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  2. I know what you mean, he always seems super sincere, but you'd hope, considering how much he's apparently seen, that he knows that's a daft thing to say earnestly.
  3. 'I'm not her biological father? Nice!'
  4. Lesnar/Reigns 3: One Hour Ironman
  5. I didn’t watch it. In its current form, with Baron Corbin smeared all over it and absolutely nothing of interest happening, I’ll only watch it as background when I’m working nights. That EC3 thing where he was interviewed and dragged around unconscious looked funny though. They should make that his gimmick full-time, where he somehow always ends up unconscious and being messed with. Like how Stasiak was always running into walls during the Alliance. Genuinely think it was the role EC3 was born to play. Weekend at Carter’s.
  6. I’d be surprised if anyone wants to get into my UKFF account, but it was more a heads up in case there has been any breaches. But Conan is as good a reference as I’d have hoped for
  7. He’s looking right at me dude
  8. It's Mac from Sunny.
  9. Fyter Fest seems to be free in the US, but will cost £15 in the UK. First time it feels like they’ve made a misstep in terms of positioning themselves as a fan-orientated babyface company.
  10. I was thinking something similar recently. More in the way of what/who are they in terms of identity. They have some good talent like Cage, Elgin, LAX, Killer Kross, Moose, Lucha Bros, Tessa Blanchard. And then youve got Disco Inferno wrestling women which wasnt interesting when he did it in WCW 22 years ago and 'ECW Originals' cutting about 9 years after TNA gave them an unnecessary and embarrassing send off show. I find it to be a strange watch, especially when they cut to a match from a better period in the companys history which I assume is to advertise Impact Plus. Although the logo is covered/blurred on Channel 5.
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    Who on earth is that in your avatar?
  13. Was thinking about TNA on my walk yesterday after it came up on a pod. What is it for these days? It doesn't make money. It's a million miles from being what it was a decade ago. What's it worth now as content? None of that is criticism, just general interest. From where they were, it seems crazy to be just another indy but that's what they are. I don't think they're pointless - they have value as a development environment but are they happy to spend money to be that?
  14. Probably. Ballance scores a bunch of runs against County plodders. Ballance gets called up to the test team. Ballance gets found out against quality pace outside off stump. Ballance gets dropped. Ballance refuses to try and alter his technique. Ballance scores a bunch of runs against County plodders...
  15. I actually quite enjoyed Raw this week. The Elias stuff was fun, the 5 way was a good opener with the right person winning. The interaction between Cesaro and Braun was good. The Revival looked mint and i quite like a little stable with them, Drew, Shane and possibly Elias, aslong as Shane stays out of the ring. Shane was in an actual room with a ceiling which was nice. I didnt see the EC3 beatdown coming and genuinely thought he was going to be Corbins ref. Im an idiot. Hopefully the stuff with Gallows/Anderson is leaning towards a reuniting of The Club. I seem to be the only person not enjoying this 24/7 title. Its just the same guys running around. Im sure a few weeks back one of them (EC3) was running around going "ahhhhhh" atleast thats stopped. But yeah Stomping Grounds looks crap although i do wish to see Joe/Ricochet.
  16. That's true of a lot of death match idiots and the like. It's clearly nonsense in this discussion. It'd be like using it about Jeff Hardy. Ibushi is clearly brilliant. This is nothing to do with ability. It's about expectations and rite of passage. None of these guys land on their head and slap the fuck out of each other because they can't work. It's what they do.
  17. Had this happen the past two black eye Fridays on my now annual visit to a club. My jaw hasn't recovered by the time I've had my Christmas dinner and I don't know how I managed to go out every couple of weeks for a good five or six years and do it. Raving over 30 is no good for the soul.
  18. I don't get the feeling that he's working though. It's like Meltzer. I think he believes it. Unlike someone like Jericho who you can just ignore because he's always working.
  19. Melina , Batista will see you now.
  20. He's still a promoter though, at the end of the day. He's not gonna turn round and tell Austin that there were a few too many pile-driver spots. He's got to carny it up at least a little bit.
  21. He's averaging in the 80s aty the moment so I fully expect thatr to happen if we shit the bed in the first couple of tests.
  22. Been listening to the pod today. Part of me really likes him and how much of a mark he is. But then he says the Bucks and Lucha Bros was one of the best tag matches ever and I can't take him seriously.
  23. Gary Ballance coming in at 3 because he's definitely improved his technique against pace this time.
  24. *notification* Johnny Valiant: "Got any windolene?"
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