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  2. Bray looks a million times better than the last time he was on TV. He’s slimmed right down, got rid of the long beard and nicked Strowman’s hairdo. Bray has always had talent and something about him, it’s a shame his gimmick was boring as hell after the initial intrigue during NXT. That was the best I’ve seen of Roode since his debut on the main roster. He needs to drop the ‘Glorious’ schtick, though.
  3. Oh, there are a lot of Vince is burying him comments. I think it looks great. Like someone in the writing team watched Too Many Cooks and got inspired
  4. At a glance (I'm not interested in reading 4000 comments) they don't seem too bad. Most seem to be saying "wait and see", or relatively positive.
  5. the comments section here is as depressing as you’d expect from Dem
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  9. In a few squashes he was billed as Lightning Kid, Kamikaze Kid and Cannonball Kid before they just started calling him "The Kid." The 1-2-3 thing feels quite organic watching the Raws in hindsight.
  10. Next week's episode is 1hr 22min and took 55 days to shoot. If it's anticlimactic after that I would be surprised. There's also an outside chance it spills on to the following episode. Assuming Cersei doesn't do the face turn run-in there's all of her schemes to unravel.
  11. Of course WWE wasn’t going to explain the latest roster moves. I don’t know why I bothered wondering how they’d do that. The new Bray Wyatt character certainly makes for a great vignette, and I’m curious to see how or even if it can it translate into actual storylines.
  12. Russo books Game of Thrones. Swerve~! I'm hoping that they understand white walkers vs Cersei is a heel vs heel match that nobody wants to see. It's a shame the people in charge of Discovery couldn't have seen this first, as it would have been a good instruction on how to do the "calm before the storm" type episode. Having a dragon on each team would make short work of both armies though, I would have thought, so they'll need an out if they're not doing that.
  13. I’m a tiny bit concerned about that, I think. The White Walkers have been such a looming threat for the entire run of the show that it could potentially feel anticlimactic to have this gigantic battle against them halfway through the season then go back to squabbling about the throne. If it’s not handled right the last couple of episodes could be HHH-Jericho to the Night King’s Rock-Hogan. Then again, maybe the dead win next week and it’s not over.
  14. I want to get excited about Bray’s new gimmick and then I remember it’s Bray Wyatt...
  15. WWE going for the "Mumu" thing (or however you say that characters name) with that legitimately creepy doll in the "Firefly Fun House".
  16. The new gimmick for Bray has the potential to be amazing. Reformed phsycho who is obviously still in a world of his own, it really is fantastic. I really hope they keep him out of the ring for a while and flesh out the new character. Not likely I know.
  17. I’m Seth Freaking Rollins and I’m going to Burn it down has got to be the most nonsensical end to a promo since the Ultimate Warrior at his most coked up. Truly awful. in fact the whole opening 15 minutes was really as they announced the participants in both of the 3 way matches then HHH and Seth acted like they didn’t know who was involved. Weird. Drew is done now isn’t he? They are not going to give him a title shot anytime soon
  18. Bray’s new gimmick is absolutely fantastic.
  19. The man was recently in Dirty Grandpa. His legacy is an old dry and crispy dog turd that won't leave. I don't have an issue with actors doing ads at all. Be silly to turn down good money for not a lot of work.
  20. Sami vs Wrestling. Robert Roode’s moustache. The Firefly Fun House. In case you’re interested, i’m listing the best things ever and anyone who disagrees is clearly a cretin..
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  22. They sort of showed bits of last week's with different matches, the main event was LA Park Vs Sami Callihan I don't think that was the main event last week but I could be wrong.
  23. They're more unorganised than ever as of late, aren't they? They seem like they've been constantly changing everything in recent months, from announcing matches and then not delivering to stuff like this. Thank god the Viking Experience is gone though.
  24. It's almost as if they wanted to see everyone crying about the name for a week before renaming them to something more reasonable. Surely that's more plausible than them genuinely thinking that the Viking bloody experience would go down well?
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