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  2. maybe this is the first one😄
  3. He should have just put a . instead of an !
  4. Stolen from reddit, but the difference In sentiment here is hilarious.
  5. the MRS last week was talking about how ill she's been this year already and said she's been ill five times..... .All i could think of was FIVE TIMES. TIMES FIVES. FIVE TIMES
  6. Seriously? Doesn't look like it!
  7. I'm not a Fitch fan, but I am a supporter, of sorts. Mainly because he's always been up against it, just because of his style. The guy got cut from the UFC even though he had a 14-3-1 record, for fuck's sake. I think it was wand who said at the time that it was clear Dana was just looking for an excuse to get rid of him. He's currently on a 5-fight winning streak, even if he hasn't fought in a year, and that includes Okami, Shields, and Daley, so I hope he's able to get a win here.
  8. If anyone has it what does the Wrestling Album or whichever one it came from say. Surely they have to be accurate with their credits. Edit: Thinking about it around this time there were others that got involved in some Capacity or another. Demolition and Rick Deringer springs to mind. Although I think Johnston gets listed on the credit, which is curious.
  9. I agree with this. The show has always been about the throne. The war between the living and the dead only started around season 4. Yes the war with the dead might be the bigger action the throne is the overarching story. Personally I hope Dany doesn’t get to sit on the throne, she’s turned into a right little prick over the last couple of seasons.
  10. He also clearly doesn’t take notice of anything around him but himself. I remember the podcast he did with Owens and Zayn. Those two started talking about Shawn Michaels been in the nWo and Jericho just didn’t believe them. “Shawn was in the nWo? In wwe? When?” Jericho was on Raw at exactly the same.
  11. Today
  12. Or Cersei dies during childbirth and Jon and Dany raise the child a la Ned and Cat with the baby Jon. You can imagine Cersei whispering "His name is Tywin Lannister, but no-one can know" just as she dies like Lyanna. Anyone got any tinfoil I can borrow?
  13. The question is why bother with a 6 button pad at all, since apart from Comix Zone none of the currently announced games actually work with a 6 button pad. I can only assume that the JAP release will get a couple of compatible games among those still to be announced.
  14. This, but Dany dies during childbirth. This is Game Of Thrones after all.
  15. Are they just a software company or do they produce hardware too? I seem to remember something about Sega licensing/buying this system from M2.
  16. Week 38 fixtures Premier League Brighton & Hove Albion 1-2 Newcastle United (5:30pm) Burnley 0-2 Manchester City (Sunday 2:05pm) Crystal Palace 1-1 Everton Fulham 1-1 Cardiff City Leicester City 1-2 Arsenal (Sunday noon) Manchester United 1-1 Chelsea (Sunday 4:30pm) Southampton 1-1 Bournemouth Watford 1-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers Serie A Internazionale 1-2 Juventus (7:30pm) Torino 1-2 Milan (Sunday 7:30pm)
  17. I don’t doubt for 1 second about them having an agreement in place, it’s just the fact that I agree with Ian, I always though Johnston wrote it.
  18. Excellent little show. Charlotte and Becky feel like much bigger deals together than they have done apart, Bayley felt more relevant than she has in forever, benefitting massively from splitting up with Sulky Sasha, fun matches with Bayley vs. Charlotte and Balor vs. Andrade, then a brilliant closing angle where Big O broke my heart. It felt a week or two early but that just added to the shock of it. Really well done. Thus far, the card for Money in the Bank is looking infinitely better then Wrestlemania. The replay of the Bray Wyatt thing stole the show though. It's even better and more interesting with repeat viewings. I'm blown away they've made me do such a 180 on him. I'm absolutely fascinated by this new character.
  19. So what exactly has Bran told Tyrion, he seemed set that they are going to win, confidence from talking to the Three Eyed Raven? There are prophecies that need to be completed, Azor Ahai and the death of Cersei amongst them. Jon and Dany to marry and both rule the kingdoms is the logical step to conclude the show, with Daenerys giving birth and Drogon laying eggs to restart the reign of Targaryen dragon riders
  20. Pulled from weekend live shows due to an unspecified injury, he's definitely fucked it and they've not made a statement on it until they're sure.
  21. Bit of a bleak ending there isn't it? I know it's Game of Thrones but surely there's going to be at least some happiness at the end. I definitely can't see them ending the series with all the favourites dying and Cersei, of all people, being the lone survivor. I've got a weird feeling that they are just going to continue to ignore the creepy incest factor of Jon and Daenerys relationship and have them marry. It would solve both their problems and the Northern Independence issue as well. Sansa and Lyanna can't really bitch about being ruled by the Iron Throne if Jon's the King. Oh, I'm not expecting them to stay dead. The Mountain's already come back once. I'd even go as far as to say that Cersei will be resurrected as The Night's Queen, not just a mindless Zombie.
  22. I can understand seeing it that way, but I’ve always felt the underlying tone was ‘people are manipulating and scheming and killing for the Iron Throne, but actually despite what they all think that’s not the most important thing’ - the need to work together and survive and thrive together supplanting the need for individual power, represented by the growing threat of the Walkers. Which is why I feel like the Night King should be the main event. I mean, it’s clearly a double main event, but from day to day I disagree with myself about whether the Night King should be going on last.
  23. I certainly hope not. ☹️ My hope is that he’s being kept off screen because there’s no one for him to feud with at the moment, and they don’t want him in the risky MITB match. As for the show, Jinder on Smackdown terrifies me. I don’t want to see him featured any more prominently than he was on Raw. Have him manage The Singh Brothers if you must, but please don’t have him wrestle. I’m kind of underwhelmed by this ‘new’ Smackdown roster in general, it feels quite stale.
  24. That's "huge smash on Saturday afternoons" WOS Wrestling to you.
  25. They’ve done an awful lot of re-releases for Sega, most notably the 3DS and PlayStation versions of many of their classic titles.
  26. They got me with the Owens turn. I was as surprised that it happened this week as I was that it didn't last week. Lovely to see them avoid a clean finish in the main event. I know clean finishes are halcyon for all the Fin Martin's of the world but they kill them. Look at Bayley already.
  27. I don’t get why A) One region would get a 6 button controller and another only a 3 button controller. B) Sega would bother spending time and money designing and manufacturing two different units when one is inferior to the other. Doesn't make much sense to me.
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