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  2. It's a year since Vader passed away. Just came up on my Facebook memories, Still saddening. I was big fan.
  3. Quick, someone post a video of that Kriss Sprules match on that thread...
  4. PPV wrestling has been around $40-50 for as long as I can remember. That’s kind of going price. In the UK, £15-£20 depending on the event. They tend to stick at pricing they think will get the most sales. The only screwing here really is something is being sold as free in the US and we’re payinf for. But, it’s been the other way for us for years so I completely get and understand your point
  5. There’s a difference, huge difference between not being able to afford it, and not wanting to pay for it. If you can afford it comfortably but know you can find it for free tomorrow, you should feel a bit of guilt. But I’m pretty sure any company would rather it would be seen in the hope it leads to support in the future when you can support. I mean, in the UK via WWE we got PPV’s for free or with Sky Sports. But I never bought one on Sky Sports PPV. But was happy to pay for the network when it launched. The PPV’s I didn’t pay for, I either went to a pub, chipped a few quid in or some beers to someone I knew who was buying it or, read the results and bought it on DVD when Silvervision released it. £15 to watch it live or £15 to have it on DVD a bit later. As a student, that’s what I had to do
  6. I'll not be happy until Jericho and Moxley are working a match in my back garden. Then I'd have to fit it in between Classic Eastenders and wanking.
  7. So if this and Fight for the Fallen stream for the same price, we still pay less than the Americans did for Double or Nothing. We're by no means getting screwed on this and anyone intimating otherwise is talking bollocks quite frankly.
  8. You’re contradicting your own point there. If I can’t afford to pay for AEW right now, and stream it but then become more financially stable in the future and buy, let’s say, a t shirt to support them, what’s the difference between what you’ve said about films. Still “not cool?”
  9. Sure, but having the choice and deciding to pirate anyway is not cool. We’ve all done it. I’ve done it with films I couldn’t find elsewhere. I’ve justified it by well I pay for Netflix/Sky/Amazon Prime/Cineworld Unlimited so I’ve paid for it somewhere. But then I still buy films on Blu Ray if I really like something
  10. Again, some people would like to support the company/other companies but can not afford it. You can watch a stream of something and still give a shit and care. It isn’t as black and white as you say.
  11. Ken Marino is fantastic. Great casting for what seems quite light hearted and fun.
  12. We play 7s every week on a pitch bigger than 5s (it’s an odd size that has only popped up in recent years) for an hour and 20ish with no break and we’re usually fine tbh but a full sized pitch for 90 minutes scares my lungs just thinking about it. I’m the youngest by a good 5 years, and there’s some 50 year olds that can just keep going. Yeah, I’m gonna ask for rolling subs. It’s only a friendly against a vets team, hardly the pinnacle of the game.
  13. People need to appreciate it, but that's other people. He deserves to have it for free because he's special and already appreciates it as an art form.
  14. or considering the font that's in, Chick-kil-A.
  15. Support if you want a company to survive, pirate if you don’t give a shit. I wanted ITV to know wrestling would be a popular addition after that WOS nonsense and paid for it. I no longer pay for WWE Network and will happily find alternative ways to watch there stuff because I’m sick of how that company treats people and I don’t want to give them any more of my hard earned cash.
  16. Also quoted your last post in the Double Or Nothing thread Didn’t take you long..
  17. £8.99 to watch a show when I can stream for free the day after on other sites. Hmm... 🤔
  18. Marcel Brands is a master negotiator that's how, to get Gomes, Digne and Mina for a grand total of £62m is brilliant business, hell just the former two alone for £34m is incredible in itself
  19. Rolling subs yeah? Switch 6 after 20-odd minutes into the first half, again at half time and once more halfway through the second half. They'll all probably die after half hour on a full sized pitch anyway. I'm a young dad compared to most of the parents at my kids' school and I know I'd get knackered during 11 a side, but they'd blow up first. That said, I played competitive 5 a side for the first time in 2 years earlier this week, was absolutely fine. Could've played another game. Update on the coaching front- one of the dads contacted me yesterday offering his services as assistant coach, in the same manner as I was last season. Definitely going to take him up on that, there's only so much one coach can see during every training session and match.
  20. “Bret wants to see you Vince” ”Velveteen Dream is drafted to Raw”
  21. He’s great in everything. He did a clever parody of the bachelor called burning love. He’s also great in Brooklyn 99 and the Wet Hot American Summer stuff
  22. Right let me break this down. Spud has made himself really popular when he was doing not much on WWE TV by posting videos on social media (Just like Zack Ryder did). Zack Ryder’s suddenly popularity which he created himself via social media, led to a push on TV for a short weeks before creative pushed him back down the card. i hope the same thing doesn’t happen to Spud because he’s better then that. He deserves a decent push which lasts more then a few weeks. I know I’m a bit dyslexic and awaiting an Autism diagnosis, but I honestly thought what I had written was clear. Sorry for the confusion.
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