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  2. Yes. But in their defence I doubt they thought They were. I’m surprised they were picked up so much by the mics
  3. Any explanation to this, or who "favorite indie wrestler is'???
  4. F me Ian when you put it like that no wonder it didn't work out
  5. It’s alright lads, Johns figures it all out
  6. Sorry, I didn't word that well at all. It's supposed to matter to them, but it's about convincing the audience that it matters as well. So, all the ingredients that usually make you care about a wrestling match: compelling personal issue/grudge; title on the line; other consequences/stipulation; star power; and so on. In a thrown together Raw vs Smackdown 5 on 5 match, most of the time, you have none of these, but we're supposed to believe the outcome matters... Why? Its just a game of 5 a side with people that want to win but with nothing for the audience to be invested in.
  7. Rivals Mode is working again on Forza Motorsport 6.
  8. Today
  9. Is that what you could call Arkham Asylum?
  10. Bischoff was pretty slick at one point. I genuinely believe that 98-99 period fried his brain or something. Like legendary rock producers from the 60s and 70s who went on to do shitty basic hair metal albums. This is a guy who used to fly to Japan for meetings regarding WCW Worldwide being show on TV. You could have sent Sonny Onoo to do that shit. He had his eye on ECW, and took their concepts. He had his eye on the WWF and saw what they did wrong and hired their best people. He took the New Japan/UWFI idea and ran with that. He signed up with Pena and did a massive expansion of Lucha Libre in the US market. In reality, he had one good idea, and that was the nWo. But you had to be pretty clued up to develop a melting pot that was WCW Nitro. He hired Zane Bresloff, because he was the best wrestling/martial arts live events guy in the country. He hired JJ Dillon, who knew all of the top WWF guys payoffs over the last decade. You look at the Eric Bischoff on 2000 or 2019 or even better the TNA version of Eric Bischoff. The idea of him watching Dragon Gate or Evolve or PWG or Progress or anything to try and develop a new concept or hire new guys was unthinkable. He wouldnt even read @Liam O'Rourke 's Pillman book. The guy is so burnt out from 94-99, which must have been a nightmare, really. Its all on record what he did in his personal time as well. He was the president of WCW, had about 50 lawsuits to try and deal with, had to deal nightmares ranging from Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Ric Flair all the way to midcarders with big heads like Raven and fucking Konnan. Not forgetting him basically living in the Gold club, doing coke and shagging strippers all day. It's amazing they hired him. He's 64 years old. 30 year old ex-Just Shoot Me and the Norm Show writers have cried himselves to sleep when showing up for their first day working for a nutcase like McMahon. One WWE stooge apparently said "Eric also had no stamina for the rigors of the job." Of course he didnt! He hasnt for 2 decades.
  11. I think it should matter to the people taking part or at least they should pretend it does, otherwise what are we watching for?
  12. I'm split on the main event. On one hand, Reyes is probably a more exciting match-up for Jones. He's tall and can kick. Nevertheless, I have a soft spot for Weidman. He's had a rough few years, with him getting clobbered by most of the middleweight elite (Jacare, Rockhold, Moose, Romero). He was actually competitive in all those fights before either getting caught or gassing (or in some cases both). He did, however, pick up a submission win over Gastelum a few years back. In fact, he's the only fighter, middleweight or otherwise, that has a stoppage win over Gastelum. He's a really good wrestler, and while that may not count for much against Jones, it could very well count for something against Reyes. Ultimately, I think Reyes will stop him, if not in the early rounds, then in the later rounds when Weidman slows down, but I won't be surprised if Weidman uses his wrestling game to net himself a decision victory.
  13. Ive been using a kodi addon for wrestling forever but that seems to have dissapeared, not interested at all in the weekly thing but they had tonnes of shoots I used to was multiple times a week. If anyone could message me somewhere similar or their new kodi address would be appreciated
  14. Seemingly not - https://www.worldboxingnews.net/2019/10/16/beterbiev-gvozdyk-uk-tv-blackout/
  15. I often get Jack Whitewell. Got it a few times when I lived in England but since moving north of the border I've had it far more. Potentially due to being a lanky, bearded, slightly camp Englishman living in Scotland.
  16. I played Spidey on the back of GoW and it was the perfect antidote not sure how it'd be the other way round. GoW isn't really open world I believe the cool kids call it linear open world as in you can go where you want as long as it's where they want you to go. What you should really do is subscribe to PS Now for a month plus your free week and download GoW and Infamous Second Son to try them both. Heads up for Gamepassers, Outer World's, from the makers of UKFF fave Fall Out New Vegas, will be free on it next week when it's released. Might be worth switching the XBox on for.
  17. remember, this show is tonight. Be wary of the spoilers
  18. For anyone that’s interested, ShopAEW (which is run by Pro Wrestling Tees) has got 20% off everything using the code ‘Retail’ at checkout until Monday 5pm GMT. Shipping is $9 to the UK, which I didn’t think was too bad
  19. I think its supposed to matter to the people watching, not the people taking part.
  20. Random strangers call me Post Malone all the fucking time. I even caught one girl taking a photo of me because she forgot to take the flash off. He is the ugliest bloke going as well. I look fucking nothing like that smelly fat prick
  21. Did anyone else get royally fucked off with the guy from LAX screaming "THE BEST! THE BEST! THE BEST! THE BEST!" constantly over Jericho's backstage promo like an awful Foo Fighters tribute band?
  22. Zhang called Shevchenko a what?
  23. Yup, same here really. I genuinely don't feel that I'm missing out on anything these days by not watching the WWE. If a star from the past turns up on Raw or wrestles on the mad Saudi shows (i.e a proper star that I give a shit about for nosalgia), then I'll catch it one way or the other. But AEW fulfills my 'big time' wrestling fix and I can happily Sky+ Impact and AEW Dynamite from frer TV every week, and maybe an hour of NWA on Youtube, and feel that's more than enough wrestling to keep me going all week.
  24. Yeah, it's brilliant. I've been walking round singing "into the fire...into the fi-yerrrrr" under my breath for 9 days now.
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