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  2. Reckon I'll carry on with my usual tradition in these Saudi shows of ignoring the current roster shite and tuning in for the last hour to catch the banged-up proper stars in the main event.
  3. They’ve also announced Mansour vs Cesaro.
  4. I have a UK to US travel adapter (three prongs) but need an adapter for two prongs now. I can't find a UK to 2-prong adapter where I am. Is it safe to put a UK plug into the three-pronged adapter and then put that adapter into a US to 2-prong adapter? That gave me a headache reading it back so here's a photo of what I want to do. The Apple plug is UK, the next is three-pronged, the last is two-pronged. Prong.
  5. I haven't been a hardcore fan since a brief period in 2010 when the Bret/Vince and HBK/Undertaker really sucked me in (the nostalgia nonce that I am). But in fairness I can understand why the prior alternatives wouldn't have appealed to many. It is true that I've watched more Impact Wrestling than anything else over the following years, but since the bottom fell out in 2013/2014 and all the proper stars like Sting, Angle, Hulk etc all left, I can see why shows in sparse, dimly lit "arenas" wouldn't (and didn't) appeal. Same goes for ROH really and New Japan is pretty fucking niche, seriously bordering on "sad bastard" territory if we're honest about it. While I find the WWE's over glossy production a massive turn off, the supposed alternative of NXT is way too workrate oriented for my tastes. I realise I will never again find a product that truly caters to my tastes, which is basically 1992 WWF in perpetuity, but I've seen enough in AEW to keep me interested so far. Its a nice mix between a "big time" production and comforting/nostalgic/reassuring voices from my youth (Schiavone and Ross), without being ridiculously over-produced.
  6. A Tag Team Turmoil match has been announced for the show. Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode, The New Day, The Viking Raiders, Heavy Machinery, Lucha House Party, Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, The Revival, The OC and The B Team will be involved and the winner wins some sort of World Cup.
  7. I wouldn't say it pulled me back in, as I always watch stuff from time to time, but the alternatives I've tried have not been for me since WCW in a variety of ways: ROH - Too bland MLW - Dogshit TNA - Dogshit eye blindness
  8. AEW for now at least probably fills that big production wrestling void for many lapsed fans.
  9. Yes. As I'm based in Scotland, I have attended 20+ ICW shows and they are a fun night out, but I can't pretend that I make an effort to follow their storylines when I'm not actively going. I tried TNA on and off for years but I could never get to grips with it, no matter how much I wanted to like it. I really enjoyed the Nakamura/Joe/Balor era of NXT but other than that, it is a subdivision of WWE for workrate pervs. I don't have the inclination to look to the past anymore, so that rules out things like the Network or other streaming services. I've dabbled in Japanese wrestling but to be honest, I thought my desire to watch had died. AEW might not be the answer long-term, but at this moment, I reckon it's the best thing going. It's fresh, Jericho is ostensibly on the form of his life, the production is nice and it seems to have semi-coherent booking. I'll take that for now and we'll see where it ends up.
  10. For those that AEW has pulled back in.. did you ever try anything outside of WWE before now? Curious to know as there have been plenty of alternatives for a while now.
  11. Anyone who thinks wrestling isnt carefully scripted and planned out in advance, just look at Crown Jewel. A Bulgarian is a member of Hulk Hogan's team
  12. Today
  13. "How many Hogan Ultimate Grills can I put you down for, brother?"
  14. I saw about this on Facebook. Fury's suit looked like a Wetherspoons plate and Cain looked like that bloke who gets leathered and wants to fight in a pub.
  15. Not at all, similar story here. Watched WWE from 1998 until this year without every really having a break from it. My interest in WWE has been waning little by little the past few years, but this year I thought the first few months were boring as fuck and Wrestlemania with it's terrible ending made me wonder why I was wasting so many hours a week watching a product I wasn't getting any joy from. The Saudi and Ashley Massaro stuff all soured me around the same time too. I've watched around 3 WWE shows since Mania and while they haven't been bad, they've mostly been boring with incoherent booking decisions. AEW isn't perfect but between this and NWA Power, it's an amazing feeling to be interested in wrestling again and genuinely excited for next weeks shows.
  16. AEW has kind of rejuvenated my interest in wrestling. I started watching in 1993 and I would say that 2019 would mark a record low for the amount of time I've spent watching any kind of wrestling product. I find modern day WWE so repellent that I thought I was finished with wrestling - and don't make the mistake of thinking I'm one of these types who wants to 'rebel' against WWE. I watched their product solidly from childhood right through until about the start of 2018. I just don't relate to it anymore - the sterile production, the nonsense booking, the lack of stars and the perception that basically nothing changes in their landscape forced me out. My other interests are churning out top quality content at every turn in this day and age - why would anyone waste time watching wrestling? Their alliance with the Saudi regime was a huge turn-off and I haven't missed watching wrestling... ...until now. Don't get me wrong, AEW is far from perfect, but I have watched both episodes of their TV and I'll be watching again. There are teething issues that have been explored enough in this thread. But I've read a lot of stuff about how when the dust settles, we will all just retreat into our WWE shell and continue to consume their drab, bullshit product, no matter what they serve up. I'm at least one case where that isn't true - surely I'm not the only lapsed fan that AEW has pulled back in?
  17. These look, er, mint, What's your recipe?
  18. FOR SALE- a whole host of DVDS Would love to sell as a bulk order but open to offers on disks payment through paypal Pwg All star weekend x night 1 and 2 Matt Rushmore 11 BOLA 2014- night 1-3 DDT4 Sold our soul for rock and roll Mystery vortex 2 Failure to communicate The many adventures of el generico BOLA 13 night 2 Ten Is your body ready All star weekend 9- night 1 and 2 Mystery vortex Pwg volume 1 box set ROH A night of appreciation 2002 Champions challenge 2010 Final battle 2013 Best in the world 2015 Final battle 2010 Gold rush 2010 No escape 2011 Civil warfare 2010 Defy or deny 2011 Bluegrass brawl 2010 Battle in the Carolina 2011 Death before dishonour viii Border wars 2012 Best in the world 2014 War of the worlds 2014 Global wars 2014 Supercard of honour viii 12th anniversary Year three Global wars 2015 ROH COMPILATIONS enter the dragon (red dragon)- signed but slightly worn autograph Michael Elgin unbreakable (signed) Briscoe brothers sandy fork originals (signed) Roderick strong destiny fulfilled (signed) El generico ole ole Cm punk the second city saint Volume 1 Ring of hardcore Tyler black rise from the fall Kevin steen descent into madness Claudio castagnoli the Swiss sensation WWE/WCW The very best of wcw Monday nitro The rise and fall of wcw Starcade the essential collection McMahon Tombstone the history of the undertaker Wrestlemania 23 Wrestlemania 22 Wrestlemania 21 Ric flair and the four horsemen Ricky the dragon steamboat life of a dragon Cheating death stealing life- the Eddie guerrero story ICW twinsanity- fear and Lothian + 100% shenanigans Twinsanity- there’s something about Maryhill + terminator 2 judgment day Twinsanity- a show in London + what’s your boggle Twinsanity- up and atom + jimmy nails revenge Twinsanity- the goggles they do nothing + show me your lizard Fear and loathing VI Daves not here man Everything’s coming up millhouse (4disks) Square go 2014 Still smokin Progress Super strong style 16 Misc NOAH European navigation 2011 King of flights 2015 The very best of itv wrestling A-Z Chikara uk tour 2015 sampler (wrestlecrate) - 2 disk Two falls to a finish Pro wrestling chaos heir to the throne Pro wrestling chaos rhynos boars birds beards Tetsujin shoot (card sleeve) Futureshock wresting 2012 boxset Fight club pro 2015 sampler The best of itv wrestling WXW WXW 15th anniversary Best of Jon moxley The American dragon Bryan danielson PCW fright night 3 Final fight Supershow of honour 2014 boxset Just get in the bloody ring I want to break three Tribute to the troops 2014 Supershow 4 boxset Springslam 2014 Who dares wins 2014 Road to glory 2014 boxset Festive fury 2013 Supershow 3 2013 boxset Fright night 2 No retreat no surrender boxset Road to glory night 1 and 2 (homemade box) More bang for your buck (homemade box) Festive fury 2012 (homemade box) Kevin steen/Ferguson devitt compilation Guild wars blu Ray Rev pro Summer sizzler 2014 High stakes 2014 Uprising 2013
  19. Thunderplex

    Chippy Tea

    No problems wiping my arse at all sunshine. I use the scalps of soft southern bastards, and it comes off a treat.
  20. Yeah I'd agree that Cure is the better film. Wish more of his films made it over here.
  21. https://www.espn.com/mma/story/_/id/27807201/the-top-25-mma-fighters-25 AJ McKee heads ESPN's top fighters under 25 list. Gallagher barely makes the top 10. I'm very excited about McKee. Provided he beats Campos in December, which he almost certainly will, it's probable that he will face either Caldwell, Pitbull or Borlics next year in the latter stages of the FW GP. Those bouts could be where he establishes himself as a top fighter.
  22. We've all been there
  23. Regarding his MMA career: He's still chasing the rematch with Khabib. Thankfully, the UFC seem committed to booking Khabib vs Ferguson for the spring of 2020. Therefore, McGregor will probably have to wait until next summer at the earliest for another crack at Khabib (or his first crack at Ferguson). Gaethje's manager claims the UFC wants to book McGregor vs Gaethje in the meantime. Nevertheless, I think McGregor will try and duck that fight. A loss to Gaethje would spoil his big payday with Khabib. I think the UFC, perhaps on ESPN's behalf, will want to book McGregor vs Khabib 2 as soon as possible. Not just because of the money it would generate, but also because McGregor will probably get himself locked up eventually. Thus, all parties will want to cash-in while they still can. In short, it's same old shit really. The only difference is that Gaethje is now the fighter in the frame to fight Conor, whereas a few months back Aldo was rumoured to be next in line.
  24. Like a cross between Limahl and Jos Buttler.
  25. Devon Malcolm

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    Bog roll's rain ruined by the time you get home from Londis.
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