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  2. I’ve been busy, but I’m going to binge watch the other series again before I dig in to the new one. Fam.
  3. Ralphy


    only just noticed i forgot to mention where they are 69p, they are that price in heron foods
  4. Not sure how reliable Pro Wrestling Sheet are, but according to them Heyman was running Raw this week, with no Vince, Dunn or HHH around.
  5. Currently playing hitman on xbox one and I'm so fucking impressed and into the game I've already bought hitman 2 last week while in town.... It's such a good mix of different situations and ways to go through each level that its impossible to not be immersed in the game...however fuck marakesh and whoever came up with that hell on earth level
  6. I got a job at an Odeon by pretending Casablanca was my favourite film, you gotta know your audience. 12 hour shifts every Saturday and Sunday was my reward.
  7. the backstage interviews reminds me of the old ecw ones however the only thing missing was pulp fiction tune playing over it.
  8. If you think it's all a work, or he's making it up to profit then thats fine, but you don't need to mention it every second post on this thread. I think it's disgusting what happened to him. Bodom, Quildan and to a lesser extent Sha should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. and the former blackballed from the scene, and I don't particularly think anyone should go to any Quildan promoted shows, because giving him money just seems incredibly stupid.
  9. Vince should have screwed Shawn Michaels in Montreal. 😢 (@King Pitcos)
  10. So, McGregor vs Gaethje? Who would like to see that? I know I would. I actually think that if we seen the Conor who fought Eddie Alvarez (I know that's a big if these days) that he could potentially make Gaethje look rather silly and beat him within two rounds.
  11. Actually, he is hard. When a child sends him nudes. Rock hard!
  12. The HHH and Kurt Angle feud should have led to Stephanie McMahon leaving HHH for Kurt Angle. It was the first time in a while, around that time, that it felt like they made a serious mis-step, and I still feel it cost them dearly - people were up for the next major development, and instead, it reverted back to the status quo. It was like the 'Higher Power' storyline, where the reveal was just back to what they'd been doing for a while. People were itching to cheer HHH, and while he'd been a dastardly heel, his long-standing protective nature around Stephanie meant the sympathy was there for him to turn babyface. And Angle was exactly right as the sneaky dickhead who was hilarious to watch. At the time, I knew a bunch of women who were really into the storyline who were really turned off by the ending - while that's obviously anecdotal, I reckon they hit on something strong with the storytelling and then struck out with an audience they'd been growing that they just hadn't had before. Over the decades, their inability to move storylines progressively, and their reliance on the same names has really hurt them.
  13. Decent little card in my opinion that has snuck up on us somewhat due to the great fights we've had of late. Obviously I'll be rooting for big Paul Craig, but I don't hold out much hope. I think he could have done with looking into training camps in the US with more established coaches to be honest, because as great as the guys are that got him here, Coatbridge isn't exactly a hotbed of MMA talent. Calderwood has come on leaps and bounds since she decided to make the move from Scotland to Montreal, and I think Craig will look back on it as an opportunity squandered to be honest. The main event should be a decent fight, Jeremy Stephens, despite being a complete prick by some accounts, is always exciting to watch.
  14. Today
  15. Here's an idea. Just don't donate? If you believe it to be a bit off then simply don't take part. In all honesty, reading you constantly banging on about it actually makes me want to start up a fund for donations to pay your internet provider to cut you off.
  16. If questioning a bloke who got the shit kicked out of him on camera, and in front of hundreds of witnesses, because he hasn't shown you a fucking x-ray or medical certificate doesn't fit your definition of victim shaming, I'd love to know what does.
  17. If questioning a bloke asking for donations as he isn’t able to work due to unproven injuries and then less then a week later coming out and saying “cheers for the dosh, I’ve got a full time job now” whilst also getting paid to do podcasts talking about the incident is sickening victim shaming then you need to get out more.
  18. Ours recently replaced B&J with Baskin Robins. You create your own Sundae with two different scoops, hot fudge, nuts and whipped cream for about £4. It’s our new go to
  19. Can't abide those Halo Tops which is a shame for my waistline, although not my wallet. The big daddy of ice creams can be found at the cinema Ben & Jerry's - one scoop of One Love and one scoop of either Cherry Garcia or Birthday Cake.
  20. I think it's done. There's been no new episodes for months now
  21. Fuck off Edler you fat cunt. You aint hard either so wind your fucking neck in.
  22. For me, if a film has been filmed using IMAX camera's I would definitely pay the up charge. Sometimes film's are "formatted for IMAX" and those I wouldn't rush to, unless it was a film I was really looking forward to.. But, Bigger screen, better sound, better projection. It's a no brainer.
  23. your victim shaming is sickening. it's almost as bad as you posting news that is recycled from other sources.
  24. Why didn't they give Cody and Trips a clipboard each while they were at it? Fuck sake.
  25. Have they purposely made the NXT side look like a bunch of dweebs or is that how it is now? Even the Bucks looks more intimidating there.
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