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  2. If they hung around they'd get shit. Like Boydy did. He got far more shit than you ever did. Grow up.
  3. Week 20 fixtures Premier League Wolverhampton Wanderers 1 v 1 Tottenham Hotspur (Sunday 2pm) Women's Super League Everton 2 v 1 Arsenal (Sunday 12:30pm) Liverpool 0 v 2 Chelsea (Sunday 2pm) Women's Championship Leicester City 2 v 1 Sheffield United (Sunday 2pm) Serie A Hellas Verona w/Fog Dude 1 v 2 Torino (Sunday 11:30am) Fiorentina 0 v 2 Internazionale (Sunday 7:45pm) Eredivisie Feyenoord 0 v 1 PSV (Sunday 1:30pm)
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  5. They were basically the Bullet Club A team, Page, Cody and Marty Scurll have all been members too.
  6. The Elite was originally Kenny and The Young Bucks as a trio when they were Never Openweight 6 Man Tag Champions With Cody, Hangman and Scurll joining up once they were all kicked out of the Bullet Club, Ibushi also joined for a short time.
  7. Outside of a Rousey return I can see Charlotte vs Tessa being Mania main event worthy.
  8. I wish they’d probably explain what the The Elite is. Who’s even in it? Young Bucks obviously, and they keep bringing up dissension with Page. Aside from that I’ve got no idea. Are the Rhodes boys involved? It’s all proper vague.
  9. Surely they need to get him over as a face to make a heel turn impactful? Maybe he doesn't do face roles well.
  10. As for EU membership, the actual rules on joining are pretty straightforward: to apply you just need to be a European state and agree to some basic principles of respecting the rule of law, treating minorities equally and so on. You then need an unanimous agreement of the existing EU members and a majority vote in the Parliament. Beyond that it's up to the existing EU member governments whether to impose any special conditions or allow any exceptions to the existing treaties. Everything's open to negotiation. They'd have to work out what their membership contribution would be (and might not get the UK's special rebate), and they probably wouldn't get the UK's current opt-out on some justice issues. Technically all EU members have to join the Euro, except for Denmark and the UK which had opt-out. Scotland could negotiate that. In practical terms it's actually irrelevant as there's a massive loophole in that even if you legally "intend" to join the Euro, you can't join the Euro until you've first joined the Exchange Rate Mechanism (which means you agree to keep your currency within a specific range of exchange rates with the Euro), and joining the Exchange Rate Mechanism is completely voluntary, so you can delay joining the Euro forever. In principle, joining shouldn't be a problem. The main barrier would be if Spain wanted to veto membership for fear it could encourage Catalonian independence. It said last year it wouldn't do as long as Scotland left the UK legally.
  11. Your best bet is to check with your GP if the referral has gone through. Sometimes they haven't been sent so once you've checked with them, they'll be able to tell you what stage you're at. From personal experience it can take over a year to be seen but if it's a desperate case, like mine, you can be sent for an immediate referral to services. You could get sectioned if you go to one of these but it's unlikely. They assess if you're in immediate danger and take the necessary steps, such as home visits and the like. As you can imagine, the MH services are stretched very thin at the moment so unfortunately it can feel like you're forgotten about. But yeah, speak to your GP first as they can tell you. One thing I did regularly while waiting was email the Samaritans. I didn't want to talk and by writing stuff down in email form was helpful. They try and get reply to you within 24 hours.
  12. In order for there to be another Scottish independence referendum the Westminster government would have to grant a Section 30 Order under the Scotland Act. Johnson has already said he won't do it. Wee Jimmy Krankie hasn't really got any leverage at this point so it would be difficult for her to get him to agree to it.
  13. From what I've read/heard, the most likely scenario is that Sturgeon formally requests the power to hold a referendum, which Johnson will presumably refuse. The Scottish government would then go to the Supreme Court and ask it to rule that Johnson acted unlawfully in refusing it. If that fails, they'll start the process for a referendum, which would prompt the UK government to go to court and say they were acting unlawfully in doing so without getting the powers granted. The Scottish government would hope the court rules that in fact they don't need to be granted power and have the right to do so independently (pardon the pun.) All that said, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the SNP don't wait until the Scottish Parliament elections and campaign on a manifesto that simply says "We will hold an independence referendum" and hope to win a majority on that basis, which might make it politically and legally harder to refuse the referendum.
  14. I’m so confused by Scottish independence. Some say they don’t pass the EU finance rules or that they would have to adopt the euro? While others say it’s a sure thing they would be allowed in Can someone cut though the fake news and enlighten me on Scotland joining the EU and what it would entail.
  15. They seem to be building a heel turn, or at least a tweener turn for him - he notably left Kenny hanging a few times in their match, then tagged himself in for the win. If not a full turn, at least a character development. They've been getting across how much the losses to Jericho and Pac bothered him.
  16. Not to try and out do anyone, but we’re a West Ham family
  17. For the record, I’ve pointed out my eldest daughters disability many times on here. She supports Arsenal.
  18. A personal one, but obviously feel safe in asking it in here. i was diagnosed in the summer with anxiety and depression. I was offered tablets, which I declined as had them previously for anxiety and they gave me Insomnia. But I was offered therapy. They told me it should take about 6 months to get an appointment but since having my conformation letter I’ve heard nothing since. Is 6 months too soon, Or should I try chasing up? Anyone been in this position recently?
  19. They'd have to take Rhyl with them.
  20. I did almost buy this yesterday. Until I found out it should say Written and Directed. they have a range https://superyaki.com/collections/space-wizards
  21. Sunday December 15th New England Patriots @ Cincinnati Bengals Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Detroit Lions Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs Miami Dolphins @ New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins Seattle Seahawks @ Carolina Panthers Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings @ Los Angeles Chargers Jacksonville Jaguars @ Oakland Raiders Cleveland Browns @ Arizona Cardinals Los Angeles Rams @ Dallas Cowboys Atlanta Falcons @ San Francisco 49ers Buffalo Bills @ Pittsburgh Steelers Monday December 16th Indianapolis Colts @ New Orleans Saints
  22. I'm more interested to know why the Welsh have never expressed an interest in becoming independent.
  23. @SuperBacon will also vouch for the brilliance of The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open. Made in one continuous take but never feels gimmicky and it's one of the best films I've seen this year. Hugely recommended. Atlantics is also really good, a weird supernatural romance set in Senegal. Perfect for fans of poncy foreign films with a slight hint of The Fog. I Lost My Head is awesome. Probably the weirdest animated film I've seen for ages but really stunning and the ending is perfect. All lovely films.
  24. Gino of course got sent down for burglary when he robbed Paul Young’s house!
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