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  2. yeh makes sense. We may see these Fight Island cards thin out because unless its like a situation above where two guys in the same division can match up, there is no chance of them getting last minute subs in like they have been doing in Vegas, fights will just be cancelled.
  3. Wicked. Both Danny Roberts and Shavkat Rakhmonov are off this card injured. Killing one of the fights I was most looking forward to on the show (Roberts vs Dalby) and Rakhmonov’s debut. Absolute bastard. With both cancelled fights being at Welterweight, I guess the logical move is to pair the opponents off so we’re probably getting Nicolas Dalby vs Ramazan Emeev now. Decent enough but underwhelming.
  4. Seth Rollins face turn in 2016 was weak and damaged him for a few months. He returned from knee injury and got a huge face reaction but they decided to go with him as Authority heel despite the there not really being one at that point. When they did go with him as a face due to Balor injury I assume, Triple H turns on him out of nowhere thus putting him as a face but without doing anything "good". They could've had a slow burn story of Seth going face but Trips/Steph being pally with him until HE decides to fuck them off and "be his own man" etc leading to the mania match. He got momentum eventually but it shouldn't have been that hard.
  5. That Big Show one. Still can’t believe they did it.
  6. First one that sprung to mind for some reason was Greg Valentine’s short babyface run in the WWF in 1991. Just nothing about laugh a minute Greg felt babyface. Ever. This one never actually happened but Rick Rude seemed to be turning babyface in WCW just before the back injury took him out in the spring of 94; I actually think I would’ve bought into it based on this clip. Rude as a good guy would be so weird after years of seeing him being the arrogant twat. But I’d love to have seen how the Rude vs Vader thing would’ve played out. Realistically though, it wouldn’t have really gone anywhere anyway given the timeframe. I think Bischoff said on the podcast once that Rude badly wanted the top face spot but with Hogan just about to come in and Sting still knocking about, Rude wouldn’t have got above #3 babyface behind those two at best. Then you had Savage coming in later in the year. It just wouldn’t have worked.
  7. I picked that Soundwave up the other day. It may be part of the MFT range you mentioned. At some point I will get hold of a Diaclone colours Ultra Magnus from the Masterpiece range.
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  9. Sting - going heel in Wcw for all of 2 minutes Goldberg - see above 2 baby faces you have to cheer! Never bought either them as a bad guy The other one tbat immediately comes to my mind was Perfect in 93. I just never bought him as a good guy, having spent spent the previous 3 years loving his heel persona. Angle when
  10. No it was great but the follow up was poor and he only really turned face because he hated shawn. Nothing else screamed face at all.
  11. We have a cottage booked in the Lakes for september, really hope we are not back in lockdown. Not keen on any holidays the involve flying for a good while mind. We have an apartment in the Algarve so will miss that but fuck it, cases are starting to creep up in the village out there.
  12. As long as you’re watching an Apatow film you’ll have at least 2 hours and 40 minutes to rustle one out.
  13. David

    Covid-19 Megathread

    I guess that's true. I'm going to leave mines until as late as possible before cancelling. Nothing to lose really in doing so.
  14. I think The Truman Show is a great film but I really struggle to watch it these days because I spend the whole time thinking about the logistics of all the extras in the town and it gives me a panic attack.
  15. As pointed out the image isnt a cover, but it's superb nonetheless Ditto this one of the very very many deaths of Optimus Prime Regarding toys, mainly sticking to the MFT Pocket Size at the moment as they are mainly great small versions of the G1 Cartoon robots. Have a Hot Soldiers Soundwave though and fancy the Goldbug/Bumblebee version. I'll add some pics if I get a chance I want the Weijang Predaking, and the DNA Susanoo ( pictured below) But funds will be an issue it is however amazing. Are you collecting anything at the moment?
  16. Wonder if there's any free agents doing the rounds who love puppies........?
  17. Nah, him running in and attacking Michaels at the end of that IYH was utterly thrilling. This 12 year old mark was fully into it being real.
  18. @Ronnie Cheers. I have a Hatchette sub. Just haven't got around to reading all of them. I was reading Titans Return 2 last night. Will dig the Regeneration 1 issues out next. This is happening
  19. Owen Harts supposed face turn on his return post Montreal. Just because he didn't like Michaels and DX. They didn't fully turn him and he was stuck in this middle ground. Miss Elizabeth's heel shtick in WCW was so phoney. I didn't but her being this bitch that spent all of Macho's money w Flair. She was always too sweet to be a bitch like that.
  20. When did Michaels start getting called "Mr Wrestlemania"? I felt like I only first noticed it some time around the mid 00s, possibly in the build up to his match with Kurt Angle at 21. His back catalogue is pretty good to be fair, even though I love how WWE like to make the Iron Match out as a classic whilst most fans find it as dull as dish water. Anyways, back to the topic. The Miz had a terrible run as one with Ric Flair as his manager/mentor back in 2013. It just didn't feel right at all and I couldn't get into it. There was also a spell around the earlier part of the noughties where Edge turned babyface onto just give up and turn heel again a week or two later.
  21. Needless to say, I had the last laugh.
  22. I've been watching action films whilst working from home to give me a bit of a distraction. Yesterday I decided to watch four of the Jurassic Park/ World films and watched the fifth this morning. Jurassic Park. It's a masterpiece isn't it? I've probably seen this a legitimate hundred times over the past 27 years. Also the only time that having parents going through a divorce was a positive as I got to see it three times in the cinema as a dinosaur-obsessed 8 year old. It's only flaw is the bit after the t-rex knocks the jeep off that big wall and the drop is suddenly not there any more when Ellie and Muldoon turn up searching for Grant and co. That's it, my one nit-pick of a two hour film. And that score, Jesus, it's perfect, and not just the main two themes that everybody knows. I catch myself humming along to the score more than I say the dialogue. The CGI is so tastefully and sparingly done and used in perfect partnership with the practical effects. Shit, even how it's lit catches my attention in a few scenes. Spielberg's second best film after Jaws. The Lost World: Jurassic Park. I'll always have a soft spot for this. I'll never forget being in the car when they announced in the radio they were making a sequel and after waiting seemingly forever for it come out went to see it on the first day of the school summer holidays.Yes, the San Diego bit descends in to cheesy monster movie territory and there's the awful gymnastics bit but it's made up for by the brilliant raptor attack in the long grass, the clifftop T-rex bit and Pete Postlethwaite being incredible. Not as good as the original but still bloody good fun. Jurassic Park III. I remembered really liking this, I remembered thinking that at points it was better than The Lost World. I was wrong, like, really fucking wrong. The pace at which they get to the dinosaur island can't be knocked, William H Macey is brilliant, as is Sam Neil if only for the sheer irony that his character is only being dragged back at the promise of loads of money. And that's about it. The CGI is fucking abysmal and the practical effects really take a backseat which really spoils it for me. During the initial Spinosaurus attack everything feels like it's sped up, it's like something Harryhausen would have done at times such is the clunkiness, albeit with zero of his charm. The raptors look crap aswell. This is also the obvious point were these films started to make the decision to put bigger and badder dinosaurs in each new film and it just feels like a generic monster film for it. Also this has arguably one of the worst endings to any film ever. Jurassic World. Another fond trip to the cinema to see this with my Mrs and kids but this time with my in-laws and late brother in-law. We were all buzzing as we left. Like The Lost World it's got it's flaws (the ending, lordy) but redeems itself with a few cracking set pieces. It's like The Force Awakens in that it's a bright and colourful rehash of the original and I have no issues with that. Id have happily had this as just two hours of walking around the park looking at stuff, the park looks STUNNING. The Indominous Rex is just the latest roided up over the top villain and again, there's a few great moments (the hunt with the raptors and motorbikes) but it's all building up to another CGI dino-battle and the inevitable T-Rex face turn. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. What's that? Another souped up hybrid dinosaur? Fucks sake. The pattern of the sequels is solidified here- over-the-top monster, a handful of genuinely brilliant set pieces with a load of shit packed in between. The opening is still one of the best sequences in the whole franchise and such a great way to kick the movie off but the convoluted plot of "oh, we built a dinosaur park under a volcano" brings you down to earth pretty quick. Ted Levine is this film's Postlethwaite and steals every scene he's in wheras the two nerdy ones whose names I can't even be arsed to Google try their best to stink the place up. Everything stays pretty flat until the chase in the mansion which I'll admit in the cinema gave me the same buzz as watching the kitchen scene in the original as a kid. I really hope we get full-on dinosaurs taking over cities in the next one.
  23. Been scanning some negatives from the medium format camera (to avoid doing other work) Really can't beat the look of film, although it will always be a pain in the arse to shoot with.
  24. I just put on an episode of Shotgun Saturday night from February 1997. Todd Pettengill opens up, screaming at me like a coked up version of Michael Cole. He spots Paul Bearer off to the side, and Vader half in clothes, half in wrestling gear, is looking in a bin for Mankind, while Bearer is crying out for Old Mick to appear. Mankind then, randomly wanders out of an alleyway across the street, also half in his gear and half in regular clothes. I assume he was taking a piss, or trying to find a spare slice of pizza or something. Anyway, Mankind can't wait to get inside because of all the "loud music, the women and the sex". Imagine being in a night club in New York on that night, and those four fuckers walk in, masks on, urn and cock in hand, smelling like they've done a lying week in a dump. No doubt they probably had their bum bags on and MC hammer's moon pants too.
  25. Premier League Leicester City 0-0 Crystal Palace Manchester United 3-0 Bournemouth Wolves 2-2 Arsenal Chelsea 3-1 Watford Burnley 1-0 Sheffield United Newcastle United 1-1 West Ham United Liverpool 2-0 Aston Villa Southampton 1-2 Manchester City Serie A Lazio 2-1 AC Milan w/MVP RULZ Napoli 0-1 Roma
  26. Later this month. There isn't any point, it's not going to be anywhere near the holiday we originally envisaged when we booked, and for quite a lot of money for us.
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