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  2. He is what happened when Eddy Redmayne and Willem Dafoe stepped into the transporter from The Fly together.
  3. Remains the only film I walked out of because I had the shits, which was entirely fitting.
  4. Glass. All I could think about was poor Scotty, he must have been broken and devastated after this
  5. If AEW were looking for a respected commentator with experience, why wouldn't they go for Mike Tenay instead of Jim Ross? At least Tenay would show some enthusiasm for it and do his homework whereas Jim Ross seems hardly arsed with his fucking BBQ sauce anymore.
  6. Distinct lack of Brown Bag specials on offer there from Don. He’ll never get rid of those Best of the X Division Vol.1 DVDs
  7. Netflix put two more new ones out today. Rim of the World probably could have been a good laugh but McG predictably fucked it, undoing most of the goodwill he built up with The Babysitter. The Perfection was absolutely cracking though. I was really interested to see what Allison Williams would do after Get Out but she's arguably even better in this. Completely potty, wobbles a bit near the ending but the final shot is an all-timer. Great companion piece to Whiplash too.
  8. Has he just revealed Chris Pine as being in the next Indy movie?
  9. News from the UKFF Las Vegas front. And it ain't MFI.
  10. Today
  11. Agreed Wand. Bisping on Paulie. It's a bit rich of Bisping to bring up spitting, given that he spat at Rivera's corner back in the day. But a fairly entertaining rant, nevertheless.
  12. Point taken. I just find it interesting that so many stories have come out about Benoit since the murders that weren’t reported at the time. They paint a very different picture of the guy. I’ve gradually gone from thinking “nobody could’ve seen it coming” to “how the fuck did nobody see it coming?” He clearly got off on beating and humiliating people he saw as weaker than him, even going back to making Japanese Young Boys do press ups while he pissed on them. Even now, people tend to blame CTE and steroids for the murders, and ignore the possibility that he was just an evil fucking prick.
  13. Better name than "Toys from pram".
  14. AEW have already peaked with this post from Merzbow.
  15. Didn’t realise Spyral was quadriplegic from a 630 leg drop gone wrong in practise and died
  16. Is the winner of the Battle Royale facing the winner of Jericho/Omega for the title tomorrow night? Or are they just not crowning a champion tomorrow? Sure it’s been touched upon, but even for one night if they could get Punk winning that battle royale on the pre-show and get into the main event, you’d have to imagine PPV buys would get a significant bump. I’ve bought it already. 50 big ones. Quite looking forward to it. It’s nice to be excited about wrestling again, so hope they can keep that up!
  17. I mean only the first series was good (and it was very good to be fair). I remember the series going downhill fast after that and I didn’t like the film at the time either. I also saw the first episode from the latest series and didn’t see any improvement. The series stopped entertaining me and didn’t make me laugh anymore.
  18. Yeah, but we've only got Justin Roberts' word for that.
  19. Don't be daft. There are no poles and nobody gets fired.
  20. Clarify please. Do you mean the 3 part special from last Christmas was awful, or that the 17 year old series has aged badly? I mean you're wrong either way but good to be sure of which you're wrong about.
  21. Ah, ok. I thought they meant there was an actual channel sticking it on. That's all good then.
  22. What about that clip of Matt Riddle, Roderick Strong and Velveteen Dream all superkicking each other at the same time in a little triangle? I saw it on Twitter the other day and couldn't decide whether I liked it or not. I'll try and find it when I get home.
  23. The League of Gentleman used to be good but it's awful now.
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