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  2. Same tbh but I was also aware that a lot of other kids we knew were getting up to far worse than my mates & I. I think the biggest difference is social media & the instant availability of information. Not just for children's mischief but everything. A mate's uncle used to work the doors in Blackpool in the late 80's/early 90's & he maintains it's 100x nicer & safer round there now. He reckons it used to be an absolute war zone but the perception is that it's never been worse. The difference being that if someone got a kicking or there was a mass fight back then unless you were there then you were pretty much oblivious. Now with 'local 'news' pages' on FB the like you've got what's essentially curtain twitching on an industrial scale.
  3. I don't know what happened. I've been feeling great the last couple of weeks, then about an hour ago while I was at work it's like somebody's flicked a switch and my anxiety went into overdrive. Proper rabbit in the headlights stuff. Hopefully it'll pass soon. Probably a little nudge to remind me to try and chase the Autism service up.
  4. Yeah, that would have probably have done more for Seth getting the audience behind him. When Roman returned there was still plenty of pillocks calling it a work to gain sympathy for him when all else had failed. Had he swooped straight in and taken Seth’s WrestleMania spot it would have only had convinced them more so and made them all the more vocal about it. It’s a tricky one. On paper it’s an incredible story and everything Supremo said should be right, but due to the shady as fuck, carny nature of pro-wrestling/WWE, angles they’ve ran in the past and the large number of entitled dickhead fans who like to make their opinions heard and think they know better than nottheirrealDad it’s probably been a good decision not to insert him straight back into the title picture.
  5. Some of it has. I try not to be a suspicious old bastard because I remember when we'd hang around outside the shops at night with no motive or think i was funny to jump on someone's hedge or nick their milk bottles or whatever. However. and again, maybe just my upbringing but we didn't give people the grief they get now. Getting a bollocking off a teacher, a neighbour or, god forbid, a copper was a big deal. And I wouldn't have dared go crying to my Mam about it because she'd give me a kicking before she found me guilty.
  6. Yeah, pretty much this. But doubled by the fact that the person posting it has no children, has no connection to education, and was born in the early '80s. So making an argument that an education system he wasn't part of in the 1960s is superior to an education system he has no connection to in the 2010s is a daft take. If there's something I'd agree with there, it would be the shift in how education works, to see the student as a "customer", with the associated "the customer is always right" mentality. But that's absolutely not the context he's sharing that in, nor is it the context it was likely created in.
  7. I love how they can't confirm if the lass is pregnant until next week but they already know the baby has heart problems.
  8. Would actually be good for once if they did Multi Man matches confined to each brand. With say the surviving members of the team get a title shot or something. A lot better than ‘THE ONE NIGHT OF THE YEAR WHERE SMACKDOWN AND RAW GO HEAD TO HEAD’.
  9. It's always been like this, you're just getting older & are now the 'back in my day' bloke you likely promised yourself you'd never turn in to. “The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties at the table, cross their legs, and tyrannize their teachers.” ― Socrates
  10. Bit of an intriguing development here. Peter Sobotta is out of the Alessio Di Chirico fight with an injury and he’s been replaced by Makhmud Muradov, Floyd Mayweather’s only signed MMA fighter. He’s 22-6 with 18 finishes.
  11. AEW hasn't done anything to really pique my interest yet. But as superficial as this may sound, stuff like this would get me watching in a heartbeat! As this forum has been banging on about for years, the boring sets and locations has plagued the WWE since the end of the Attitude Era really. https://wrestletalk.com/news/aew-planning-on-location-shows-like-wcw/?fbclid=IwAR3aXdzMX1KydOunTiIijvLxpjoqTgGhZtTKxyA24dATbXRnNz6Tb4bp5MA
  12. What's your problem with it? Because while it's overly simplified for effect, I don't disagree with it. Parental responsibility seems to be at an all time low. Whether it's teachers, neighbours, coppers or whoever, we seem to have a generation of kids who don't respect anyone or anything. Maybe just our part of the world, I dunno.
  13. I can't wait for the one night of the year where Raw and Smackers go head to head!
  14. I have just started looking at booking things for Mania as its defo working out as doable after much debating. Looking at flights from Gatwick to Toronto and then Toronto to tampa which is working out at £450 which seems ok. My question is i have just seen a few people mention it we are planning on going to Disney afterwards is it better to base in Orlando from the start and just travel for the few days of Mania weekend? it is proving costly it seems to head to Orlando from Tampa on the Tuesday 7th. Any help on this would be appreciated
  15. Why on earth did they throw away Brocks cash in on that pointless back and forth title switching with Seth instead of saving it for this!? If Brock is taking the title, I hope it doesn’t just return to business as usual with Kofi and the New Day. Needs to lead to something and some greater development. Feels like I only ever post to say it but I’m desperate for it to be used as a launching pad for Big E to get serious and step up. You’re next big baby face is right there. Hilarious we’re getting a new draft and then a month later it’ll be Survivor Series -Raw vs Smackers with apparent brand loyalty.
  16. Lovely little "we would like to inform yourself" there, outing the writer as someone who watches The Apprentice.
  17. I...I don't know where to start. The photo of a phone screen...gmail.com...Friday the 13th. Boggled.
  18. I come from a family of teachers as well as being attached to one, so I hear this kind of stuff every day. I may be biased but in this instance I don't think its a million miles off the mark tbh.
  19. I have a theory...WWE "sweetened" their contracts with a percentage of royalties...cue crap shirts, small print run.
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  21. Might aswell, every fucker else has. Up the lifeboats.
  22. Yes, but what if he gave that 20 quid to RNLI? They teach foreigners to swim instead of giving Our Boys a new house.
  23. I liked that promo because I was always a John Cena guy, but it was a bit cringe that he clearly felt compelled to do that just because he got a sort-of babyface reaction in that match for the first time in years. Kind of showed the lie to all his ‘THESE PEOPLE CAN EXPRESS THEMSELVES HOWEVER THEY WANT’ stuff when the topic of the boos came up.
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