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  2. The seriousness of this can’t be overstated, it’s Trumpian and terrifying: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2020/sep/26/pm-offers-top-media-body-jobs-to-critics-of-bbc-say-reports This utter falsehood that the media has been overrun by left-wingers...I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but where are they? The main UK newspapers are almost all pro-Tory. Key news editors at the BBC have gone on to work for the Tories and one of those people has since gone on to set up GB News with another right-winger, Andrew Neil. It’s not a case of left vs right, it’s reality vs fiction. The BB
  3. They are awful, but I do think Alice is very attractive.
  4. Well, he sure did at the beginning. Practically jerking off in Kevin Kelly’s lap at the prospect of debuting in MSG to wrestle where his father had 10 years ago and his grandfather 20 years ago etc.
  5. Today
  6. 100% agree. When wrestlers talk like this they come across as fans and the mystique is destroyed. Has there ever been a money drawing wrestler who had this type of persona? Guys like The Rock, Austin, Goldberg, Hogan, Flair, Piper, Lesner, Savage, Sting, Road Warriors, Taker, Funk never gave that grateful just to have achieved their dream vibe.
  7. they still need to bring back lamb & mint.
  8. Watched Coco last weekend, It was good. So bright, and the music was fun. Very enjoyable.
  9. I'd probably go with the Megadrive or SNES mini if they're available, or do you mean a Raspberry Pi based system?
  10. There’s no 253 spoilers in this. Seems Dana’s not too pleased with McGregor posting screenshots of their texts. “Man code stuff”.
  11. Even hardcore fans can't be relied upon to give a shit when it comes down to their own support of a show. Case in point: this forum and WWE. You won't find many more hardcore fans of wrestling than those who post here, who are consequently among the first to know about every grotesque scandal the McMahons are involved in. Fists will be shaken in a thirty page topic about each one. But the weekly Raw thread and "best things to watch on WWE Network" remain active. I know I'm flogging a dead horse with that point but it seems relevant here. It's not just blissfully ignorant casuals
  12. The main card was confirmed last night and it’s a 6 fighter. So Calvillo vs Murphy is on the PPV. Like anyone gives a bollocks. Cracking main card aside from that though. And that’s even without the planned Ferguson vs Poirier scrap on there. According to Helwani, the UFC were trying to sort out a fight on this show for Michael Chandler this week but I guess they never got it done. He’s probably going to just stay in shape and hang about as the substitute if either Khabib or Gaethje drop out. No Zabit vs Yair either. That was being heavily rumoured for this card. I’ve seen peop
  13. You can now request a code through track and trace to put into the app if you've had a hospital test. CoviDLC if you like.
  14. Whether or not it’s been due to ongoing legal action, the story has finally made it onto the main page of BBC Sport - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/54180329
  15. Lesner was such an athletic jacked genetic freak he could have carried that moniker. https://images.app.goo.gl/1bAYL74YZM6PUm3k8
  16. Impeccable performance from Adesayna. Only question mark against him now is the gyno on his right tit!
  17. Yesterday
  18. Khongsong is in all sorts of bother. He lay flat on his back, rolled out the ring on to a stretcher and whistled past me on his way to the back of an ambulance. Absolutely horrifying shot that somehow was underserved by the TV cameras. Just didn't do the shot justice. Josh said afterwards that he felt the fellas ribs turn to mush. Had a chat with Terrance McCormack, and he reckons Josh is one of, if not the hardest body punchers he's ever worked with. Thought it was a good night. Thought Charlie showed his class against a decent fighter, despite there being a huge size diff
  19. That punch that looked like it barely landed seems to have destroyed all of Kongsongs internal organs. Devastating.
  20. favourite out of all those weird 90s Japan one offs or short runs is Doink in WAR
  21. Roman is so fucking great. He comes off as the biggest, and only, star in wrestling. Not just a geek pretending to be a wrestler. He seems real and he seems hard as fuck.
  22. Those fucking Purple Bricks adverts with the woman annoying Olympic athletes you probably haven't heard of via video call are fucking dreadful.
  23. Wales' Mason Jones becomes a 2 weight World Champ then and calls for a shot on Fight Island. I would love to see him get the call.
  24. I like the fight but Magny's a banana peel thats probably worth avoiding. If he could beat Magny it would be a decent scalp but no one ever really looks good against Neil Magny, the guys a nightmare.
  25. I think Neil Magny vs Khamzat is definitely the fight to make. If Magny wins he can say he derailed the hype train and try and move up the card and start claiming the UFC need to give him higher ranked opponents, if he loses he's still boring old Neil Magny who remains a constant feature in the top 10. If Khamzat wins he beats a veteran who is not on the slide at all and really cements himself as a top 10 guy.
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