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  2. England Is Mine This was pretty decent, and serves as a bit of a Morrissey Hour and a Half, rather than a minute (TM @Keith Houchen), the performances are fine, but do not expect The Smiths:The Biopic as this is absolutely not that at all. Seems like the sort of thing that would be a BBC2 drama, but that's no bad thing. The Mummy Fucking HELL. Why I have never seen this before, I will never ever know. This was a superb romp, just really delightful. Despite being distracted by Rachel Weisz's eyebrows in the first 10 minutes (until they clearly watched the dailies and someone had a word), this was relentless fun throughout. Fraser is excellent, Weisz is great, Hannah's great, they're all great. Maybe if I watch all of these over the years, I'll never have to watch Indiana Jones and the Crystal Bollocks ever again. Mental that I've spent the last 20 years thinking Billy Zane played The Mummy though. Can't wait to watch the other two, but may not bother with The Scorpion King.
  3. The discworld stuff was never going to. The influence of Neil Gaiman will definitely help. The 2 leads are pretty good as well.
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  5. The results of the actual matches went into the opening post on Monday night, and after the table was worked out, the outcomes of the FPL Cup ties went in a couple of hours later. Despite a typically high-scoring international round with an average haul of 10.23 points, there was no movement in the main standings and no outright top scorer. Briefcase leads by 6, and, since The Maestro has dropped out, Rory is adrift by 10. Worst performer this time out was Glenryck on 6 points. In the Cup groups, the order after the penultimate set of matches was confirmed. The top two in Group A were difficult to separate. On head-to-head record, ultimo would finish in front, but Shy Dad scored more in his 7 matches, 64 to 56 (and is also in front on alphabetical order). The quarter-final line-up is therefore as follows: Briefcase v TildeGuy Glenryck Pilchards v ultimo the great Grecian v Stinky Dad Vegeta v Shy Dad As for the games: only the five-goal thriller in Holland seemed to catch people out, with the comfortable home victory for El Salvador also proving less easy to guess beforehand. Nobody managed the exact scoreline from the England win, but successes for Norn Iron, the Republic, Scotland, Wales, Ghana, South Africa and Haiti all proved fruitful in their own way.
  6. The trailer didn’t do a lot to convince me but I’ll remain hopeful for Good Omens. I think it’s probably true that he just doesn’t translate to screen but maybe that’s why the Watch series for BBC America is going to be new stories.
  7. Stanley and Simmons never did anything that could compare to Peter Criss in Oz
  8. But he did a not quite shit quarter hour on WWECW that time against Kozlov, how dare they not consider him for a push. Seriously though, how Dreamer has managed to have the career he has is beyond me.
  9. Jeremy Renner is always superb, I wish that guy would get more credit.
  10. A stalwart of midlands two tone. Always wished he'd be on a Jonathan Ross chat show.
  11. The bit about Batista recently realising Evolution was set up for Hunter to keep the belt was very odd. Partly because the other week they made a point of how this was real SHOOT HEAT and not about wrestling characters, and partly because their 2005 feud was all about Batista noticing that Evolution was all about HHH keeping the belt. It was a flat show that gave me lots of negative feelings. The shoehorning in of real life stuff to all the WrestleMania builds doesn't make it more immersive, it just renders everything silly. Becky doing her rebel routine pandering to the "don't tell me who to like, Vince, you're not my real dad" crowd rings very hollow at this point, but fair play to her, she carries herself with the absolute confidence of a star and comes across as one, with more presence than anyone on the show besides Reigns and Charlotte. Ronda, of course, is the biggest star on the show, but her absurd hardman walk, angry-nervous promos and "oh this is one of your gay fake gimmicks" stuff is weak, although the beat the clock challenge really was a bullshit gimmick on this show. McIntyre's "Joe the man got cancer and has kids, I'm evilll" bullshit is no better. Triple H and Batista is a mess. Kurt Angle still doesn't look like he knows what's going on. He's been like that the entire time he's been back in WWE, and for years in TNA. At some point in the last ten years or so, his eyes went mental and vacant and never returned to normal. He did as well as could be expected of him now though. It's mad how quickly the women's tag belts have become forgettable, but then, Bayley and Sasha are complete shite. The Iiconics are great at the pre-match bit, but they're gonna struggle once the bell rings. Nia, Tamina, Natalya and Beth Phoenix are wastes of time. None of these eight should be near a WrestleMania card. The titles would be showcased better being presented to a decent team (which I suppose is just the Riott Squad, or Mandy and Sonya at a push) in a thirty-second backstage skit. But despite the negativity about the build, I still think the big matches look cracking on paper. Once HHH and Big Dave get out there, the shooty bollocks won't matter and they'll hopefully deliver, looking more at Goldberg vs Lesnar than HHH's last two singles matches at Mania. Kofi getting his big shot is gonna be a great moment. Rollins and Brock should be lovely. Charlotte's one of the best wrestlers in the world and Ronda and Becky can hold up their end of a big match, so the main event should be a safe bet to be a corker. The spotlight's on, they'll surely choreograph the fuck out of it to work out the kinks. My favourite thing on the show was actually the Finn Balor match. I was not expecting to derive any enjoyment from him facing Lashley (again) and Jinder (again), but it was kept short and sweet and made great use of the little lackeys. Loads of fun, one of my favourite Balor matches and must be my favourite Jinder match. Finn seemed like an awesome babyface rather than the bland moveset guy he often comes across as. I hope the Mania match is similar - Finn can come down in his Papa Lazarou outfit, have a mad spot with Lio Rush, and beat Lashley in about two to three minutes and I'll be happy. Corbin's fairly good at playing the dick and there's potential there for him to get massive heat. In NXT a few times, they capitalised on it well. On the main roster, he's come on a long way, but it's hard to see him ever getting that heat. His smug, laid-back performance would be great if the writing prolonged him getting his comeuppance, but he gets battered and humiliated all the time so instead he's just a dull monotone heel who doesn't give much of a shit either way. Alexa Bliss is superb! She has this horrible, twisted, inauthentic smile the whole time and I love it. I'm excited for Elias' concert at Mania. Got to be leading to an appearance from Rock, Undertaker or Cena.
  12. Tag Third act let it down but had some funny moments and some genuine sweetness. Jeremy Renner was superb and Isla Fisher did her unhinged woman bit.
  13. Is he coming back as a nu metal singer from 2004?
  14. He was good fun in his WWE run, but I thought he was unwatchable in ECW. Tommy Dreamer is another good shout actually. Fucking horrible wrestler, horrible promo.
  15. Sandy is vastly underrated and forgotten as a heel too. He was an absolute bastard in his role in getting Dreamer over as a babyface.
  16. Sandman is charismatic as hell. Not a shitarse.
  17. Are there any plans for DAZN to launch in the UK? Is it possible to subscribe over here or is it Geo blocked?
  18. Odds on his debut performance being shite and his fans crying ‘he had the air conditioning on too high in his hotel room the night before so he came in with a nasty case of the sniffles. If the REAL Cain showed up it’d have got 12 stars off Dave Meltzer.’
  19. Sandman is a great one actually Can't remember any of his promos Didn't look like a wrestler - awful physique, basically casual attire Couldnt wrestle Was either always drunk, high or both Basically all he had was a rousing entrance! And...... Became a hero in ECW, got a decent paid run in wcw, a run in wwe and a short stint in tna. Not bad going for basically a pisshead in baggy pants.
  20. Hopefully this new style is part of a repackage or something
  21. New tough enough type series Rogue to Wrestler stsrts on BBC Scotland at ten.
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