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  2. Just watched Raw and confused with the Bray Wyatt talk He didn't appear on the Sky showing, though there was a really long Raw ad banner just before the Main event was that when his promo shown? Why would sky not show it?
  3. David

    Boxing Thread

    Oh, being annoyed at how the fight ended is absolutely natural. I was pissed off at how it ended, and I didn't even have to pay for it. But at no point did I consider venting my frustration at the poor sod who'd been smacked in the groin. That's just mental. The American fans who paid for the PPV weren't paying money to see Khan, they were paying to see Crawford, and they saw their man drop his opponent and then fight convincingly for six rounds. Hardly as though they were robbed, is it? Unless they're that bloodthirsty that seeing all of that wasn't enough, and would only settle for seeing the incapacitated fighter get sparked out cold as well?
  4. Now I know this news is worthy of its own forum, but I’ve just found out that Jive Soul Bro is a full on cover, of Jive Ol Fo by Captain Chameleon. I had no idea.
  5. Bobby Roode has a mustache now and is flavour of the week (hour?) so Ricochet has to lose? Wankers. Stop beating everyone. Wyatt thing was awesome. But I've no idea how it would translate yet. Fun little vignette though. Here's the thing though - and I will take the ribbing I'm going to get for this - Bray in that shape should be a fucking megastar. He's the best talker in the company when he's got anything to say. He looks incredible. He's got a bunch of fun moves that people get into. The naff gimmick and not being in great shape have held him back. When he turns up looking like that, you just drop everything that's gone and let him go to work. He just needs focus, from a character POV. As fun as this looks in the short term, it's got a very low ceiling. I know I might be the only one but I think he's far, far better than that.
  6. Is Khan Scottish? Khan was a great fighter at one point, no doubt, but I can appreciate why some fans that aren't horrible racists would feel slightly annoyed at the way the fight ended - legitimate or not.
  7. Malignaggi must be insane to stoop to the level of taking part in that kind of shite. It's basically a wasting ground for fighters who are past their best, or who were never good enough to begin with.
  8. David

    Boxing Thread

    Two links to the Sun? You're on a roll. Still zero reason for the delight you seemed to be taking in hoping the press lambast him for losing that fight in the way he did. What's the difference between what Khan has done and what someone like Ricky Hatton has done? And yet good ol' Ricky is still very much a beloved character and "top bloke," isn't he? So, because he got paid decent coin he should be willing to continue fighting even if he's fucked enough to be pissing blood later that night? Just to keep the ticket-buying public happy? That's not quite how it works. As for "his story," it looks pretty cut and dried to me. Khan took a low blow (and that's what it was, make no mistake) and said it affected him to such a point that he was fucked up by it. Hunter saw that, and realised, as he later said, that Amir isn't the type to play hurt, and concluded it must be something serious to affect him in such a manner. Did Hunter realise Khan had no chance of winning? Most likely. I bet Khan didn't agree though. He's the guy who was mental enough to think he was going to actually win this fight before going in. That's why he took it instead of the easy money fight with Brook. I know certain people don't like it, but Khan is a born winner. To accomplish what he has at both amateur and professional level takes a kind of dedication and self-belief that most people don't have. I don't see where you're confused? As for your link to Davies, the less said about that shite the better. He's said he was pissing blood after the fight, and that it took him ages to recover from that shot. In all honesty, I think much more is being made of this (not by you, but in general) simply because it's Amir Khan. If this were Ricky Hatton, Tyson Fury, or Dillian Whyte I think the reaction would be a whole lot different. Given the type of person that makes up the majority of the British boxing public I'll leave it for you to decide why Khan is getting this kind of treatment, and why certain sections of the media and fanbase are relishing this moment. They've been waiting an absolute age for something like this to happen. Him doing what he usually does, bravely going out on wobbly legs with a weak chin doesn't quite cut it.
  9. Bray looks a million times better than the last time he was on TV. He’s slimmed right down, got rid of the long beard and nicked Strowman’s hairdo. Bray has always had talent and something about him, it’s a shame his gimmick was boring as hell after the initial intrigue during NXT. That was the best I’ve seen of Roode since his debut on the main roster. He needs to drop the ‘Glorious’ schtick, though.
  10. Oh, there are a lot of Vince is burying him comments. I think it looks great. Like someone in the writing team watched Too Many Cooks and got inspired
  11. At a glance (I'm not interested in reading 4000 comments) they don't seem too bad. Most seem to be saying "wait and see", or relatively positive.
  12. the comments section here is as depressing as you’d expect from Dem
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  15. 🎶 We’re really glad that you’re our friend, and this is a friendship that will never ever end! 🎶
  16. In a few squashes he was billed as Lightning Kid, Kamikaze Kid and Cannonball Kid before they just started calling him "The Kid." The 1-2-3 thing feels quite organic watching the Raws in hindsight.
  17. Next week's episode is 1hr 22min and took 55 days to shoot. If it's anticlimactic after that I would be surprised. There's also an outside chance it spills on to the following episode. Assuming Cersei doesn't do the face turn run-in there's all of her schemes to unravel.
  18. Of course WWE wasn’t going to explain the latest roster moves. I don’t know why I bothered wondering how they’d do that. The new Bray Wyatt character certainly makes for a great vignette, and I’m curious to see how or even if it can it translate into actual storylines.
  19. Russo books Game of Thrones. Swerve~! I'm hoping that they understand white walkers vs Cersei is a heel vs heel match that nobody wants to see. It's a shame the people in charge of Discovery couldn't have seen this first, as it would have been a good instruction on how to do the "calm before the storm" type episode. Having a dragon on each team would make short work of both armies though, I would have thought, so they'll need an out if they're not doing that.
  20. I’m a tiny bit concerned about that, I think. The White Walkers have been such a looming threat for the entire run of the show that it could potentially feel anticlimactic to have this gigantic battle against them halfway through the season then go back to squabbling about the throne. If it’s not handled right the last couple of episodes could be HHH-Jericho to the Night King’s Rock-Hogan. Then again, maybe the dead win next week and it’s not over.
  21. I want to get excited about Bray’s new gimmick and then I remember it’s Bray Wyatt...
  22. WWE going for the "Mumu" thing (or however you say that characters name) with that legitimately creepy doll in the "Firefly Fun House".
  23. The new gimmick for Bray has the potential to be amazing. Reformed phsycho who is obviously still in a world of his own, it really is fantastic. I really hope they keep him out of the ring for a while and flesh out the new character. Not likely I know.
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