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  2. Lewis Gregory over TRJ in the Ashes 16. He's averaging 10.25 in July with the ball.
  3. There’s a reason why the merlin parks are all offering an annual pass for buying a 1 day ticket. They need major reforms
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  5. At it's core it's actually a fair idea. Some super secret military base everyone thinks is full of alien secrets, could be worth a look. They'll all be shot to death, mind you.
  6. Deary me. Now, if Sonnen or even McGregor made these statements we would know they were trolling. But I can actually believe that Tito is really this delusional. Bless him.
  7. Went to Thorpe Park today, it was horeshit. We were there for four hours and managed to get on two rides, we called it a day when, for the third time that day, the ride we were queuing for broke down. First ride we went on was the Walking Dead indoor rollercoaster which has nothing to do with the TV show other than the theme music playing while you queue, it was alright but not worth the hour queue - this included the first breakdown but as we were so close to the front we decided to wait. Second ride was Stealth - basically shoots you up a vertical track and down the other side. This was fun but it lasted all of 15 seconds (behave), wouldn’t queue for another 80 mins. The place was absolutely rammed, far too busy for the size of the park and the number of rides. On our way out I decided that I wanted to make a complaint. Normally I don’t give enough of a shit to complain but I felt completely ripped off. Almost £40 a ticket to stand in a queue for hours. Spoke to some ditsy manager at the ticket office who I gave up with in less time than the Stealth ride but my better half persisted. The manager proudly told us that the park was averaging 5 rides per head for a days visit and that it was actually our fault for not getting on more rides because we didn’t get to the park till an hour and a half after opening. Average queue time today was only 70 mins!!! How could I not be having fun? Anyway, we left and now I can’t remember if I ever liked theme parks.
  8. I haven't watched a full episode of WWE TV since pre-Mania but just going off consensus and what I can imagine really annoying me if I was tuning in, surely the wildcard has to go down as one of their all-time worst ideas? Not seen any argument in favour of it. And I suspect most of the other contenders for that title would have been ditched fairly quickly, rather than this that's just obliterated at least 6 months worth of TV. They've got to sort it out with a proper draft after Summerslam, but probably won't. As an aside, I remember in 2016 people complaining about PPVs happening too often (because they were mandatory viewing, apparently), but I think the single-brand PPV model works way better than what they're doing at the moment. They have too many wrestlers to do it this way. Two 2.5 hour single brand shows per month > one 4 hour slog that will still have people going "where's [NXT call-up #339]?" despite them having already crammed 83 matches onto the card.
  9. Ah you're getting it hacked. Of course.
  10. It plays all have GameCube games when hacked, mines set up with all the old Tony Hawk's playing off the gamepad. You can also set up any DS game on it too with multiple screen setups.
  11. I don't mind a few rpw guys in matches but need to be out of title matches. I just can't think of an rpw team that could even convince me of them having a chance of winning. They need to have big names in singles matches, their mk show last year didn't have that, although the Altrincham show had a couple.
  12. Thought they’d been stealing character names from Taggart but remembered that was actually R. MICHAEL TURNSUPDEED.
  13. Ooh Parasol Stars. Boo no PC Engine Batman.
  14. I can’t believe how purposeless Smackdown feels right now. Up until the draft/wildcard rule it was a show I consistently enjoyed. In its current form it’s just...dull.
  15. The full lineup for the PC Engine Mini has been announced. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.gamespot.com/amp-articles/turbografx-16-mini-pre-orders-are-live-for-prime-d/1100-6468394/
  16. Wonderful 101. Wii U isn't backwards compatible with Gamecube disks, only the games you can download through the virtual console.
  17. That was almost as bad as Tim White’s effort. They done a decent job of editing it on the highlights.
  18. Call centre work is a goldmine for comedy names but my favourite that I ever spoke to was a lady named Mrs Heather Leather.
  19. Assume everyone’s waiting for them to finish that stunner before commenting on the show.
  20. Jaws was open for about 3 months or so before they had to practically rebuild the whole thing. Amazing how few attractions it had upon opening really
  21. After reading about how easy it is to hack, I've picked up a cheap Wii U, it's pretty cool! I haven't really had a Nintendo console since the cube (an ex had a Wii but I think I only bought a few Resis for it) so plenty to catch up on. The second screen looks ideal for playing some GC/older games, too. Mario Galaxy and the Metroid Prime trilogy will be immediately up in this bitch as soon as my Wiimote arrives. I've got most of the big hitters (and No More Heroes) in my sights to try, but less obvious recommendations are welcomed!
  22. The boy who cried scoopz.
  23. What a stupid name.
  24. If I had to pick anyone it would be Claxton. But even he has a rough draw. To win he'll have to beat Sanchez, the winner of Curran/Borlics, the winner of the top quarter (which is relatively weaker than the other quarters), and then the winner of the second half (which will probably be either Pitbull, McKee, or Caldwell). Edit: Huh, I was incorrect. The tournament order is not fixed. In other news, Coker has said there is a possibility of a cross-promotion year-end show with Rizin at Saitama Super Arena. Coker has said that he'd like to book Fedor on the show if everything falls into place. A co-promotion show with legends like Fedor, Barnett, Rampage, mixed in with current greats like Horiguchi, and a few loony Japanese freakshows would certainly have my interest.
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