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  2. It was on one of the previous pages that the police were officially involved in several cases. Matt Riddle and Trent Seven are also both contesting things legally.
  3. The podcast is shite. There is a 2nd mention.
  4. MLW's got some strange goings on at the minute. Weirdest thing is, its a pretty open secret its ran by a bunch of carnies with major connections to the Team Vision Dojo (the home of the worst people in Florida.) https://www.postwrestling.com/2020/07/04/exclusive-details-on-saieve-al-sabahs-exit-from-mlw-emails-exchanged-mlw-comments/
  5. Same risk, different reward. I think we all, to varying degrees, have felt uncomfortable about the BLM protests coinciding with a pandemic - but we get it. We understand the compulsion to strike while the iron's hot, in the hope of turning this uniquely widespread strength of feeling into unprecedented results. The "need" to abandon all social responsibility for the sake of a pint is so far from being the same thing, that to accuse people of hypocrisy for not dishing out equal criticism requires either a special kind of intellectual dishonesty, or just being a genuine twat.
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  7. What legal investigations are ongoing ?
  8. NOOOOO! Looks like Umar Nurmagomedov vs Nathaniel Wood might be off. Umar and teammate Tagir Ulanbekov cancelled their flights to Fight Island after Abdulmanap’s death this week. Ulanbekov was out of his fight anyway from what I can tell, and has already been replaced. Looks like Nurmagomedov is off too. Totally understandable, especially for Nurmagomedov being related to Abdulmanap, but no less disappointing. Nurmagomedov vs Wood was one of the fights I was most looking forward to in July.
  9. https://fans-hobby.myshopify.com/ Here's a link to Fans Hobby and their 3rd party high end iterations of Transformers. Some of the models are instantly recognisable whilst others leave you scratching your head. They're all highly detailed and have robust and intricate engineering. Aswell as a heft to them that adds to their impressive look. Fans Hobby seems to be a group of experienced model makers with a passion for Transforming toys. They've definitely put a lot of thought into these. With them scaling very well with the official Masterpiece range from Hasbro/Takara. Does anyone here have any of the Fans Hobby figures?
  10. You've got more vowels in your user name than brain cells then. Start another thread to discuss the predatory promoting practices of WWE. This isn't the thread for it.
  11. I’m saying that they don’t give it as much consideration as previously implied. ICW are not competition to WWE (or NXT:UK) and I don’t think WWE would deliberately run on the same night or seek to avoid potential clashes. I think it’s a non-issue. WOS vs. NXT:UK is completely different & I totally agree with you there.
  12. I'm a bit of a Sono fan but do find him pretty hit and miss at times and can see others not being a fan. Speaking of Prime I only lasted one episode of the Vampire series he did that's on there. He's at his try hard worst with that rubbish. Tokyo Vampire Hotel I think it's called.
  13. With investigations beginning, I expect things to go quiet for a bit. Also, with no shows on, there's no impetus yet for promotions to demonstrate any changes they've made. It's time to let the legal process do its thing, and vote with our feet when shows restart.
  14. As this dog battle Royal happened yet? I'm finally interested in AEW to see it, I watch the Puppy Bowl every year. Hopefully they do the same as the Puppy Bowl and use it as a vehicle to get people to adopt a dog by using rescue pups.
  15. If you asked every S*n reader to describe the qualities of their ideal England manager, it’d be half Redknapp, half Allardyce. Pulis was a cunt with us but I agree with Punk; he knows what he’s doing, it’s just dreadful to watch.
  16. Has this died a death? I don't watch social media much but sounds to have settled down.
  17. Grado and Rab Florence have a podcast where they moaned this week that it wasn’t mentioned on here. So here’s a mention . You’re welcome
  18. https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2020/jul/03/david-starkey-dropped-publisher-racist-remarks-harpercollins David Starkey reminding people that he's an utter cretin.
  19. I wouldn't put Pulis and Dyche in the same conversation as Redknapp either. As much as I hate watching their styles of football, Pulis and Dyche are smart managers. They wouldn't have overachieved with relatively small clubs otherwise. Redknapp on the other hand, I'm genuinely bamboozled as to how he has had the managerial career he's had. Thick as mince with the football tactical nous of my mum. Wasn't much of a coach either was he?
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