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  2. Listen to his Drive Thru show, it's pretty much just Jim answering questions on the old stuff he loves and was around. He leaves the moaning about Trump and modern wrestling to his other podcast.
  3. The documentary just confirmed for me one thing, and that’s my slightly irrational dislike of Earl Hebner. Can’t stand him, and I’m not sure why.
  4. I don't doubt for one second Bret believes that but I don't think it wouild have made the slightest difference to his draw in Canada. It's not like he was losing to the Brooklyn Brawler.
  5. He even had Lightning Kid on his tights for his first few months with the company too.
  6. I dunno, even as an 11 year old I thought it was a shit name. I remember finding out he was previously called the Lightning Kid (from reading an Apter mag perhaps?) and thinking that was a much better name to go by.
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  8. Grecian


    I so wish this was a thing...
  9. They always fuck Bret over in the games. Never looks anything like him.
  10. It's about a presidential candidate meeting up with an old friend who is now a journalist. Looks like a rom-com from the trailers.
  11. Bret felt losing in his home country would affect his drawing power there. Given wins and losses mattered more then, it's probably a fair point. Shawn half suggests/remembers it being HHH's suggestion in that sit down interview he did with Bret and JR.
  12. Just remembered that any wrestling promotion was called a "federation" presumably thanks to WWF influence. The opposite of a rookie match (aka squash) was a superstar match. Big events (whether PPV, TV special or major house show) were simply "supercards", presumably because distinguishing what was actually on pay-per-view was both complicated and indeed incomprehensible to a British person. ("You pay to watch something on television? Huh?")
  13. Keep seeing a poster on the side of buses for a film starring Seth Rogan called Longshot. Should I be in the superhero thread for that, or is it just a coincidental title?
  14. Devon Malcolm

    Chippy Tea

    What is happening to our glorious thread. I'm almost pining for the return of @Frankie Crisp's radioactive-looking chippy tea.
  15. Onyx2

    Chippy Tea

    If we're posting slightly off-kilter stuff (was from a sit down chippy though), I had this in Great Yarmouth this week: The OCEAN HARVEST. Whitebait, salt and pepper squid, unidentified fried white fish, scampi. On salad in a weird fried tortilla bowl. With frying basket AND board, which I asked for specifically to annoy @Lion_of_the_Midlands.
  16. This is very true. I watched Wrestling with Shadows a few months ago and my Mrs happened to be in the same room, half listening. She couldn't see what the fuss was all about and, in reality, she had a point didn't she?
  17. Its weird that they include that but not HBK humping the Canadian flag.
  18. Me and my brother used to call jobbers, "no names." "Was Raw any good?" "Nah, just a bunch of no name matches." I think I've mentioned this before but the first time I got on the internet I remember reading Raw spoilers for the upcoming Friday night's show and being super jazzed about the new gimmick match called the, "Dark Match." My little mind was racing trying to think what it might entail. There's probably a thread to be made for the first time fans discovered the internet or Powerslam.
  19. Silky Kisser

    Chippy Tea

    It was very nice in all honesty. I'm in France, and whilst my misses and her family opted for Muscles and snails, I thought I'd better fly the UKFF flag. Salad was awesome, too!
  20. I remember vividly where I first read about insider terms and it blew my mind. Anyone remember this?
  21. The fish looks lovely, and so do the chips. Why they have felt the need to put the chips in a frying basket is beyond me. There also appears to be quite a lot of salad on that plate, which has been imprisoned in a red cabbage leaf. I do like the plate though. Had this been served to you on a plank or a board I may well have smashed my phone.
  22. Xpac talks about it on his podcast this week, and how much he hated the 123 Kid name, he just wanted to be The Kid. But now none of us look back at how shit a name it was, cause he delivered in ring and that’s what makes a name acceptable is your performance
  23. I didn't realise there was a thread for these. Good call. I've mentioned it elsewhere but the Montreal one is essential viewing just for Jim Cornette's story. Describing himself pitching the Sharpshooter spot, but never in a million years thinking it would happen, then shitting his pants when he saw it happening on the monitor and running out of the building, clocking the Hebners doing the same. So funny. Is this what Jim is like on his podcast? I thought he was just a miserable moaner? He was wildly entertaining here.
  24. Any idea how I can watch these? All three of my bowsers on PC and my PS4 just display a black screen on the Viceland site. Do I need a Firefox plugin or something? EDIT - Sorted. I did indeed need a Firefox plugin.
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