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  2. 12k is a really poor package - particularly if that includes notice. But it sounds like a legitimate redundancy and they are going down the statutory route. I wouldn't jump at that. Perhaps if you can let me know what the enhancement is, I can advise better.
  3. I'm an HR Director, so I wish I'd seen this a month ago. I'm sorry. An employer is legally required to make reasonable adjustments fo disabilities, but they are not required to accept poor performance due to a disability. if your condition is covered by the disability discrimination act and you informed your employer of the condition, they are required to make reasonable adjustments to help you perform. If you didn't inform them, or you did and their adjustments still meant you couldn't perform at the required level, then they are in the right. If your condition is not covered by the disability discrimination act then you have no protections. If it is, you could pursue a disability discrimination claim. In my career if fought numerous such claims (and won) from dismissed underperformers because the business was unaware of the disability during employment. Usually there is no disability and the claim is false and falls away, so I expect your employer was cynical of your grounds for appeal - but if you had written evidence that you raised the issue of a disability with you employer whilst in employment, and they didn't make reasonable adjustments, then you have reasonable grounds. Of course, would you want to put yourself through the pressure of a tribunal claim and all that entails? That is anothwe matter.
  4. Is he really! Wow, didn't think he was that old.
  5. It looked terrible. I've done a wet weather Download and it's no fun at all. I count myself lucky as I would have gone this year, but I'm currently in Singapore instead.
  6. I remember seeing David Quantick talking about those shows. He said while recording one they were on about the show "Dynasty" and they asked him if he could say something about Blake Carrington having blue hair. Quantick said no because he didn't have blue hair. After loads of badgering and Quantick refusing to budge, they dropped it. When the show aired, Quanticks missus was on it talking about how Blake Carrington had blue hair. One can only assume that Stuart Maconie was unavailable.
  7. And sullen. Never smiling once in your life will do that to you.
  8. Halloween Havoc 1990 time. Apparently there are a bunch of matches missing from this version on the Network, gutted I'm missing out on Terry Taylor vs Wild Bill Irwin. Anyway, the opener is Midnight Express vs Tommy Rich and Ricky Morton because Robert Gibson is nobbled. This is such a weird but great match. Almost the *entire* match is Midnights twatting Morton, including getting a Rocket Launcher on the ramp way. The crowd fucking love Beautiful Bobby. The babyfaces win after the Southern Boys come out dressed as Cornette and Rich uses Cornette's racquet. No wonder he always gets booed. Then Sting's getting interviewed and the Black Scorpion comes out and kidnaps a kid or something. It's fucking stupid. Can't believe they're persevering with this Black Scorpion shit. Now the Freebirds! Versus the Renegade Warriors? Not a clue. This is a very boring match with the crowd fully behind the Freebirds and chanting "DDT!" throughout. The crowd do not care about these Youngbloods *at all*. Hayes tries to get some heat by teasing a DDT and not delivering but it doesn't work. So they eventually do deliver it and the crowd goes wild as the Freebirds win after 146:53 approx. Fuck yes, I forgot this was the event where the Nasty Boys and the Steiners had an absolute barnstormer. I *love* this match. This is what I love in wrestling. Four big bastards just battering each other and chucking each other about. The Steiners win after a Frankensteiner to retain the US titles but the Nasties beat the shit out of them after the match. Brilliant. Doom vs Arn and Ric now for the world tag titles! Was wondering how this one would go and interestingly Doom take the babyface role and get good support too. There's a fantastic exchange between Flair and Butch Reed early on that's built entirely on punches. Great match, this, although it goes to a double count-out. Now it's Stan Hansen vs Lex Luger for the US Title! This should be brilliant. Stan cuts a promo and gobs on a pumpkin he pretends is "Lexy" beforehand. Nice bruising match that Stan wins after the Lariat and finally Luger dropped the US title! I wasn't expecting that at all! Sting vs Sid Vicious for the World title now. Sid gets a *great* reaction coming out, and throughout the match. Everyone loves Sid. A fake Sting runs into the ring and gets pinned but then the real one comes back after running off the Horsemen and rolls up Sid to retain. Great fun. This was a cracking event, what there was of it. I might watch that Steiners vs Nasties match again.
  9. I assumed it was. I remember the series when it was first on because they used to show one of the films they were reminiscing about after. I love 1985 had The Brrakfast Club for example. But weird to repeat these now
  10. I’m not a massive HP fan, but I do miss the HP Sauce with Guinness they used to do
  11. I know I voted for 2 from the series, but for balance I've shared my dislike of SA as an overrated disappointment on here before and if anyone else loves 1 enough to vote for it I'm a dutchman.
  12. I liked Bad News Barrett as well, he was far more interesting once he got rid of the coat but it was purely a midcard gimmick and I'm not sure how he could have worked that into a world title run.
  13. Getting in there first before anybody else writes "Yeah, about two paragraphs into your tedious, overly long post, Ron."
  14. My dad joked with me at my brother's 30th about how the entire family was going on a holiday but that they hadn't extended the invitation to us because they knew we'd say no. We're really not the sort to sit around on sun loungers at poolside, so this was an entirely reasonable conclusion. Nonetheless, I thought I'd quite enjoy seeing the younger members of the family having fun on what would be for most of them their first trip abroad, so I signed up too, bringing the total to 19. About three weeks out from the event, I began feeling rather apprehensive at the fact that I'd be topless around people and at risk of getting harpooned if any Japanese or Norwegians were in the area. So I did what made sense to me and got a gym membership. After all, everybody knows that the best way to make five stone disappear is to half-heartedly push something or wave your arms about for twenty minutes or so every now and again. To no surprise, it didn't work and I arrived on one of the Canary islands a big gelatinous blob ... and it turned out that I was one of the thinner people there! Everybody else was a curious red colour too, as were half my family when I saw them for breakfast on the second morning. (That'll be why the Spanish call us shrimp, then.) I've had my gym membership since then. That was exactly two years ago and I haven't been once. Every time I saw the monthly fee coming out of my account, I felt rancorous, particularly in those months when I've been within a few quid of hitting my overdraft. But I never did cancel it, imagining I'd feel disgusted with myself at having to acknowledge that I'm too lazy to go to the gym even once. And so for two years those payments have kept coming out. Until this evening. I headed to the gym (driving naturally) and put a stop to it, cancelling my standing order when I got back home. I've accepted defeat. I'm too lazy to go to the gym even once in two years. I thought I'd feel terrible at having to accept the realisation but, nah, I don't care. I think more than anything else I'm feeling quite happy knowing that I'm not going to be throwing away a few hundred quid every year on something that I don't use. What about you? Any non-wrestling-related stories of when you just tapped out?
  15. Bulldog would’ve never been champion. Could wrestle a decent match and had big muscles, but that was all he had, He could never be trusted in that spot even if he was able. He wouldn’t have even been allowed in the WWE in the everybody-gets-a-turn era, because the wellness policy has been around during that whole time. An absolute fucking mess of a man, and a worse promo than Khali but without the freak appeal.
  16. Is this right? I remember Battle of the Planets and I remember GForce I just don’t remember one becoming the other! Edit : Just looked on Wiki and G-Force were the name of the team in it. It was re-titled G-Force : Guardians of Space in 1986, but I don’t recall that. Must be where I was getting mixed up.
  17. Well please don't, it's a chuffing nightmare to score.
  18. Technically this counts as scripted (according to at least one participant) but BBC just repeated I Love 1989. All the talking head clips felt really weird and unsettling, which turns out to be because it was first shown in 2001. So it's 18-year-old clips of people talking about stuff only 12 years earlier. We're talking full head of hair Gail Porter, Johnny Vegas with bumfluff, sober Bez, and Ross Noble the size of a house. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m00062vd/i-love-the-1980s-i-love-1989
  19. The things all joining together to form a robot was probably Voltron.
  20. Wow, Bob Willis looks really old and unwell in that video. I know it's old, but is he OK?
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