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  2. Nothing official yet, but there's hope.
  3. Its a terrible stable which makes no sense led by one of the worst acts in wrestling.
  4. I didn't mind them, but there was something about the aftertaste. The marmalade ones from the same range were pretty poor
  5. Trump was trailing slightly in the polls pre-debate and really needed a big win, but he didn't get it. His base (who will vote for him anyway) probably thought he was being alpha, but everyone else saw how annoying, tiresome and obnoxious he was. Biden didn't completely shit the bed either, slapped him back a few times but missed quite a few openings too. He didn't keel over, that's a win Jack! I was disappointed Biden didn't have a better strategy dealing with Trump (no easy feat), he was just as obnoxious in the Hillary debates, they've had years to prepare. I think its too late to chan
  6. Despite detesting Christmas Pudding, I will try these as I like a novelty product, but their Cherry Bakewell efforts recently were probably the worst biscuit I have ever tasted. Vile shit.
  7. me venturing into on-topic for the first time in about two months and seeing that there's a wrestling is / isn't a sport debate happening
  8. Border's Viennese chocolate whirls are splendid, and great dunkers too.
  9. These will either be amazing or utterly shit. Asda did Mince Pie cookies in the bakery which were amazing, but McVitties can be hit and miss with the flavours I find
  10. I shall be visiting Sainsbury's tomorrow morning on my way back from the school run, so shall see if they have any of those. I like dark chocolate, and I like ginger, so this bodes well.
  11. Have they tried a big sign saying "You Are Now Entering Syria" to confuse migrants into turning back?
  12. Likewise. My favourites are their Belgian Chocolate Chip ones, but I also love their Butterscotch Crisp ones. But it's quite disturbing how moreish they are - I have found myself finishing a box while watching one TV programme, then looking at the empty carton and thinking "Did I finish them that quickly?"
  13. I love Borders biscuits
  14. Biden is only a couple of years older than Trump.
  15. These are delicious and currently on offer at Sainsbury's. Having said that they're probably a bit sophisticated for the palate of the average UKFFer who prefers to bulk buy dirt cheap garbage from shops I've never heard of.
  16. "Blue* Sky**" *Crack **Pipe We'll show those asylum seekers by giving them the full Broxbourne Lido treatment.
  17. Biden isn't winning. Even if he had a shot, he's too old. Get ready for 4 more years of The Don. I wish America the best.
  18. It's my 11th Wedding Anniversary next month. So I concur.
  19. Yeah, but sex will just be something in our minds and won't involve any physical contact. So, for some of us things will remain reassuringly consistent.
  20. I really feel with the political attitudes in America, and the lack of gun controls, whoever wins we're going to see full blown riots. I should be concerned, but frankly, it will end up with America looking like the world seen in Demolition Man. We know Taco Bell will survive after winning the fast food war, so other then the three seashells, bring it on.
  21. The two player Goose Game update is so much fun. Admittedly the kids haven't let me have a go yet, but it's sublime. HONK HONK!!!
  22. By that rational, martial arts forms and display teams aren't a sport.
  23. Thanks for the tip.. Will try it out but the maze itself wasn't the issue but rather just getting the angling on flipping the ball in the air.
  24. The weirdest thing about the USA is their constant terror of anything resembling socialism. It's got to the point now where even the most simple basic improvements the government could make to improve people's lives and it's immediately shouted down as far left radical liberal socialism that'll destroy America and their "freedoms". It's all they ever seem to talk about. A German newspaper article said that "Donald Trump has been elected as President" is basically the first line of the epilogue of America and it's hard to disagree.
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