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  2. On the talk of low averages I know a fellow Michael McCloskey who went to Q School and myself and others who know him were laughing at him doing so with a 60 average. I think for some they see it as just a very high priced open event though, the chance to rub shoulders with a few names and tell people they played someone famous or went to Q School.
  3. Did Shida stiff someone and piss them off recently or something because she seems to be going really light with all her strikes atm, they look far shitter than I remember.
  4. Steiner looked in awful shape I felt and it was hard to watch. Even putting his left arm up for a tag looked genuinely a stretch for him. Really enjoyed the show once again and I find myself looking forward to the next weeks show every week. Hard Times looks good as well.
  5. Some start to the last leg that was from Leung. 140,100,180. Just hope he actually uses his tour card unlike Royden Lam. I think Lisa will get a tour card. A good run into the last 16 in the next couple of days will do her good. 12 points is the target. An uninspiring bunch but a couple of them will probably get a card. James Richardson, a man who just looks like he can’t wait for Brexit, being the most likely. He would’ve kept his card if he’d beaten big Hendo at the worlds.
  6. That makes it the best Bad Boys sequel then. I actually got a real kick out of it, one of those it was just the dumb fun I needed kind of film today. Martin Lawrence's plasticine head is hypnotic.
  7. Funny you should mention that. She was practicing something along those lines earlier this week. https://twitter.com/beapriestley/status/1215915285410189312?s=21
  8. Oh absolutely, Lukaku is still a bloody good striker for sure, but he was definitely unwanted at United. I was very careful using that word rather than 'reject', which applies to Ashley Young. The word 'reject' definitely doesn't apply to Giroud, either. The World Cup and Puskas award winning handsome bastard.
  9. Quite a story today with Lisa Ashton powering through (almost) everyone only to fall 5-4 at the final hurdle to Kai Fan Leung who was probably the worst player she could have got in the final four as he was on fire all day with a 100+ average in one game and another couple of 90+ efforts to go with it. She should be well placed to get in on the four day totting up rule for the final 12 (i think?) places if she has a half decent final two days. Bit of a lottery given the short format and random draw but i've kept a fleeting eye on it off and on between work; Richie Edhouse looked pretty solid and steady and a few of the more familiar older names sniffing about - Andy Hamilton, James Richardson and Alan Tabern. From memory i think 10 points and equal tied over the four days was enough to nick the final spot last year.
  10. Funnily enough she's now teaming with Hayter in Stardom (despite them being in different factions) and I wouldn't be shocked if they win the tag belts in the future. Hopefully she's booted out of Queen's Quest (faction founded by Io Shirai) sooner rather than later.
  11. The Danis fight is off next week's Bellator card due to injury. His MMA career just aint happening is it.
  12. Ah this is a shame, probably best known for Heartbeat but his comedy work on Yes Minister et al was sublime
  13. Premier League Brighton & Hove Albion 1-0 Aston Villa Norwich City 1-0 Bournemouth Southampton 2-2 Wolverhampton Wanderers West Ham United 1-2 Everton Newcastle United 0-2 Chelsea Liverpool 2-1 Manchester United Scottish Cup Round 4 Partick Thistle 1-3 Celtic Dundee United 1-2 Hibernian French Cup Round 10 Gonfreville 0-3 Lille (2pm) Athlético Marseille 1-3 Rennes
  14. harlow2


    Does anyone actually trade DVDs on here anymore Ideally looking for nwa The new version roh ott Progress
  15. Nope and Nope. Firstly, it's been popular since the N64 days when there was only 12 characters and they were all first party Nintendo characters. I'd say it hit new peaks when Melee came out, which is still played at Evo yearly and has a big competition circuit; Melee only having 26 characters with none of them being 3rd party either. Admittedly now it's more of (as Sakurai put it the other day) "A celebration of video games" but it's not massive because of that, as it's been one of Nintendo's flagship games for two decades, and that's also looking to dismiss the fact it's an incredibly fun game regardless of how many franchises are in it. Secondly, it's changed pretty much every game that's came out, whether that's entirely new mechanics, modes, tech or features, the game just keeps adding more and more and the changes can be so drastic sometimes it has people dedicated to playing older version, e.g Melee. No offence to you Onyx, but people who call Smash boring are generally people I find have either barely played it, or have played it alone when it's a multiplayer game. If I'm wrong then I guess it's down to your personal taste. Just mashing buttons won't get you anywhere because it's a fighting game, similarly to how most fighting games work. Mashing and not learning how the game works will only get you so far, and it's shite to dismiss such a fun, content-filled and fantastic franchise because you were shit at it and never bothered to learn it.
  16. That's exactly it - everything she does feels like it's what she thinks a heel wrestler would do, rather than anything that comes naturally to her. Everything feels forced and mechanical, and then she peppers it with spots far too ambitious for her ability. When you see her booked on the same card as Jamie Hayter, who does basically everything Bea does but with confidence, you realise quite how bad she is.
  17. Grasso/Gadelha is off because Grasso came in nearly 6lbs overweight again.
  18. This must have been pasted here before but it was new to me:
  19. I really wish I could give a shit about Bea, she looks like a superstar but then she wrestles and does what she thinks a heel should but it seems so forced and cartoony.
  20. “Tag Team Wrestling!” - yep, for the match that’s been a no-Tag spotfest for the last 5 minutes. Fuck off Full Sail
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