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    NJPW World

    Only thing I would change is giving Ishii the belt. Its a crime if he never holds that. I'd like to see a bit more possibility of upwards momentum of some mid card guys. On the whole the booking is tremendous band I was terrified when I heard the rumor he was stepping down as booker.
  3. I wasn’t able to get into God of War. The gameplay loop just wasn’t for me. I find it hard to pick between RDR2, FFVII, Fallout 3 and The Witcher 3. I did, obviously, but it wasn’t easy!
  4. I’m purposely picking someone at the lower end of the spectrum - that was my intention with the thread, although I probably wasn’t massively clear! I would add William Regal to my list, although he was far closer to that big push than Venis ever was. After his KOTR win, Regal was as hot a heel as anyone had been in WWE for some time. Yes, he messed up his own push but had things in his personal life gone differently he easily could have held a title.
  5. Scott Steiner. I know he had a run in WCW with the belt but I’m talking WWF now. Can’t remember if it was on here or I heard it on a podcast but someone recently was saying that Scotty should’ve got the Lex Express push in 1993 and got the belt at SummerSlam. I’m not sure Scott would’ve done any better than Lex, to be honest, I think Lex did the best he could considering they pretty much cut the bollocks off his push with the piss-weak finish at SummerSlam. But I’d have been all over Scott Steiner as a WWF main eventer in 1993. He was a physical specimen, athletic as fuck and wasn’t yet buggered by injuries. You’d think Vince would’ve been in love with him at that time as well. Him slamming Yoko on the USS Intrepid on July 4th would’ve been ace. I loved the Steiner Brothers as a tag team but I’d have happily lost that if it meant we got Scotty with the big belt.
  6. Rossman

    Boxing Thread

    Anyone see the Crusierweight semi's for the WBSS? Krzysztof Glowacki vs. Mairis Briedis. It all kicked off in the 2nd round. Both were being a bit dirty and the referee had already warned them once. In another clinch, Glowacki threw a punch that caught Briedis on the back of the head. Briedis retaliated by elbowing Glowacki square in the face knocking him down. Referee, Robert Byrd wasn't having any of it and ordered Glowacki back to his feet. The fight continued and shortly after, Glowacki was still clearly hurt and went down from a Briedis onslaught. The round was about to end and the bell was ringing but the referee didn't stop the round, Briedis kept coming forward hammering Glowacki and he went down again. Finally the round was over, Glowacki's corner were incensed about the extra time. Round 3 started with a Briedis flurry, Glowacki went down and was all over the shop, referee had to stop the fight, declaring Briedis the winner. Brieids has now admitted to elbowing on purpose. "I think the referee didn't do nothing (about the punch to the back of the head), then I did a little bit of a dirty punch but I'm sorry for how I responded, it's my old Muay Thai style," Was there any point to having another World Boxing Super Series in the Crusierweight Division so soon? Usyk beat everyone in their own hometown's last year to win the tournament decisively. The other finalist Murat Gassiev has also moved up to heavyweight. Seem's more like a way for the Sauerlands to line their pocked with a who's best out of the rest tournament.
  7. Only if they haven't played God of War god dammit! It's definitely a three way battle between RDR2/GoW/BotW for me.
  8. Grizzly Smith must be in with a shout for this
  9. I've experienced him in person, & his outward persona is not who he is when there aren't any cameras or mics recording.
  10. For as much of a lunatic as he always seemed, and given that he was a fixture in that wild extra coked up era of 1980s WWF, everything I’ve ever seen of Roddy Piper’s kids they seem like perfectly normal and sound people.
  11. Which wrestling personality has exceeded in the dad-role? Who has been there, as well as on the road, and managed to raise fine, upstanding offspring? Vince? Dusty? Ric? Any nominees?
  12. No Italian pronunciation of Nicola will cause that sort of nonsense.
  13. https://www.yorkmix.com/news/york-public-toilet-branded-one-of-the-worst-in-britain/ Would you use it?
  14. No, he was playing around with the European belt with the Nation, then Shane. After that it was tag belts with kane before his heat got killed with the late 99 turn.
  15. I could’ve seen Shamrock in that title mix on Smackdown around 2002/03 when it was switching between Lesnar and Angle. He’d have been a natural opponent for both of them and would’ve probably had some top matches with Benoit and Guerrero around that time. X-Pac was mega over for a period in 98-99, wasn’t he? Did he ever even get a run with the IC belt?
  16. I can’t believe that an the era where even Kofi gets a run that Strowman has never been world champion in wwe of all places.
  17. Today
  18. My two answers for this are almost always X-Pac and Ken Shamrock. If either of them had come along a decade (or two, Christ I’m old) later, X-Pac with his ‘99 level of overness and Shamrock with his legit aura, they’d definitely have been champions.
  19. Mike and Maria Kanellis have signed new 5 year deals with WWE, putting rumours of them jumping to AEW to bed (which based off the board reaction is a great thing for AEW) and I expect him to be Cruiserweight champion by the end of the summer.
  20. I guess it depends on the timing. If we’re going on the ‘came along at a different time’ line of thinking then I have no doubt the likes of Perfect, Owen, Dibiase, Arn Anderson, Davey Boy etc would’ve got a turn with a version of a world title at some point. But in the eras they were actually in though, it just wasn’t going to happen. Perfect and Dibiase were never getting a sniff of a title run in the Hogan, Savage, Warrior era. Arn wasn’t ever getting a look in when Flair was around. And there were always better options than Owen or Davey in both the New Generation and Attitude eras. Same with Shamrock. Val is probably a bit of a stretch (no porn pun intended) in any era. He was pretty good but he was likely midcard for life no matter what gimmick he got.
  21. Nonsense, if he hadn't passed away he was going to be a world champion later in 1999 and feud with Christopher Daniels, after he was revealed as The Undertaker's Higher Power. Sky Text told me so.
  22. I really don't buy Venis as champion in any form no matter what gimmick. He was a solid worker but was never going to be a main event talent. Same as Dibiase, Hennig, Owen Hart and many others.
  23. mim731


    So after years of agonising about it I finally got my Jushin Thunder Liger tattoo yesterday. Very pleased.
  24. The Big Valbowski today looking like the Robert Englund version of Freddy Krueger; I always thought he was decent though. And I loved his match with D’Lo Brown at SummerSlam 98. Not sure I’d ever have seen him as the world champ though but that might be more because I just can’t envision him as anything but Val Venis (or Freddy) now.
  25. Hatton was in the corner for the Wilder fight, along with Freddie Roach and Ben Davis. Not sure if he’d cornered him before that.
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