to drag this old post out again?
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    Because drones became available. If any previous US President had access to drones, they'd have used them. That's not saying it was right for Obama to use them, but that the American presidency is inextricably tied up with military interventionism, so "at war in the Middle East" is the baseline, really. Even within that context, he pulled US troops from Iraq, began the closedown of the war in Afghanistan and reversed Bush's policies on torture, and reduced the defence budget by millions, and refocused the existing budget less on ground troops and more on intelligence. Trump - despite him and his supporters criticising Obama for using drone strikes, and despite claiming that he wouldn't get involved in the Middle East - has proposed rolling back Obama-era restrictions on how and when drones are used, and ordered 75 air strikes in his first 74 days in office. I think Obama did a lot of good - he could never have been the great hope that people wanted him to be, because nobody possibly could have been. But he introduced Obamacare and made nationalised healthcare part of the American political conversation for the first time in decades, he made huge investment in education, science, modernisation and healthcare (almost all of which since reversed by Trump, of course) - the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was a monumental step in weathering the storm of the economic crisis and reinvesting in infrastructure and jobs; it was called "the biggest foray into industrial policy since FDR, biggest expansion of antipoverty initiatives since Lyndon Johnson, biggest middle-class tax cut since Ronald Reagan, biggest infusion of research money ever." - which doesn't exactly fit the popular image of Obama as a president who didn't achieve much in the way of policy. Bearing in mind that's coming off the back of a disastrous Bush presidency, and the worst U.S. recession since the '30s. He boosted growth from 1% to 4% the year after an economic catastrophe. The economy grew by $1 trillion post-crisis, and fared far better than most, if not all, other developed countries. The ARRA and Obamacare should stand as Obama's legacy, and should be enough to view him as - domestically - a great President, but he came in with so much hype and people pinning so much to him that, particularly with a Republican-dominated congress, he couldn't help but disappoint. Beyond that...same-sex marriage, cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than 12%, opened up relations with Cuba, Yes, part of his popularity was because of good PR and his public image - but that is important. America being presented on the world stage as a dignified, intelligent, collected professional rather than the bumbling image of Bush, or the delusions of Trump, mattered. A black family in the White House mattered. A "scandal-free" presidency mattered. He definitely wasn't perfect, but he's far from a president that "achieved nothing", and he did a lot of good that Trump seems to be reversing out of nothing more than spite. As far as presidents go, I think he was one of the good guys, so far as the system allows. Unfortunately, his presidency also allowed for the lunatic fringe of the Republican party to more or less seize control of the Party, to allow the racist elements a platform, and allowed Trump to become a viable presidential candidate.
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    That would be a waste, we're only 3 months away.
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    No, I'm saying your complaint is daft.
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    Has anybody got a torrent link to this in PDF format? No? I guess I'll just have to buy it then ffs.
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    While I'm sure this will see me at minus reputation before sunset, I think I've seen people advertise their stuff in this thread occasionally, so allow me to once again abuse my mod status with this quick advertorial, before immediately banning myself. I wrote a book, and here it is. Ever wondered "What if Manson had got off?" Well, here's the synopsis anyway, you prick. It's available both digitally for the Kindle, and in paperback. Okay thanks bye user was banned for this post
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    I asked my best mate the other day: ”What is the greatest arcade game ever?” He replied, to my surprise, Daytona USA but gave pretty compelling reasoning for it. Myself, the greatest arcade game ever is Street Fighter 2. And part of that reasoning, is Mortal Kombat. SF2 was the first game I can remember at school where boys from all walks of life, interests and sub-cultures went mad for. So many lessons were spent discussing best characters and moves, combos and strategies. Some kids who had never played truant before starting skipping lessons just to play SF2. When the SNES version came out, our local independent toy shop had a copy setup and soon became the place to go after school, and small crowds of kids would gather for “winner stays on”. And then, Mortal Kombat came out and bought with it a bit of darkness and mystique. The fighters were digitised and so the graphics soon grabbed the attention of kids too young to legally play it, but the obvious draw was the blood, gore and ridiculous violence. SF2 was soon dropped by most of my peers in favour of the more exciting Mortal Kombat, with many boasting about pulling off fatalities against people down the local arcade. When it came out on the SNES and Mega Drive, it was possibly the first home console game I can remember where there was a genuine wave of excitement sweeping across young adolescents, and Gamesmaster was at the top of its game. Then, last night’s Gamesmaster was the true “water cooler moment” of its day, as everyone at school watched it and I’m sure most of them can remember when they did the Mortal Kombat special. It was one of the few games that the Mega Drive could boast as having a superior version of over the SNES, and that was purely down to the fact it had blood. I remember feeling a bit gutted for once, having a SNES and having to suffer the other end of the bragging from my Mega Drive-owning mates. I did own the Game Gear version though, which did have blood and did a decent job of replicating the fatalities from the 16bit version. It spawned a new sub-genre of beat ‘em ups, with other companies rushing to jump on the bandwagon. Atari re-tasked their Kasumi Ninja project to make it a competitor to Mortal Kombat, but despite having some really violent set pieces for its day, it’s was a terrible games and just felt like a poor MK clone. When MK2 came out, it felt like a massive jump and improvement on the original, and most importantly for SNES owners, it had all the blood and gore intact. Memories of playing MK2 range greatly, although most are of me and my best mate playing it for hours and hours round his house. We’d happily fight one another for hours, then help each other so fatalities, friendships and the like. We’d get excited when the “toasty!” develop guy would pop up and would frequently switch alliegences between a volley of favourite characters. As 3D graphics became the thing, MK really lists it’s appeal for me. That said, the last 2 games have been really good and I’ve enjoyed them a lot, but they just don’t have the charm of the original sprite games. Inferestignly, I recently bought a mini NES clone from Bangood for £13 includ shipping. It has 600 games on it, many bootlegs of original titles. One of them, is an 8 bit version of MK that has loads of fighters to choose from. It’s an odd thing to see on such a compilation of games, but proof that MK holds a special place in the hearts of many from a certain generation. MK deserves its place in video game history, but it’s nowhere near as decent as Street Fighter 2 a not even close. But I do think MK played its part in making SF2 as brilliant and iconic as it is. I’m not sure we’d have had so many decent revisions of SF2 had it not been for MK.
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    A good stock is always my go to prepped ingredients. I only need to do it twice a month, and since I got my pressure cooker, it’s a doddle. Bones are the most important part. When you have a roast, freeze the bones. You may want separate stocks, but pork and chicken always go together well. I’d keep beef and lamb separate. You can also get bones from your butcher, normally for nothing. Roast these ones for an hour, the flavour will be even better. Just throw them in a massive pan with and onion, a couple of stalks of celery, and a couple of carrots, 2 bay leaves, handful of peppercorns and some salt. Top with cold water till an inch or so over the bones, then slowly bring to a simmer and leave for a minimum of 4 hours, strain, cool, put in the fridge overnight then remove the fat cap in the morning. The stuck should be thick and jellified. Portion and freeze. if you do it in the pressure cooker for 4 hours, the stock is even more intense, and you don’t get the smell infused throughout the house. Fresh chillies freeze great. Chop them then stick in ice-cube trays for portions. Cooked meat freezes quite well. If you have some roast left over, slice thinly then seal in a ziplock, getting as much air out as possible, or if you want it saucy, freeze the meat in the gravy. You can reheat from frozen, just get it to boiling point for at least 3 minutes.
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    I just don't understand this mindset people have with sequels. I mean, fine, if you don't like it then you don't like it. I'm not singling bAz out at all on this point because this is something you see and hear all the time. Just this morning I was having a discussion with someone when I said I wanted a sequel or prequel to It Follows and they were talking about how an exploration of the mythology or a follow-on would "ruin" the original. How does that work? Do people suddenly think, "Oh, Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare's shit. A Nightmare On Elm Street is bollocks now!" The same could be said for remakes. The bitching and moaning about the recent Robocop and Total Recall remakes was unbearable - but how many people went back and enjoyed the originals or even watched them for the first time as a result of those being made and released? Did they ruin the originals too? No. If anything they strengthened them.
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    Radio 4 now apparently being commissioned by Punkstep. I've recently been finding a way to improve the humble baked bean. Before putting it in the microwave (the only correct way to cook them), cutting 3/4 big cubes of cheese and putting them in. Still oozes through the beans like grated, but with that advantage hat you occasionally get some massive chunks of semi melted cheddar.
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    A girl I used to work with just posted "Just bin fined £50 for droppin a fag end on the floor fuckin fummin". Every comment is disbelief and sympathy for her, like she's a victim here. I'm glad she got fined. Loads of smokers seem to think littering doesn't count for them. Keep your rubbish off the floor. It's not fucking difficult.
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    @tiger_rickYessir! Its a paperback. Original post updated so you can see the cover art...
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    So, the reason the podcast has been inconsistent over the last two months is because I was finishing off my first book, and with it being a particular anniversary today, it's the appropriate time to announce it I feel... At the end of October, Crazy Like A Fox - The Definitive Chronicle of Brian Pillman 20 Years Later will be available on Amazon and other online retailers. The book offers (if I may say so) the most in-depth analysis of Brian's personal and professional life ever compiled, with unheard details of his football and wrestling careers complimented by exclusive interviews with close friends and colleagues, including the Pillman family, Dave Meltzer, Kim Wood, Bruce Hart, Raven, Jim Cornette, Mark Madden, Les Thatcher and many more. The official preview reads: An alpha male with a beta body, looking to thrive in worlds where beta males with alpha bodies are the primary requirement. He was a complex paradox, a walking contradiction. He lived more in 35 years than most do in a lifetime, the product of an arduous infanthood. His overachievement is awe-inspiring. Tales of his conflicts and conquests became the stuff of legend. His borderline genius and tragic demise made him an icon shrouded in mystique. He was Brian Pillman, and two decades later the most comprehensive look at one of professional wrestling's most fascinating stories has been compiled. Discover unheard details of his upbringing, the incredible story behind chasing an NFL roster spot and his introduction to pro wrestling in the crazy Stampede circuit. Revel at his trials and tribulations in WCW and the WWF, walking the fine line between the cusp of superstardom and political turmoil. Reflect in the most detailed, inside breakdown of his Loose Cannon gambit ever produced, the scam that turned him into the talk of the business, before fatally drowning in personal tragedy and addiction. With exclusive interviews with some of Brian's closest friends and family, Crazy Like A Fox is a must-read for Pillman fans, and a breathtaking look at the bizarre world of wrestling to boot… - So, yeah. It's been a labour of love for almost two years and it's almost ready for consumption.
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    PunkStep calls gravy au jus.
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    PowerButchi attending Baywatch night at the SU.
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    Reigns over in the main.
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    Someone dropped out so I was second on and did alright! Piano perfect, vocals a bit trembly because of the nerves. Sat talking with a couple of people who thought the song was really.good. so happy. Roll on next week. One of the people i spoke to was really keen to play guitar over the song I Did, so after a few weeks of doing my shit with just Piano, probably going to so that. Nice evening for sure
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    He's got a point, but Jesus... If Rusev had managed to come up with a way to make a Dolph Ziggler feud not seem shit after a go-round with Cena, he'd be too busy curing cancer and designing flying cars to maintain a successful WWE career anyway.
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    Nursed out of actual ashes by an actual Phoenix.
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    I finally had a meal at the much praised Five Guys. Afterwards, I was struggling to remember a time when I had felt as underwhelmed by something so seemingly popular. My mate who loves them promised me that what I ate was on par with every other Five Guys he's had, so it wasn't as if we'd eaten at a dodgy one. A very average burger and chips for quite a lot of money. You struggle to beat a Whopper and that's where I'll stick to I think.
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    Yorkshire Tea is the right answer.
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    Seeing as this thread has been resurrected and I doubt I’d get away with having my own thread, I made this and it went on sale yesterday: https://www.amazon.co.uk/OK-Jokes-Some-jokes-Theyre/dp/1977724167/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1508389715&sr=8-2&keywords=Ok+jokes Foreword was very kindly written by “Hardcore” John Atkins - formally of this parish and now the famous Ukueleling YouTube guy. I’ve never done anything like this before, so I’m quietly proud of it! I should point out that the book isn’t actually as thick as the proof photo would suggest, but there’s still over 100 original ‘jokes’ and might pass the time during a mild poo. P.s I’d very happily have this moved to its own thread if a mod would be happy to do so 😉
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    You could post a picture of their badge: And don't forget to put #COYS as well.
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    This reminds me of a lad who, for years, was convinced that they were going to debut a third brother called "Destruction". Because Undertaker and Kane were the brothers of Destruction.
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    We're talking about the lack of maverick players rather than technical ability. It's not an English thing though. The game's just changed. The old fashioned winger barely exists anywhere. The little maverick playmaker is completely different now. You rarely see players beating a man with a trick now, it's either about raw pace or working an angle to release someone into space. We've come on a bundle technically and tactically but too many teams on the World stage still do it better than us. Personally I think its because our players don't broaden their horizons and the pool of players is far too small. The pool of truly elite players is tiny. At grassroots level things are still improving. The FA introduced 5v5 for U7 & U8 age groups and 9v9 for U11 & U12 age groups which bridges the (too big) gap between 7 aside and 11 aside. They encourage more involvement for players and more touches which is great. At 5v5 and 7v7 too, players retreat into their own half at goal kicks to encourage playing out from the back. I've seen that work spectacularly with some outstanding players coming through the last few years. Unfortunately there will always be bad coaches and worse parents who are impatient with weaker players or too quick to try and "educate" players on the "tactical" side which is why you get stuff like not passing across your own goal. In their defence, the lesson can also be to protect the kid. There's nothing worse for your confidence than passing the ball straight to a striker to score. Coaching is complex. We've come a long way in the last 13/14 years that I've been involved but we're still light years behind places like Holland and Germany. We need far more education and less emphasis on winning at young age groups. I'd also ban parents from stepping within 40 metres of the pitch but sadly we've not go the space to do that! Edit: On the broadening horizons, I'm not sure if anyobne clocked but there appears to be a bit of a sea change on that front. Chelsea have been sending players out on loan in the last few years to Vitesse primarily but other clubs abroad. Noticed in the summar that Willock quit Arsenal for Benfica and Sancho left Man City for Dortmund. I wonder if the penny is dropping seeing players like Eric Dier succeed having being educated at a club with a great reputation.
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    Visually, the most beautiful movie I have ever, ever seen and probably will ever see for a long time. It is a fuckin stunning movie from the inside out. I'm about ten minutes out of the flicks, sitting in my car, trembling. I don't know what else to say...I'm stunned here and really want to just shake Villeneuve's hand just to say 'thank you.'
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    Gonching. A love of Hot Buttered Toast.