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  2. The SSB are great but since their visa issues they haven't wrestled as a team in America for fucking ages have they? Take that plus Uno and Stupefied looking totally different now it's no shock they got no reaction. Liked the show a lot. Could have done with being a lot shorter, but fucking hell it's so, so much more tolerable than any WWE PPV i've seen in years. Goes to show if the commentating isn't micromanaged to the point of basically just being a list of things they can put in video packages and banging on about core strength and endless plugs for your own shite it can make something a lot easier to handle. Loved the Rhodes match, the Lucha Brothers and The Bucks, the main event and the big Moxley brawl. Rest was fine. Never, ever let fucking any of SCU talk though, jesus tonight. That bald headed prick singing? in the fucking bin mate. EDIT - just to add yeah, Jack Evans and his mate the fucking symbiote can of Monster - both wank. Evans is intolerable.
  3. Bret Hart's fucking lucky.
  4. My other half pointed out that there's no way that Bret Hart has any idea who Jack Whitehall is, which I found pretty funny.
  5. I dont like Jack Whiteall, but I will give him this - a million other comedians would have tried to be a smart arse and do a bit of comedy and fail miserably, becaus their egos are massive (imagine Peter Kay up there?), but he looked like a dog with two dicks introducing Bret Hart. Just tried to be an announcer and did a better job than Justin Roberts.
  6. I really enjoyed that. Partly, once you got onto the last couple of hours, it felt like everything was different to what came before. The Buy-In show wasn't great, sadly. I did enjoy the Casino Battle Royale and to be honest, I'm not sure why people are saying it's a confusing concept - four groups of five randomly selected wrestlers, then someone gets the final spot. Admittedly, the 22nd spot was just weird, but I found it funny. Michael Nakazawa with the baby oil, MJF being a completely unsubtle heel, and Hangman Page coming across as a big deal was pretty good going for one match. I also haven't seen LuchaSaurus before, and I liked him a lot. Not-Tye Dillinger had a great new look too. The 10-1 spot was a lot of fun. Kip Sabian/Sammy Guevera was pretty 'meh', but I did notice how much better Sabian came across here than in ITV's last wrestling show - for all the issues with direction in the pre-show, it's a big step-up for ITV for, in all likelihood, quite a lot less money. The most noticeable thing out of it, for me, was the female ref. A small touch but I really liked that it wasn't a big deal. The comedy skits... yeah. Considering ITV is a pretty big deal for them, they really should have gone without all the backstage skits being running gags that need explaining and weren't the best they've done either. They'd have worked better on the actual show than the pre-show, if they couldn't be dropped altogether. However, directing screw-ups in the Battle Royale aside, it felt like it clicked much more into place once the show actually started. The opener was a lot of fun, and while the next couple of matches weren't great, I got a big kick out of seeing Awesome Kong again. I'm now hoping they do some cross-over with GLOW and have her turn up, just once, as Welfare Queen. I could have happily dropped the Best Friends/Indy-Boys match. However, the Joshi match was one of those I just watched with a big dumb grin on my face. Enormously fun, even with the confusing finish. They could really go. Cody/Dustin - I'm delighted this went so well. It feels like a story they wanted to do for years, and WWE just didn't see any value in, so I like that they've been vindicated like this. I could have done without the enormous blade job, and having had it spoiled in advance, I was a little unsure about whether I'd enjoy it, but it was so well done as a story. Also, in amongst all the blood and drama, I wasn't expecting to get a belly laugh out of Dustin pulling Cody's tights down and whipping his ass with a belt. The belt segment was nice enough - not keen on the logo right in the middle, but I like the design. I also liked how Bret acknowledged his fluff and handled it well. Fair play to him. MJF was hilarious again, and it looked like Bret was trying not to corpse a couple of times. It's so weird that Jack Whitehall was in the ring the entire time though (although along with him and Khan being bezzy mates, I remember it turning up on 'Would I Lie to You' that he's a big wrestling fan and even trained for a little while). The Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros (and I didn't realise they were actually brothers, which is cool). I could have done with this being five minutes shorter. I like the Bucks rather than love them (and I prefer their youtube series to their matches), but there were some really good spots. Apparently, the feud with the Lucha Bros was a big success in AAA, so it's cool that it's continuing. Omega vs Jericho... this was okay. I've enjoyed other Omega matches more, but poor sod broke his nose five minutes in, so I'm not surprised it felt a bit patchy and odd. Ross saying Jericho looked in the shape of his life was hilarious, but I was impressed by how much he was willing to hurl himself around the place.I liked a bunch of what happened, but it didn't fully hang together. Overall though, I thought it was a really strong opening show. Pre-show was poorly handled, but as a full show, I found it a lot more varied and interesting than anything I can remember seeing on a main WWE show in a long time. I also like where they're going with it, and how they set up so many stories. If they learn from it and cut what doesn't work, the overall quality could improve quickly. It's not quite a home run, but I enjoyed it a lot.
  7. I thought it was decent overall. I seem to have made the right choice by skipping the pre show. Cody/Dustin match and post match promo were excellent. Why was Cody being heelish though? Brandi interfering and taking cheap shots too? I didn't think much of the hype video either. Instead of talking about sibling rivalry and their different experiences with their dad, Cody is calling Dustin old and wants to kill the attitude era. Then after he beats his old brother to a bloody pulp, he wants to tag with him? What? However the match and post promo along were really incredible. Poor Bret forgot what the hard camera is, never got a good shot of the belt. Production was a bit sloppy throughout. I enjoyed the Joshi tag, only knew Aja Kong so it was interesting seeing some new faces. I thought it was hilarious that no one referenced that one of the girls was dressed as Freddie Mercury, I'm surprised at the abuse for Smilie Kylie's gimmick, when there's a fucking dentist (with teeth designs on her ring jacket) in the same match. Not only a terrible gimmick but you're also telling people the poor cow has a regular job because you're too small time to pay her a proper wage. I needed to take a break after the Young Bucks match, entertaining but so many moves and near falls became too much. Ive not watched them since 'All In' and I'm already knackered, if they do this on a weekly basis people will burn out quick. Main event was okay, was a bit awkward at points. I felt bad for poor Kenny killing himself. I think Moxley is painfully mediocre but he got a great reaction and a match with Omega is totally new so I'm interested. Bloated Jericho bores me. I cant remember much else which is a real insult because I watched it today. Many matches went too long, especially the opener. The whole show could have cut some shite and would have been a great 3 hour show. It seems a bit like TNA in its 2005/06 prime, some good, some bad, some momentum but there's a very good chance it could fall apart quite quickly, so lets not go mad. I missed Mania due to a sudden work emergency and i've still not got round to watching it, any momentum from it appears to have evaporated quickly, so whats the point? It was an okay start, but I am really happy for a mainstream alternative.
  8. He's Tony Khan's best mate, apparently. So, I'm done with AEW now. Sorry Dustin.
  9. Yesterday
  10. How the fuck did Jack Whitehall get this gig? Seems like he’s a fan though.
  11. My favourite photo from Double Or Nothing. https://imgur.com/Sz2MWHr
  12. But Nigel Farage has been elected in the South East. Fuck
  13. What struck me was how similar this felt to the WWE. Of the moments where it didn't feel like WWE, the Dustin vs Cody match was a real glimpse at a possible alternative. So was the joshi match to a lesser extent. Otherwise the moments where it didn't feel like the WWE were the cigarette (which had no impact at all because it wasn't filmed), the endless production fuck ups and the endless array of piledrivers. The belt ceremony felt like the WWE had written it for them. The constant bragging about trending in the UK (it's the middle of the fucking night, congratulations...), the bathing the crowd in red or blue lighting and the ending segment all felt like they were lifted wholesale from the WWE. Then there were the odd moments that seemed to call back to failed previous alternatives. I'm pretty sure WWA got there first with Bret Hart rambling into a live microphone, TNA got there first with the Elvis tag team, convoluted stipulations and the lame shots against WWE and Triple H. The good was good. Dustin vs Cody made me uncomfortable but it was a good old school brawl with just too much blood (sadly it was also a pretty good argument against blading). The main event delivered big time and Jericho put a good shift in (even if it did dawn on me that he probably sees himself as the David Bowie of wrestling) and the joshi match was good fun. MJF was a breakout star. If the Young Bucks are your cup of tea than that was very strong tea. As shit as the commentary was JR managed to say that the Young Bucks match was great tag team wrestling and sounded like he meant it. There's stuff that needs to go. Jack Evans obviously. Bryce Remsberg could do with a bollocking. The other guy in the announce team. Pretty much everyone in the battle royal.
  14. Tommy Robinson has conceded defeat. Great work
  15. AEW/Cody Rhodes gets some unlikely PR from Alexandria Ocasio Cortez:
  16. You have to be holding a fork though or it doesn't count.
  17. Just upload to an image sharing site like Imgur then use the URL on here.
  18. If i were you, i would not feel compelled to prove you attended the show on here. If however you have some decent photos, then by all means share your experience with the UKFF.
  19. I really enjoyed Rhodes v Rhodes, Young Bucks v Lucha Bros and the Main Event. It showed to me that it is time for Vince to finally let go and give his family full control. With WWE sliding downwards in terms of ratings and low morale for talent, perhaps because AEW can't match the WWE financially, the best way to compete is "star power". The return of CM Punk could really put the cat amongst the pigeons?
  20. I'll post some. What's the easiest way? You can't simply upload them.
  21. We did a double header at the cinema today and saw Aladdin and Rocketman. Aladdin was quite good once it got going even if a lot of the ‘Jasmine is an Arab woman whose not allowed to do shit’ stuff was a little on the nose. Will Smith was fine as the Genie, but the guy they had playing Jafar was fucking woeful. The cast seemed to suffer from talking with American accents throughout, yet would develop some ultra-Middle Eastern accent anytime they said Agraba. I’m in two minds about Rocketman. It’s well acted, no doubt that, but I kept feeling that with the way they used the songs it would work better as a West End show. I’m not of the thinking that biopics have to be first this happens, then I did that then I met this person...etc, but deliberately messing with the chronology made it into something I wasn’t expecting.
  22. Just watched the highlights of that game and Youtube and loved it. Usually with stuff like this, or testimonials or what have you it's a good-natured laugh which usually ends up about 6-5 or 4-4 or something similar. Instead, here you get Jaap Stam flattening about 3 players on the bounce without batting an eyelid, Neville missing 6 sitters and United pumping Bayern 5-0. Neville's unintentional backheel for Scholes' offside goal is also the best thing I've seen this week.
  23. Impression I'm getting is that people at the show either enjoyed or didn't outright hate the pre-show. People watching online, TV, etc. mostly hated it. Definitely need to change it up for the next show. Those at the arena don't need to be convinced to part with their cash.
  24. Training Day I don't think I've watched this since it first came out but Denzel truly deserved that Oscar for his performance in it. Him in this film is everything Will Smith wishes he was as an actor.
  25. Peter Avalon. He had a brief stint in TNA as one of the jobbers EC3 beat repeatedly when he first debuted. Other than that he is/was a top guy in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.
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