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  2. Street and Linda are the only ones not involved with WWE, though with them popping up in that photo, and living back in Wales now, I wonder if they will bring Adrian in for a stint. Him getting the "sat in the front row" treatment at Takeover Cardiff would be nice.
  3. Finn’s not gonna be around for much longer is he? He’s asked for a couple of months off and WWE have allowed him to do so(probably after he jobs to Wyatt at SummerSlam) if they had nothing planned for someone like Balor in the next 2 months I’d be worried by it.
  4. Some guy started a "Let's invade Area 51" Facebook group for a laugh. His strategy is based around gathering so many people that the security won't be able to stop every person from getting in, just due to the sheer numbers. The group now has 2.2 million people either 'going' or 'interested' in rushing Area 51 on the 20th of September. 99% of the related memes are proper shite though.
  5. Keep Excalibur, but tell him in no uncertain terms he needs to tweak his act a bit. What's fine for the PWG audience isn't necessarily suitable for the mainstream audience AEW are supposedly aiming for, and he should have realised this already. He's too concerned with name dropping obscure wrestlers like Animal Hamaguchi, or after a series of strikes saying the wrestler was "channeling Super Dragon". Yes Super Dragon might have been an indy favourite 10+ years ago, but his highest profile gig was a few shows in Ring of Honor during the feud with CZW. Dropping in random obscure names really doesn't achieve anything beneficial, so stick to putting over the wrestlers and the action in the ring instead.
  6. Is there a reason I'm suddenly seeing loads of "Area 51" memes in my news feed, or just a coincidence? Things like a video of a bloke running into a brick wall with the caption "trying to get into Area 51 be like...", or a bloke running full speed in and out of a building captioned with "me trying to get my hands on the radioactive spider in Area 51 so I can get bitten and be Spiderman". I've been offline for the last day and a half, so not sure if I've missed something?
  7. They love packing these shows with tag matches, are they doing it just to get everyone on the show?
  8. I used to absolutely love Hello Nasty, recently listened to it for the first time in years and now I can't stop.
  9. It’s pretty clear at this point that the AEW commentary booth isn’t working to the point they’re genuinely uncomfortable to watch at times. So how would you solve that problem? Replace them all? Ditch Marvez? Ditch Ross? I’d move Marvez to a backstage interviewer role for sure, and I think I’d also ditch Jim Ross. He makes it clear that he doesn’t like what he’s watching far too often and regardless of how shitty your content is, that should never happen. He also constantly feels like he’s one step away from saying something massively offensive. I’d keep Excalibur though. No idea who I’d get to replace them (well, in an ideal world I’d like Kevin Kelly, but I’m pretty sure he’s unavailable) but there must be someone out there who can at least pretend to like what they’re watching.
  10. That Rollins apathy I have at the moment is just unbelievable, for such a talented performer. It's not like my feelings are hurt, or anything, but those mopey tweets did seem to be the straw that broke the camels back. Admittedly I'm a WWE centric, larger-than-life guy. I reach for things in order to try and emote with this garbage, and the only character I can attribute to him is this vague sense that in real life he's one of those self consciously goody good guys who only listens to shitty American angst rock about keeping yo' head up and fighting with honour. I can't remember a single interesting angle or promo he has been involved with since the admittedly brilliant cash in at WrestleMania. Four years ago. He's the definition of someone being pushed and plastered all over the product as much as possible whilst still managing to avoid being a proper star. He was boiling hot around the turn of the year but it all just petered out in the 'Mania build up, and I don't think you can blame the usual booking for it. Something's missing. Punk embraced being the prick he was, and it worked for him. Daniel Bryan's a lovely bloke, and that worked for him. Both found a certain level of stardom with the pre-existing audience that at one point looked huge on telly. Rollins kind of just awkwardly falls in the middle. If he was my flatmate I'd let him finish in the kitchen before I went in to do my shit.
  11. Wasn't Page vs Sabian 19 minutes (as per the story they were telling)? So you wanted it to be minus 1 minutes long?
  12. The issues with the Chuck fight had less to do with corruption on the part of the CSAC and more to do with the framework put in place for fighter medical clearance. The truth, and it's something most fans didn't want to hear after the event, is that Liddell passed all medical tests without issue. It's not as though the Commission just looked him up & down and handed him a licence, they ran him through the physical, ophthalmologic and neurological testing they do every fighter who applies for a licence to fight in California. Neurological testing that can only be carried out by a fully licensed neurosurgeon or neurology specialist. Liddell passed. What should they have done? Ignored the green light from a neurologist and deny him a licence based on him "having a dodgy chin" eight years previously? Have Commissions been known to bend the rules in some ways? Of course, there's no doubt higher profile fighters are given more leeway when the procedure involves the actual Commission itself deciding on punishments and so on. But in the case of medical clearance we're then suggesting that either the practicing and fully licensed specialists who operate as a medical professional in their everyday job is willing to fudge a medical and risk someone's health, their livelihood and even a prison sentence, or that the Commission would actively ignore the results of these tests in order to proceed with licensing anyway. That's not happening. This is why I consider the Herb Dean situation different from the backstage medical authorities on weight cutting. Is Herb a professional referee? Yes, but that's nowhere near the level of expertise that a physician has in their job. And the physician didn't see any reason to pull Ladd from the event. Was it tough for her to make weight? Absolutely. Was she happy to be doing it? No. Was her life in danger? Unless we're accusing the doctors of sleeping on the job, the answer is no. Again, if average Joe's like us were looking at her and thinking "damn, she's suffering" there's a good chance the doctors had been keeping a close eye on her.
  13. Thank god Heyman is leading Raw to make it fresh again...
  14. Today
  15. i genuinely thought Taker looked great in his match. Not out of shape, out of breath or dying in the ring. Dude looked great and i was surprised at how well he performed considering his last few shows. There's definitely more left in the tank
  16. Egg Shen

    Boxing Thread

    i would have gone halves on the PPV with my mate but looks like theres a BBQ going on so i'll probably sack it off until Sunday. The card is pretty much all heavyweights and cruiserweights.
  17. Really excited for this fresh, new approach to Raw’s title scene. The Universal title has always been great, but I’m glad they’re trying something different. I hope Seth wins and feuds with Baron Corbin next, he’s red hot right now.
  18. Lesnar's getting his win back then at SummerSlam, right? God, I wish it was something else. Hope it opens into a triple threat or something. Or have Brock get pasted by someone unexpected the night after. They're running Raw and SmackDown in the Garden in September. I'm starving for some angles. That women's fatal four way elimination must have been the most excruciating televised match of the year. I wonder who was the agent, because it was a proper case study in wearing out a crowd. It just seemed to go on and on and on. Topped off by piss break pin cushion Natalya doing an emotional victory speech. I feel for her. She always ends up lumped in it, somewhat. She done well with the Becky confrontation afterwards, but the cussing already seems over-saturated, in proper WWE fashion. At this rate all the SummerSlam promos are going to be an endless succession of people calling each other bitches. Bray Wyatt's new look is awesome in the flesh. The crowd popped like crazy for it, and all. Fair play to him, he's interesting again. The Drake Maverick stuff's still great, nice to see Paul Heyman acknowledge he's got the stroke with Raw now, a few good positives. Was an okay show up until that women's match. They just make you give up on them going into that third hour though. Especially when that abomination was followed up with a Miz TV featuring Dolph Ziggler, where I forgot what they were talking about as I was actually watching the thing. If I didn't know any better, I'd think Drake was channelling Richard Richard in his interaction at the hotel desk.
  19. A mostly nothing show. You’d be best off catching the few good bits on YouTube. Bray’s return was cool. I’ve said it before but it’s nothing short of a miracle how they’ve managed to get me excited and invested in him again. When he last vanished I never ever wanted to see him return. The flickering lights looked great and the mask looks incredible. Finn would’ve been the last person I’d have picked for him to attack though. Flashbacks to their last feud is not something you should be seeking out. I really hope it isn’t The Fiend vs. The Demon at Summerslam. The ad break thing continues to be absolutely insane. It kills the crowd, sucks any momentum out of the matches and makes the whole show feel overtly scripted and inauthentic. A two out of three fall six man tag where the first fall happens in about two minutes. Fuck me. Worst of all, someone’s timing must’ve been off because they actually went to an ad break during that women’s match, whilst the action was still going on, so they can’t even keep up with their own stupid rules. Hopefully that one instance is the first sign of them giving up on this. It can’t go on much longer, surely? What’s the average time before Vince gives up on these weird kicks? How long did the 205 lads have purple ropes on Raw? I felt bad for the women getting shat on by the crowd. What do they expect though? For all they bang on about the women’s revolution it’s slowly morphed back into the divas division ever since Ronda left. Speaking of which, I had absolutely no desire to see Natalya vs. Becky at Summerslam...until I imagined Ronda being in Nattie’s corner! God, I’d love that. Ronda vs. Becky one-on-one is my Sting vs. The Undertaker at this point. Drake Maverick continues to be one of the best performers in the business, but it feels like this thing with Truth is jumping the shark. A far better punchline to that skit would’ve been Drake’s wife pinning him for the belt in the bed before running off with the ref. Fuck Seth Rollins. I wanted Brock vs. Big E! Especially after E’s performance at Extreme Rules! Ricochet’s sell of the Phenomenal Forearm was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.
  20. Well they're shit, and you are all wrong (apart from whoever initially said they were shit).
  21. I enjoyed it. Loved the unique setting. My only gripe is what people have already said, a few of the matches went on a bit to long. No issues with a long 6 man, or the two tag matches. Page & Omega are (I think) being built as the companys main two baby faces though? At least 20 minutes should have been shaved off each of those matches.
  22. We call them trainer socks rather than ankle socks. Pretty sure that's the actual name of them too. Ankle socks were what little girls wore in the 80's. With frilly bits and a bow attached to them.
  23. Another for Walk Hard. I think it's the best comedy this century. All you care about is fruit and touching yourself. Well fuck you!
  24. I agree. The ECB are claiming its right because we've (at least) two T20 world cups before the next 50 over one. But 50 over cricket is we all know from playing on weekends as players all over the Country on a local level and as fans what we've just fucking won a world cup in. Also, an obvious miss by Strauss and Giles here is that the fucking hundred isn't fucking T20.
  25. Yup. De Grandhomme was perfect for that pitch. Medium pace gets a bad rap these days. Medium pace (medium-fast I'll include in that) swing is perfect for English wickets. Hence the horses for courses picks we'd always make at Headingley where folks like Steve Watkin would be gods. Or the occasional Martin Bicknell call up. Ian Austin did ok, Collingwood had a few good days, Mark Ealham too especially on the correct wickets for them. Anderson is pretty much MF these days and his bowling at home is still as good as ever. Speaking of perfect bowling for our conditions, TRJ is on point at the moment. Id see how he looks against Ireland. Perfect horses for courses squad selection for the ashes depending on the wicket. And as regards the too much grass thing, that was set up for (especially) Woakes and Plunkett I'd assume. Cant blame the Kiwi's for beating us at our own game.
  26. Double post Keith: Blag is more than acceptable a phrase even when blag is before or after it. Posh Southern softies are wrong again.
  27. They are a must wear with trainers and casual shorts. Sports socks are scum though. If you wear white ones especially. If you're not wearing them just to exercise you need your loaf caving.
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