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  2. Managed four minutes of the first episode. Annoying kids, terrible acting, muffled/rushed dialogue (missed a fair few lines because they were nigh on impossible to decipher), awful "jokes" and shockingly bad continuity/editing. Great job, everyone involved.
  3. Bacons Forgotten Rashers Part 3 (No one cares but it's forcing me to write everyday which is helpful) Aesop Rock-No Regrets Someone once said to me that Aesop Rock says abstract things and uses lots of words in his verses because he can and wants to be too clever for most people. This is absolute bollocks. Whilst he may be an incredibly verbose and dense rapper (I need to look up his lyrics all the time as I don't get a lot of the pop culture references), he is one that rewards repeated listens as you unravel the thick wordplay and try to make sense of it. Sometimes I like Lil Fame shouting gun noises, sometimes I like to hear someone say "Jiggy-jabberjaw vitamin idol and primal rages When bible page verse tidal waves begun" He ain't for everyone but he reminds me of a time when I was getting into the "backpack" shit, and going off to hip hop nights in London every week and all that good stuff. This is probably his most accessible song, a story of an introverted artist looking through her life. Blockhead (a very underrated producer) blesses this beat as well. Includes the lines: "Look I've never had a dream in my life, because a dream is what you wanna do but still haven't pursued, I knew what I wanted and did it until it was done, so I've been the dream that I wanted to be since day one" which is one of my favourite things ever, and the album Labor Days is an underground classic. Could put every track off it in here, it's that good.
  4. Slightly different tack, but something mentioned in the NWA thread: Eddie Kingston really doesn't look or sound like he belongs there. His overall character is just so out of keeping with the retro, family-friendly aesthetic; he looks, behaves, and sounds more like he should be in MLW or AEW. The only way he might fit in is if he was portrayed as being the "dangerous" or "edgy" guy on the roster, but he's just put across as an urban tough guy. It's massively out of place because the other tough guy characters are all comparatively toned down in terms of language and mannerism.
  5. Ha, look at young Chael in the middle there. Always loved stealing the limelight, that one. #40 - Matt Lindland vs Phil Baroni 1 - UFC 34 - Nov 2nd 2001 Right then. I’m hoping to bang these out more regularly now. This is an old favourite of mine. The Lindland vs Baroni rivalry was one I got caught up in early into my MMA fandom. I saw the fights after the fact, I think I even saw them in the wrong order, but I loved every bit of this odd clash. In Lindland you had the reserved and laid back type from Oregon. He didn’t talk shit, didn’t do anything flashy. Just went about his business. He was a highly accomplished wrestler and had won the silver at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. He’d got into MMA in 1997 and gone 5-0 over the next few years as part of Team Quest along with Randy Couture and Dan Henderson. Quite a squad at the time. This was also the team that produced a young man named Chael Sonnen, although he wasn’t on the radar just yet. Baroni was the polar opposite to Lindland in pretty much every single way. From fighting style to personality. Whereas Lindland was all business and didn’t go in for all the theatrics, Baroni was all about that. He was a showman, at a time when MMA wasn’t really heaving with them. He’d turned pro in 2000 and quickly gone 3-0. So Lindland vs Baroni 1 got made. Like I said, at 5-0 and 3-0 respectively, it was early in both men’s MMA careers. It was just another prelim. Matt Lindland vs Phil Baroni UFC 34: High Voltage November 2nd 2001 Las Vegas, Nevada Both unbeaten. Someone’s O’s gotta go and all that carry on. “I’ve been breaking the law my whole life. Tonight’s not gonna be no different.” - Phil Baroni Lindland’s nickname was ‘The Law’, you see! Baroni has Tito Ortiz working his corner. There’s a meeting of minds. Commentary team is Mike Goldberg and Jeff Osborne. Completely forgot Osborne ever existed. Round 1: Lindland’s got him clinched against the fence within seconds but it’s far from boring. It’s about as aggressive a clinch against the fence battle you’ll ever see. Lindland’s kneeing the legs, Baroni is constantly trying to punch anywhere he can. Baroni is defending the takedown really well and briefly has a guillotine choke on but it’s not to be. Lindland escapes and from there it’s Takedown City. He takes over big time and proper lays into Baroni with a series of knees from a front facelock. More knees, just relentless with them. But Baroni tags him a few times and puts a stop to that. Last minute now and Baroni drops him! He needed that. Ground and pound from the New York Badass to end the round. Tough one to score because Lindland was winning at least 3 or 4 minutes of the round. But Baroni started and finished the round strong and had that knockdown. I actually think I had Baroni nicking it, so 10-9 for the NYBA. Round 2: Lindland is so awkward and uncoordinated any time they’re standing and striking and Baroni clips him a couple of times. But it doesn’t matter now as Lindland gets a big takedown and he’s straight into side control. Bad for Baroni with 4 minutes left on the clock. It’s just ground and pound all the way here. They wind up back on the feet in the last minute and Lindland actually lands a few punches before sealing the round with another takedown. Lindland 10-9, easy. Possibly 10-8. We see a young and fresh faced Chael Sonnen in the corner of Lindland between rounds. So Chael and Tito in opposite corners as far back as 2001. Who knew Bellator would be booking that mess 16 years later? Round 3: Lindland with a left hand. His kicks are woeful. Like, embarrassingly bad. Cro Cop he ain’t. What he’s doing is effective here though as he’s got Baroni’s back already, just a minute into the round. Baroni survives but now Lindland has the mount. More ground and pound. Elbows and knees to the body from side control. Just total dominance. Somehow Baroni winds up on top briefly but Lindland hits an awesome headlock sweep to regain top position. That was impressive! But Lindland lands an illegal knee to the head on the ground and Big John McCarthy restarts them on the feet with less than a minute left. Baroni is nailing him with a barrage of punches. Lindland is all over the place, he’s badly rocked. He manages to hang on and gets one final takedown right on the buzzer. Again, tough to score because Lindland dominated most of the round but Baroni nearly had him out of there at the end. I had it for Lindland but I’m not sure whether a point was deducted for that illegal knee. So I’ve got it either 10-9 Lindland or a 9-9 round. Winner - Matt Lindland by majority decision. Cracking fight that. I think I had it a draw but there was so much going on that it was one of those fights that could be all over the gaff score wise. Baroni had the big moments that stick out more but I thought Lindland was clearly the better man over the course of the fight as a whole. There was a bit of bad blood after that first fight. Of course, Baroni felt he won and he didn’t mind letting everyone know what he thought of the decision and Lindland. “I’m embarrassed that this guy has a win over me. It was my fault. I mean, look at him. How am I gonna take a guy that looks like Woogie from Something About Mary serious? I’m takin’ this guy out. I hate this guy. I’m gonna hurt him bad. The only reason anyone knows him is because he fought me. Nobody cares about him. I’m gonna hit him and forget him.” - Phil Baroni 😂 Baroni had bounced back from the loss to Lindland with knockouts over Amar Soloev and Dave Menne. The Menne finish was fucking ruthless. That KO was actually one of the first bits of UFC footage I ever saw. I was channel surfing late one night and caught it on an episode of Unleashed on Bravo. Just recall thinking Baroni was a fucking psycho. I was still digesting the KO and then seeing this mad roidy fucker jumping on the cage and screaming “I’M THE FUCKIN’ MAN. I’M THE BEST EVAH! EVAH!” into the camera over and over certainly left an impression on me. Lindland wasn’t impressed though. “When you’re the man you don’t have to yell it. Everybody knows you’re the man. You don’t have to scream. He’s too emotional. This sport is not about emotion.” - Matt Lindland Anyway, they had their rematch at UFC 41 in February 2003. Lindland even got into the buildup! Think the shirt said something like ‘I JUST LOST TO A HILLBILLY AGAIN’ or something. It was another really exciting fight. I just watched them back-to-back and I struggled choosing which one to put in this Countdown. Didn’t want to take up 2 slots as there’s so many fights I wanted to touch on. But if you’ve got time (and don’t we all at the minute), I’d recommend watching both fights. I’m still not sure which one I preferred.
  6. I presume Cena can't do proper matches at the moment as his movie producer backers don't want to risk anything happening to him.
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  8. This was the first Wrestlemania I have watched in real time for a number of years and it has taken me a few re-watches to arrive at an opinion of any kind. Initially, given what's currently going on in the world, I wasn't really invested at all in what was going on. As much as the show went on in order to offer fans escapism (and I tuned in for that purpose) during tough times for everyone I was very much thinking "none of this matters." I think given the current climate I'd have been as detached had there been 90,000 fans in a stadium. It just didn't feel right. Then I was drawn to the two "cinematic" events, The Boneyard match and the FFFH. For me they were both frustrating - not in terms of production, realism or outcome - just in terms of what COULD be. Typical selfish fan thinking things could be done better I suppose but the possibilities for depth of characters, environments and story arcs is intriguing. Would it be handled well? Probably not. Would it be done to death? Probably. I was reminded of Brock's training for his UFC debut and it was brutal. He looked a legit killer. For all the time he spends off TV would it be terrible to have extended scenes of him in that crappy gym environment doing things few others can? BT's 90 second vignette of Drew had the same gritty feel. Done in moderation for the right storyline I think these could be a way of really be doing the sport/entertainment scripted gap. The heavyweight titles? I'm struggling to remember the last time there was a decent, meaningful match that I'd watch again save for the Brock/Goldberg mini-series a few years ago. Not sure if it's down to those two being involved in the separate matches but giving away the "right" results with no meaningful effort, irrespective of the limitations, lack of audience put me off a bit. Especially when it will be difficult to elevate or attach meaning to Drew and Braun in empty arenas for the foreseeable. Lastly, (yes my waffling is nearly over) whatever happened to John Cena? It struck me that on the bits I have seen in the last year or two, he's not featured heavily at all. He's always had incredible matches in his locker and watching the matches that were on, few stood out as having that charisma/next gear. Overall a very strange few days. Interesting to see the reactions in the aftermath though but not sure, from my own point of view, if they'll stand up to scrutiny in the months and years to come.
  9. Have been really enjoying Better Things on BBC iPlayer. It's produced by Louis CK (I know but they got rid as soon as his noncey ways came out) and stars his long time colleague Pamela Adlon as an actress who is also raising her 3 children single-handedly. It's really great, well written and acted and she is excellent, but the kids steal the show, especially Hannah Alligood as smart arse teen daughter Frankie. Episodes are only 20 odd minutes as well, so can get through it quite quickly. Highly recommended. Also, I'm giving Community another go, and having trouble with it again. I should say that I love Gillian Jacobs with all my heart, and can sit through most things because of her (see the film Ibiza), but the main problem I have with this show is Joel McHale. I just can't stand him, and think he's really shit so it's massively putting me off. Is it worth sticking with? Will I be massively rewarded if I do?
  10. There's nothing I can gather from it other than the commentators pretty much maintaining the narrative that Honaga's ripping off the mask was a real insult to Liger that pissed him off and was a dangerous thing to do. Fits with both kayfabe and shoot, but for the most part the commentary was on the action. It's definitely very difficult to tell, given how stiff Liger could work, but it's equally possible he was legit pissed off. The only thing that makes me think it was a work is that the commentators referred to him by his real name when he threw his mask into the crowd. I don't think they'd have mentioned it if it wasn't as planned, as breaking gimmick, especially for one as vivid as Liger, would surely have to be booked in advance. Maybe they were thinking it was something similar to Mutoh's, with a persona name and a real one? All that said, having been mainly an AJPW and NOAH fan for the most part, there may be a subtlety to NJPW culture that I missed, so my assessment could be wrong.
  11. Should probably take this to another film thread, but I'd like to know why you think that when everything indicates otherwise.
  12. I think the smaller chains will survive actually. It’s the bigger chains I think will suffer over the next 5/10 years
  13. I'm just working through the tutorials for the different regions at the moment. It's going to take a while before I'm driving these things well. It's the braking and coasting.
  14. I want to know more about this ignorant person on Discord, Daniel. Who hurt you?
  15. I can't see digital downloads still getting an early release once everything settles down. There might be a period of a few months where studios toy with it, but I can imagine piracy putting a massive dent into profits (especially at the prices they are expecting people to pay) and studios reverting to the old model before long. It's a shame as I'd love more movies to become available for download alongside a cinema release, but I really can't see that many people putting £15-20 down on a 2 day rental of a movie when they can torrent it for fuck all and keep it forever.
  16. It doesn't really affect me because my daughter just loves the experience of going to the cinema. Half the time she doesn't even pay any attention to the film unless it's got a dog or dogs in it. She's mostly interested in the popcorn and the dark. But it will be interesting to see how things change, although I really worry about smaller chains and independent cinemas, which are fewer and further between with each passing year as it is.
  17. People have the right to not care in the slightest what happens to Boris Johnson due to his appalling record and remarks in his past, especially those aimed across the LGBTQ spectrum and against numerous racial minorities. It should also be pointed out that it's likely him that's passed this virus on to his pregnant wife, which is another black mark against his name.
  18. It’s probably my favourite DC film. And the sequel will have The Rock in it
  19. Loki

    lonely as fook

    Jump into a thread and chat away fella!
  20. Loki

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Come on, wishing death on anyone during this, is beneath us. Let’s try and maintain basic human decency even if you loathe the chap and have valid reasons for doing so.
  21. I know this looks absolutely pathetic but I'll probably watch out of curiosity.
  22. Jimmy Snuka rocking up in the WWF in the September 1993 comp. Christ, I'd forgotten that. Looks about 90 even then.
  23. I actually watched a film that wasn't a U. It was only Shazam but still, small victory. I quite enjoyed it. Not sure when I last watched a superhero film. Unless Kick-ass counts, it's probably Superman 2. Anyway, I enjoyed Shazam. Was all a bit daft and seriously cheesy but that's to be expected. Funny bits were all in the trailer though.
  24. Perhaps @Carbomb can tell if there's anything of significance in the commentary?
  25. Tamura

    Covid-19 Megathread

    There's generally lots of hypocrisy on wishing death on people, or celebrating when people die. For example Tony Blair was quick to criticise people celebrating Maggie Thatcher's death, yet he seems to have forgotten two years earlier he wrote an article crowing about the death of Osama bin Laden.
  26. Nah, fuck him. I'll be annoyed if he pulls through.
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