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can get rare tv shows on disc or almost any show that was never released on dvd.

if u are looking for a show lmk as i may be able to get it thumbs-up.gif

2 Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps complete collection (6 seasons)

24 season 1-8

30 Rock season 1-5

3rd Rock From The Sun complete collection (6 seasons)

7 Days complete collection (3 seasons)

7th Heaven season 1-4

77 Sunset Strip

8 Simple Rules season 1-3

90210 season 1-2

A Different World

Above Suspicion

Absolute Power season 1-2

According To Jim season 3-8


Adventure Inc

Afro Samurai

Afterlife season 1-2


Alan Partridge season 1

Alias complete complete collection (5 seasons)

Alias Smith & Jones season 1

Ally McBeal complete collection

America's Next Top Model season 1-16

American Dad season 1-6

American Gothic season 1

American Hot Rod season 4-5

An Idiot Abroad

Andromeda complete collection (5 seasons)

Angel complete collection (5 seasons)

Angela's Eyes

Anne Green Gables (original + sequel)

Any Human Heart


Are You Being Served season 7-10

Armstrong & Miller season 5

Army Wives season 1-5

Arrested Development complete collection (3 seasons)

Ashes to Ashes season 1-3

Avatar season 1-2

Bad Girls season 4, 6-8

Bad Lads Army season 2 + extrene

Baddiel & Skinner Unplanned

Balls of Steel season 2-3

Band of Brothers

Banzai season 2

Batman Gotham Knights

Batman The Animated Series

Batman: The Original Series complete collection

Battlestar Galactica season 1-4

Baywatch complete collection (11 seasons)

Beauty & The Beast


Being Erica season 1-3

Benidorm season 1-3

Beverly Hillbillies complete collection (9 seasons)

Beverly Hills 90210 season 1-7

Beyond The Break season 1-2

Big Love season 1-5

Bionic Woman

Birds of Prey

Black Adder complete collection (5 seasons)

Black Books season 1-3

Black Sash season 1


Blake 7 season 1, 4

Blind Justice season 1

Blood Ties

Bodies season 1-2

Bones season 1-6

Bonkers season 1


Born & Bred season 1-4

Born Survivor season 1-2

Boston Legal season 1-5


Bouquet of Barbed Wire

Boys From the Black Stuff


Breaking Bad season 1-4

Brides In the Bath

Broken Trail

Brotherhood season 1-3

Brothers & Sisters season 1-5

Buffy complete collection (7 seasons)

Burn Notice seasons 1-4

Bury My Hear at Wounded Knee

Californication season 1-4



Captain Planet season 1-4

Carnivale season 1-2

Cashmere Mafi


Changes (1973)

Charlie Jade season 1

Charmed complete collection (8 seasons)

Cheers seasons 1-8


China Beach season 1-4

Chuck season 1-4


Clocking Off season 1-4

Close To Home complete collection (2 seasons)

Cold Case season 1-7

Colditz 1972

Commander in Chief

Commando On The Frontline


Connections season 1-3


Cook Yourself Thin season 1

Cops season 1


Crime Traveller

Criminal Minds season 1-6

Criss Angel Mindfreak season 1-3

Crossing Jordan season 1-6


CSI Miami season 1-9

CSI New York season 1-7

CSI season 1-11

Curb Your Enthusiasm complete collection (7 seasons)

Da Ali G Show season 1-2

Damages season 1-4

Dante's Cove season 3

Dark Angel complete collection (2 seasons)

Dark Blue season 1-2

Dark Skies season 1

Dave Chappelle's Show season 1-3

Dawson's Creek complete collection (6 seasons)

Day Break

Dead Gorgeous

Dead Like Me season 1-2

Dead Zone season 1-6

Deadwood complete collection (3 seasons)

Derren Brown: Trick or Treat seasons 1-2

Desmonds season 1

Desperate Housewives season 1-7

Destination Truth season 1-2

Dexter season 1-4

Diagnosis Murder season 1

Dif'rent Strokes season 1

Dinosaurus season 1

Dirt season 1

Dirty Sexy Money seasons 1-2

Distant Shores season 1-2

Doc Martin season 1-4

Doctor Who (2002) season 1-4

Doctor Who season 19-21


Double Deckers

Dragon's Den season 1-9


Drop the Dead Donkey complete collection (6 seasons)

Duchess of Duke Street season 2

Due South complete collection (3 seasons)

Dynasty season 1-6

E-Ring season 1

E.R. season 1-14

Earth 2

Earth: Final Conflict season 1-5

Earthworm Jim season 1-2

Ed season 1-4

Eleventh Hour

Eli Stone seasons 1-2

Entourage season 1-8

Ergo Proxy

Escape from Colditz

Eureka season 1-4

Everwood complete collection (4 seasons)

Everybody Hates Chris season 1-4

Everybody Loves Raymond complete collection (9 seasons)

Extras season 1-2

Falcon Beach season 1

Fallen (mini-series)

Family Guy season 1-10

Famous Five seasons 1-3

Farscape complete collection (4 seasons)

Father Dowling Mysteries season 1-3


First Wave

Flash Forward

Flash Gordon (2008)

Flavour of Love season 1-3

Flight of the Conchords season 2

Fonejacker season 1

Footballers Wives season 2 & 5

Frankencise Trail

Frasier complete collection (11 seasons)


Fresh Prince of Bel Air complete collection (6 seasons)

Friday Night Lights season 1-5

Friends complete collection (10 seasons)


Full House complete collection (8 seasons)

FullMetal Alchemist complete collection


Futurama complete collection (6 seasons)

Game On

Gaving & Stacey season 1-3

Gene Simmons Family Jewels season 1-6

Generation Kill

George & mildred season 5

George Gently complete collection

Ghost Hunters (TAPS) seasons 3-4

Ghost Towns season 3

Ghost Whisperer season 1-5

Gilmore Girls complete collection (7 seasons)

Girls Next Door season 1-5

Goosebumps season 1, 4

Gossip girl

Grace & Favour season 1-2

Grafters season 2

Green Green Grass season 1-3

Green Hornet

Green Wing season 1-2

Grey’s Anatomy season 1-7

Haggard season 1-2

Hairy Bikers season 3

Hannah Montana season 1-2

Happy Holidays

Hardy Boys season 1-2

Harpers Island

Harry Hill's TV Burp seasons 1-9

Having It Off

He-Man (2002) seasons 1-2

Headcases season 1

Heartbreak High season 1-2

Heartland seasons 1-2



Hells Kitchen (US) season 1-4

Heroes season 1-4

Highlander: Raven

Hollyoaks in the City season 1


Hope and Faith season 1-3

Hot Metal seasons 1-2

Hotel Babylon season 1-4

House season 1-7

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria

How I Met Your Mother season 1-2

Huff season 1-2

Human Trafficking


Hustle season 1-6

I'd Do Anything

Ideal season 1-2

In Plain Sight season 1-3

In Sickness and In Health season 3-4

In Treatment season 1-3

Inspector Lynley season 1-6

Intelligence season 1-2

Into The West


Island at War

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 1-3

JAG season 5-10

Jake 2.0 season 1

Jam & Jerusalem

Jamie's Great American Road Trip

Jamie's Great Italian Escape

Jeremiah season 1-2

Jericho season 1-2


Joey season 1-2

John Adams

John From Cincinnati

Jonathan Creek season 1-3


Judge John Deed season 5-6

Judging Amy season 1-6

Just Shoot Me




Kath & Kim season 1-4

Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter season 4

Kavangh Q.C. complete collection (5 seasons)

Keeping up with Kardashians season 1-4

Kendra season 1-2

Kevin Hill

Kick Buttowski Suburban Daredevil


King Of Queens season 8



Kitchen Nightmares season 1-2

Knight Rider (2008)

Knight Rider complete collection (4 seasons)

Kolchak - The Night Stalker

Kyle XY season 1-2

La Femme Nikkita complete collection (5 seasons)

Laguna Beach season 1-3

Land Girls season 1

Land of Giants

Lark Rise To Candleford

Lark Rise To Candleford season 3-4

Las Vegas season 1-5

Last of the Summer Wine season 5-6

Law & Order (Criminal Intent) season 1-10

Law & Order (Special Victims Unit) season 1-12

Law & Order UK season 1

Lead Ball season 3


Leverage season 1-4

Lewis season 1-5

Lexx complete collection (4 seasons)

Lie To Me season 1-2

Life As We Know It

Life of Riley season 2

Life on Mars season 1-2

Life seasons 1-2

Light Fantastic

Lipstick Jungle seasons 1-2

Little Britain season 1-3

Little Devil

Little Dorrit

Living With the Dead seasons 1-2


Lois & Clark (The New Adventures of Superman) complete collection (4 seasons)

Lonesome Dove

Lost Land of the Volcano

Lost season 1-6

Love My Way season 1-4

Love Thy Neighbour season 1-4

Lovejoy season 1-2

M.D.A. season 1-2

Mad About You season 5-7

Mad Men season 1-4

Made In Chelsea

Magnificent Seven season 1

Magnum P.I.

Maid Marian and Her Merry Men

Malcolm in the Middle complete collection (7 seasons)

Man About the House season 5-6

Man from Atlantis

Man Who Cycled the World

Manchild season 2

Map Man season 1-2

Married With Children complete collection (11 seasons)

Martina Cole's The Take

Mary Queen of Shops season 1-2


Masters of Horror seasons 1-2

Material Girl

McLeods Daughters season 7

McMillan & Wife season 1


Medical Investigation season 1

Medium season 1-7

Melrose Place (2009)

Men In Trees season 1

Men of the World seasons 1-2

Mercy season 1

Miami Ink season 2-3

Miami Vice season 1-4


Mighty Boosh season 1-3

Mildred Pierce

Missing season 3

Mission Impossible season 3

Mistresses seasons 1-3

Modern Family season 1-2

Monk season 1-8

Monty Python's Flying Circus season 1



Mork and Mindy season 1

Most Haunted season 6-8

Most Haunted season 9-10

Murder She Wrote season 1-3

Murder She Wrote season 6

Murphys Law UK season 5

Mutant X season 3

My Name is Earl season 1-4

My New Best Friend season 1

My Own Worst Enemy

Naruto season 1-9

NCIS season 1-8

Never the Twain

New Tricks season 1-6

Nigella: Bites season 1

Nigella: Express season 1

Nigella: Forever Summer

Nightmares and Dreamscapes

Nip/Tuck season 1-7

No.1 Ladies Detectices Agency + pilot

Noah's Arc season 1-2

No Ordinary Family

Northern Exposure season 1-6 complete collection (6 seasons)

Numb3rs season 1-6


NYPD Blue season 3-4

October Road season 1-2

Odyssey 5 season 1

Off Centre season 1-2

Oliver Twist

On the Buses season 7

Once and Again complete collection (3 seasons)

One Tree Hill season 1-8

Onedine Line

Only Fools and Horses complete collection (9 seasons)

Ooglies season 1

Open All Hours season 4


Out of Practice

Outnumbered seasons 1-2

Over There

Overhaulin' season 1-2

OZ complete collection (6 seasons)

Painkiller Jane

Pam Girl on the Loose

Panda Week

Party of Five season 1-2

Peak Practice seasons 1-2

Peep Show season 3

Peep Show season 5


Pinky & The Brain complete collection (4 seasons)


Poirot season 1-12

Police Interceptors seasons 1-3

Poltergeist The Legacy

Pop Goes Northern Ireland

Pretender complete collection

Pride & Prejudice

Prison Break season 1-4

Private Practice season 1-4


Profiler complete collection

Property Ladder season 9

PSI Factor complete collection (4 seasons)

Psych season 1-5

Punk'd season 3

Pushing Daisies season 1-2

Quantum Leap complete collection (5 seasons)

Queer As Folk (US) complete collection (5 seasons)


Raising the Bar season 1-2

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares season 1-5

Reaper seasons 1-2

Red Dwarf complete collection (9 seasons)

Regenesis season 1-3

Reggie Perrin season 2

Ren & Stimpy complete collection (6 seasons)

Rescue Me season 1-7

Return to Lonesome Dove


Rich Man Poor Man

Robin Hood

Robin of Sherwood season 1-3

Rodney season 1-2

Roger Roger season 1-2

Rome season 1-2


Roseanne season 2-7

Ross Kemp On Gangs season 1-4

Roswell season 1-3



Samurai 7

Samurai Girl

Samurai Jack complete collection

Saturday Night Live season 32

Saturday Night Live season 33-34

Saved By The Bell

Saxondale season 1-2

Scrubs season 1-6

Sea of Souls season 1-3

Seinfeld complete collection (9 seasons)

Sex & The City complete collection (6 seasons)

Shameless season 1-7

Shark season 1-2

She Spies

Silent Witness season 1-14

Single Father

Single Handed

Six Degrees

Six Feet Under season 1-2


Sleeper Cell season 1-2

Sliders season 3-4

Sliders season 5

Small Island

Smallville season 1-10


So You Think You Can Dance season 1

Sons of Anarchy season 1-3

Sopranos complete collection (7 seasons)

Sorted season 1

South of Nowhere season 1-2

South Park season 1-14

Space 1999 season 1-2

Space: Above & Beyond

Spender complete collection

Spider Woman

Spin City season 1-3

Spiral season 1-3

Spooks Code 9 season 1

Spooks season 1-7

Stacked season 1-2


Star Trek Deep Space 9 complete collection (7 seasons)

Star Trek Enterprise complete collection (4 seasons)

Star Trek The Next Generation complete collection (7 seasons)

Stargate Atlantis season 1-5

Stargate Infinity

Stargate SG1 complete collection (10 seasons)

Start Trek Voyager complete collection (7 seasons)

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Suburban Shootout season 1-2

Sugar Rush season 1-2

Summer Heights High season 1


Summerland season 1-2

Superman: The Animated Series

Supernatural season 1-6


Survivor season 1-18

Survivors season 1-3


Taken season 1

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles season 5-6

Tell Me You Love Me season 1

Tenko season 1-3

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles seasons 1-2

That 70s Show complete collection (8 seasons)

That Mitchell and Webb Look

The 4400 season 1-3

The A-Team complete collection (5 seasons)

The Agency

The Amazing Race season 12-14

The Amazing Race season 6-7

The Amazing Spider-Man seasons 1-2

The Apprentice UK (You're Fired) seasons 1-3

The Apprentice UK season 1-7

The Apprentice US season 1-11

The Avengers season 4-5

The Avengers season 6

The Black Donnellys

The Canterville Ghost 1944 & 1986

The Charlotte Church Show season 3

The Children of Green Knowe

The Closer season 1-6

The Colour of Magic

The Corner

The Crow

The Detectives season 1

The Detectives season 3

The Diana Years

The Dog Whisperer season 1-3

The Dresden Files season 1

The Edwardians in Colour

The Event

The First 48 season 6-8

The Fixer season 1

The Forgotten

The Golden Palace

The Great War in Colour

The Hard Sell

The Hills season 1-6

The Hogfather

The Jeff Dunham Show

The Job season 1

The Kill Point

The Killing season 1-2

The L Word season 1-6

The Last Train

The League of Gentlemen season 1-2

The Life and Loves of a She Devil

The Lost Land of the Tiger

The Lost Room

The Mentalist

The Mistress season 1-2

The Mole (Australian version) seasons 1-5

The Monkees seasons 1-2

The New Adventures of Old Christine season 1-2

The Nine

The O.C. complete collection (4 seasons)

The Office (UK) season 1

The Office US season 1-7

The Old Guys season 2

The Outer Limits season 1

The Pacific

The Practice complete collection (8 seasons)

The Pretender complete collection (4 seasons)

The Prisoner (2009)

The Rat Pack

The Riches season 1

The Rockford Files season 1-4

The Shield season 1-7

The Silence season 1

The Simpsons season 1-22

The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer season 2

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody season 1-2

The Thron Birds

The Time of Your Life

The Triangle (mini series)

The Tribe

The Tudors season 1-4

The Unit season 1-4

The Virgin Queen

The Visit season 1

The Wartime Kitchen & Gardens

The White season (BBC documentary)

The Wire season 1-5

The Wonder Years season 1

The Young Americans

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles complete collection (3 seasons)


Third Watch season 4-6

This is England '86


Threat Matrix

Three Moons Over Milford


Through Hell and High Water

Thunderbirds complete collection (2 seasons)

Thundercats complete collection (2 seasons)

Till Death Do Us Part season 4-5

Tilt season 1

Time Gentlemen Please season 1-2

Tin Man

Tintin (all episodes)

Top Gear season 1-12


Touch Me I'm Karen Taylor season 1-2

Touched By An Angel season 1


Tour of Duty seasons 1-2


Trailer Park Boys season 1


Travelling Man seasons 1-2


Trinny & Susannah Meet Their Match

Trinny & Susannah Undress the Nation season 1-2

Tru Calling season 1-2

True Blood season 1-4

Twilight Zone (1959) season 3-5

Twilight Zone (1985) season 1-3

Twilight Zone (2002) season 1

Twin Peaks complete collection (2 seasons)

Two and a Half Men season 1-8

Two of a Kind

UC Undercover

Ugly Betty season 1-4

Ultimate Figher season 1-3

Ultimate Force season 1-4

Underbelly season 1-2


Upstairs Downstairs

Upstairs Downstairs seasons 1, 3 ,4 ,5

V The Series

V (2009) seasons 1-2


Veronica Mars season 1-3

Wainwright Walks season 1-2

Waking The Dead season 1-9

Walk Away and I Stumble

Walk on the Wild Side

War & Remembrance

Waterloo Road season 1-4

Weeds season 1-7

West Wing complete collection (7 seasons)

What About Brian season 1-2

What I Like About You complete collection (4 seasons)


Who Do You Think You Are season 1-2

Whose Line Is It Anyway (US) complete collection (8 seasons)

Will & Grace complete collection

Windfall season 1

Winds of War

Wings seasons 1-2

Wire In the Blood season 4

Witchblade season 1-2

Without a Trace season 1-7

Womens Murder Club

X-Files season complete collection (9 seasons)

You Are What You Eat season 1

Your Under Arrest

Yu-Gi-Oh season 2

byker grove
allo allo
adrian mole
mary whitehouse experience
making out
footballes wives
baddiel and skinner unplanned
celebrity juice
dragons den
the apprentice
rock n roll years
one bye one
kenny everett
benny hill
touch of frost
the invaders
harry hill tv shows
The Staggering Stories of Ferdinand de Bargos
jasper carrott
chubby brown
itll be alright on the night

& lots more
QUOTE (ratedrpoed @ Dec 24 2011, 2:28) *
can get rare tv shows on disc or almost any show that was never released on dvd.

if u are looking for a show lmk as i may be able to get it thumbs-up.gif

I bet you cant get Clive Dunn's Grandad or Kenneth Williams Gallopping Galaxies! If you can LMK
Have you got a link or a list at all?
QUOTE (Tommy! @ Dec 27 2011, 21:12) *
Have you got a link or a list at all?

i know several people who have lots of stuff & they tell me it's too much for them to list so no sorry & i even asked for them to do lists myself btw.
QUOTE (iamthedoctor @ Dec 27 2011, 17:14) *
QUOTE (ratedrpoed @ Dec 24 2011, 2:28) *
can get rare tv shows on disc or almost any show that was never released on dvd.

if u are looking for a show lmk as i may be able to get it thumbs-up.gif

I bet you cant get Clive Dunn's Grandad or Kenneth Williams Gallopping Galaxies! If you can LMK

no can't get those sorry, those are super rare lol
Devon Malcolm
What about Bakersfield PD?
Halitosis Romantic
The Staggering Stories of Ferdinand de Bargos? I don't want to pay, though.
Devon Malcolm
This guy's obviously crap, there is plenty of Grandad on YouTube.
Halitosis Romantic
I want every episode of the 50s Billy Bunter show.
QUOTE (Gladstone Small @ Jan 5 2012, 14:33) *
This guy's obviously crap, there is plenty of Grandad on YouTube.

i don't do the discs myself it's people i know so 'this guy' nothing.
Devon Malcolm
Fair enough, what about Bakersfield PD?
Torrent search returned 0 results.
QUOTE (Rosegarden Funeral @ Jan 5 2012, 14:31) *
The Staggering Stories of Ferdinand de Bargos? I don't want to pay, though.

can get it but u would need to pay lol

QUOTE (Rosegarden Funeral @ Jan 5 2012, 14:46) *
I want every episode of the 50s Billy Bunter show.

can get 4 episodes
Dreamers of Dreams
Can you get all 8 series of Knightmare? (Late 80s-early 90s kids game show on CITV). I have some on VHS that were recorded at the time but the quality has gone pretty shite over time. I am looking for the original broadcast quality but on dvd now.

QUOTE (Gladstone Small @ Jan 5 2012, 14:33) *
This guy's obviously crap, there is plenty of Grandad on YouTube.

The problem is thats just 1 episode its the same one a guy mailed me when I bought a episode of Tiswas about 2 years ago. Their must be more somewhere. Really would love a list because their are stacks of shows I so want to see again I watched in my childhood that arent avaliable on DVD but remembering them is a problem as theirs too many.

I remember watching Little and Large show and really loved the show as a kid but finding any is really awkward. I remember magnusD on here or some other site where this guy had stacks of rare stuff not avaliable on commercial DVDs but finding the guy is difficult.
The Guvnor
Jackie Pallo's 'This Is Your Life' from 1973?
have started adding tv shows to OP now & will update regularly thumbs-up.gif
QUOTE (Dreamers of Dreams @ Jan 6 2012, 8:52) *
Can you get all 8 series of Knightmare? (Late 80s-early 90s kids game show on CITV). I have some on VHS that were recorded at the time but the quality has gone pretty shite over time. I am looking for the original broadcast quality but on dvd now.

If you don't get any luck with this, I know someone who I can put you in direct contact with who has all 8 series in MPEG format IIRC (i'll e-mail him your details).

PM me if you want more info.
ok guys have finally been able to get 1 of my contacts to make a list so a huge list of shows have now been added to the OP.
check them out thumbs-up.gif
Brother Devon
Those rare shows like Family Guy? Fuck off your 'contacts' for the British shows just have an account at everything else is easily on torrent sites you pleb
QUOTE (Brother Devon @ Jan 11 2012, 1:03) *
Those rare shows like Family Guy? Fuck off your 'contacts' for the British shows just have an account at everything else is easily on torrent sites you pleb

did i say every single show was a rare one?
so i'm not allowed to sell anything unless it's rare, ok then rolleyes.gif
plus this isn't the full list of stuff i can get just part of it.
Devon Malcolm
Can you get the early 2000s Channel 4 drama series, Offenders?
Halitosis Romantic
did I mention that I don't want to pay?
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