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  2. "Lord-Mountevans likes this"
  3. FA Cup Fourth Round Burnley 2-0 Norwich City Millwall 2-1 Sheffield United Southampton 0-1 Spurs Shrewsbury Town 3-1 Liverpool Women's FA Cup Fourth Round Sheffield United 0-2 Birmingham City West Ham United 1-3 Arsenal Charlton Athletic 0-3 Chelsea Aston Villa 1-0 Brighton & Hove Albion German Bundesliga Eintracht Frankfurt 1-1 RB Leipzig Wolfsburg 2-2 Hertha Berlin
  4. Ah, I was clearly mistaking the collective 'you' for the individual 'you' in this instance .. still, this shows how easy it is to misunderstand things when they are written down and lack the inflection of verbal discourse.
  5. AEW: 871,000 (-7.3%), NXT: 769,000 (+9.9%) Another win for AEW, but the gap is closing. Do they still the quarter hour break downs for ratings? Would be interesting to know how much channel hoping occurs between the two shows
  6. He’s the only person in wrestling I actually believe is real.
  7. Never said you did, you big snowflake. Just saying that some people might enjoy Astros musings.
  8. Yeah because thats exactly what I'm advocating... I've not once mentioned race in this thread yet it's been brought up several times. I've also not mentioned homophobia and that has also been brought up. Now, do I think calling an overweight heel wrestler at an 18+ show a 'fat cunt' is acceptable? Yes. Do I have any issue with said wrestler calling me whatever they like in response? No. 'Not being PC' does not automatically equate to 'Racism/homophobia is acceptable' - there are some huge leaps being made by some people here.
  9. Loved how they just cut to an ad as Britt rambled on.
  10. It's out on my birthday. God is VERY quick these days.
  11. Totally agree. I really enjoyed the show, it’s amazing how much the quality soars when Dark Order and Nightmare Collective are left off the card. I had no idea that Tony Schiavone worked at Starbucks, I thought, until I googled it, that it was a really rubbish attempt at an insult from Britt. It’s a shame because had Tony interjected to say he was proud of having worked there or something then I’d have had the confirmation I needed to pay full attention to how terrible a promo she is.
  12. It's out on the old Paul Burchill sites, I think some regions got it early.
  13. Egg Shen

    Boxing Thread

    dunno if anyone caught this last weekend? Eleider Alvarez putting in an early KO of the year candidate...
  14. As much as I enjoyed Dynamite this week, one production point really annoyed me - they didn't show the exterior of the boat until 90 minutes in. Open with drone footage, splice it in, whatever - but show people you're at fucking sea! Otherwise, it's just an underwhelming set.
  15. If you’re fed up of PC woke stuff ruining everything, @Astro Hollywood Is doing a retrospective on the pantos of Jim Davidson if you wish to relive the glory days of calling Bagga a racial slur but it not being racist.
  16. I’ve never watched an episode of Star Trek but fancy a new sci fi show to watch and Picard looks good. What are the chances of me watching this and not being completely lost? I know the main characters etc. Cheers
  17. It’s not being snarky to effectively wonder why that would bother you. Language and the terms we use evolve. It’s not about being ‘PC’, it’s about being respectful to others and using the terms they prefer. Speaking of which, I think the anti-PC brigade prefer to be called the ‘anti-woke brigade’ these days so please, be considerate.
  18. It's really great to watch the Original versions if you can. Laputa is one of my favourite films, and I've genuinely not seen it since I was a teenager so I'm stoked by this.
  19. Today
  20. You're reading into things that aren't there and making assumptions based on that [most likely in an attempt to get yourself over, I dunno]. Just stop, please. Enjoying a comedian responding to heckles and being someone who enjoys heckling at shows are two different things. Who brought up bloody stand-up comedy anyway!? It seemed like a good analogy at the time....
  21. Where have I said I enjoy heckling at comedy shows?
  22. Things were never quite the same for him after that year.
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