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> Tape Trading Directory, Post your information in here...
post Mar 12 2003, 10:20
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Main Eventer

Group: Paid Members
Posts: 11,498
Joined: 23-February 03
From: East Yorks.
Member No.: 1,864

Name: Rick
Website: http://tiger-rick.2ya.com
E-mail: [email protected]
Type of videos: VCD's (MLW, TNA, WCW, etc)
Slogan: I'm always up 4 a trade.
Approx. delivery time: ASAP
Trades Taken?: Yes
Payment Methods: Trade Only

I have a collection of ECW, MLW, NWA:TNA, WCW & WWF.

Latest VCD's:
OVW 28/06/03
plus loads More

Latest Tapes:
Raven Shoot
OVW TV April 03
Tons of WCW
plus loads more

Any WCW that i don't have.
All VCD's.
I'm also very interested in non-PPV WWF stuff, like SNME, early Raw on Tape or VCD. Trade VCD for Tape 4:1.

I'm always up for a trade, so if I have anything you want, drop me a mail.

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post Mar 12 2003, 14:53
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Name: Mark Jones

Website:E-Mail- [email protected]

Type of videos: All good wrestling organisations.

Slogan: Who's needs slogans?!!

Approx. delivery time: ASAP

Trades Taken?: Yes

Payment Methods: Cash, Cheque or Postal Order. Each tape 5. buy 5, get 1 free.

ring of honor tapes
EMLL ppv "infierno en el ring" 08-04-00
CMLL 1st ppv 17-03-00
EMLL/AAA lucha tv
FMW kawasaky legend 1993
FMW kawasaky legend 1996
+ any wwf/e, wcw, ecw tapes i haven't got.
+ the 1st 4 raw shows!!!!

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post Mar 16 2003, 0:44
Post #33

Card Filler

Group: Members
Posts: 658
Joined: 26-December 02
Member No.: 1,520

Name: Tom Clarkin

Website: http://www.nostapes.da.ru

E-mail - [email protected]

Type of videos: Czw, ROh, TNA, NJPW, anything really

Slogan: my cock bigger than urs

Approx. delivery time: ASAP

Trades Taken?: Yes

Payment Methods: Cash, Cheque or Postal Order, NOCHEX.

Tapes - 3hr = 4.50, 4hr - 5

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post Mar 17 2003, 14:53
Post #34

Curtain Jerker

Group: Members
Posts: 388
Joined: 17-March 03
From: Aberdeen, Scotland
Member No.: 2,012

Not Anymore

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post Mar 23 2003, 18:36
Post #35


Name: OutcastVideo
Website: www.outcastvideo.co.uk
Type of videos: All the newest US Indy and Japanese videos, plus loads of compilations.
Slogan: Service so good we dont need a catchphrase
Approx. delivery time: Videos sent the same day or next day after payment
Trades Taken?: No
Payment Methods: PayPal, Cheque, Cash, Postal Orders
Latest Tapes/Offers: Take advantange of our 10% off offer, see site for more details
Prices: 3 hours - 4.50
4 hours - 5.00
Anything more on LP - 6.00
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post Mar 25 2003, 22:31
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European Champion

Group: Members
Posts: 2,437
Joined: 7-October 02
Member No.: 1,216

Name: Matt Green
Website: DDT Videos
Type of videos: Most stuff CZW tapes shortly no Puro as of yet but looking into it
Slogan: A small site with some cool tapes
Approx. delivery time: If paid for in cash/postal order 3 days after received if cheque 3 days after it has been cashed
Trades Taken?: Yes
Payment Methods: Cash, Cheque and Postal Order
Latest Tapes/Offers:
Latest Tapes
Raven Shoot Interview
Bobby Heenan Shoot Interview
OVW Wrestling Superstars of Tomorrow
SMW Night of Legends
Eddy Guerrero Shoot Interview
Kevin Sullivan Shoot Interview
Super J Cup 1994
Mike Awesome Shoot Interview
Jerry Lynn Shoot Interview
Offers : Buy 5 get 1 free

Wanted : WCW i don't have
ECW i don't have
Shoots i don't have
ROH i don't have
NWA : TNA i don't have

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post Apr 14 2003, 9:21
Post #37

Curtain Jerker

Group: Members
Posts: 428
Joined: 9-April 03
From: Scotland
Member No.: 2,165


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Bobby Heenan: "You know how Paul Bearer got that urn?"

Gorilla Monsoon: "No, how?"

Bobby Heenan: "He EARNED it."

Gorilla Monsoon: "Would you stop!"
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post Apr 20 2003, 19:19
Post #38

European Champion

Group: Members
Posts: 2,603
Joined: 30-March 03
Member No.: 2,093

Name: Pete "UKEDGE87" Adkins

Website: Coming Real Soon! (or visit my other site www.wrestlingvideoreview.co.uk

Email:[email protected]

Types of Videos:WWF, WWE, WCW, ECW, FWA, ROH, XPW, NWA:TNA

Slogan: The Cheapest Tapes On The Net

Deilvery: Within 5 Days

Trade?: For Most things!

Payment Methods:
Cash/Cheque/Tapes, Postal orders

All the below tapes are 5 each including Postage and Packaging!

Summerslam 1991
Summerslam 1998
Summerslam 2000
Wrestlemania 3
Wrestlemania 5
Wrestlemania 6
Wrestlemania 12
Wrestlemania 13
Wrestlemania 15
Wrestlemania 16
Wrestlemania 18
Royal Rumble 1993
Royal Rumble 1997
Royal Rumble 1998
Royal Rumble 1999
Royal Rumble 2000
5th Annual Survivor Series
Survivor Series 1999
Survivor Series 2001 - DVD
Survivor Series 2002 - DVD
In your house 1
In your house 7: Good Friends, Better Enemys
In your House 8: Beware Of Dog
In Your House 11: Buried Alive
In Your House 18: Bad Blood
No Way Out 1998
Unforgiven 1998
Fully Loaded 1998
Rock Bottom 1998 - DVD
St Valentines Massacre
Backlash 1999
Unforgiven 1999
Armageddon 1999
No Mercy 2000
UK Rampage 1991
Mahyem In Manchester
No Mercy 1999
Insurrextion 2001
Insurrextion 2002 DVD
Best of Raw Vol.1 (1998) Sound is lagged.
Best of Raw Vol.3 (2000)
Hollywood Hogan DVD (3 Tapes)
1996 Year In Review
Best of 2001.
Supertape 2
Supertape 3
Wrestlefest 1991

Unofficals WWF /WWE Comps:
WWF The Internet Collection 1,2,3,4,7 - Conditions : VG quality
DX Comp, 5hours , G quality


FreeFall 2002, 3 hours, G quality


Episodes 1 + 2 VG Quality
Episodes 2 + 4 VG Quality


Revival 2002 - VG Quality

This post has been edited by ukedge87: Jan 17 2004, 21:47

For a index of all films on the 'DVD and Films You Have Watched Recently' see page 200.
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post Apr 28 2003, 21:49
Post #39


Group: Members
Posts: 3
Joined: 17-April 03
From: Scotland
Member No.: 2,246


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"I wasn't surprised at all. In fact, I thought, why stop there? Why not add the Big Show, or Chris Jericho, or the whole state of Nebraska for that matter? And don't you think a wrestling ring is a little old school, Lilian? Why not put the match in a shark tank, with real live sharks? Hungry sharks! And the only way to beat your opponent is to stuff him down a shark's throat, and pin the shark. Wouldn't that be a hoot?" ~ Kurt Angle
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post May 2 2003, 19:24
Post #40


Name: Pure Havok

Website: Pure Havok's Puro Tapes

Email : [email protected]

Type of videos: Most major puro feds

Slogan: None needed.

Approx. delivery time: ASAP

Trades Taken?: Yes

Payment Methods: Money Order, Cash, Cheque, Trade.

Latest Tapes/Offers: Grand Opening Special: Puro Starter Set
- Super JCup 1994
- An early 90's All Japan compilation(featuring Misawa, Kobashi, Kawada)
- Michinoku Pro's Gran Hamada, Super Delfin, Tigermask IV, Gran Naniwa & Masato Yakushiji vs. Mens Teioh, Dick Togo, Funaki, TAKA Michinoku & Shiryu from 10-10-96
all for one low price!
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post May 5 2003, 1:45
Post #41


Name: Masterful Tapes (Jed Hopps)

Website: www.masterfultapes.tk

E-Mail: [email protected]

Videos: Bit of everthing (no WWF/E, WCW, IWA MS tapes). CZW, ECW, ROH, XPW, NWA: TNA, pleanty smaller US indies, decent Puro collection (NJPW, AJPW, Zero-One, BJW, Tourymon, MPW etc.), British wrestling, loads of shoots, comps & best ofs.

Approx. delivery time: ASAP. Usually 1-2 days after recieving payment.

Trades Taken?: Yes if you've got something I want.

Payment Methods: Postal Order, Cheque, NoChex

Prices/Offers: 5 per tape. 6 for anything in LP (2 diffrent shows/double tape set).

12 for ANY 3 (SP) TAPES.

Latest Tapes:

Shoot Interviews: Raven, Jerry Lynn, Mike Awesome, Stan Hansen, American Dragon & Steve Williams.

ROH: Glory by Honor, All Star Extravaganza, Scramble Madness & Night of the Butcher.

3PW Debut Show, CZW Divide & Conquer, MAW Hardcore Cup 2002, AAA Triplemania III, MLW Reload, CSF Total Elimanation 4, TWA Southampton Oct 02, NWA: TNA 29-32 and Best of Japan TV Dec 02-Jan 03.
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post May 23 2003, 19:58
Post #42


Name:Matthew R Cheek, Matt's Extreme Wrestling Videos

Website: http://www.mewv.tk

Type of videos: The full range, ECW,RoH,NWA TNA, Japan, Mexico, MMA, plus perhaps the best collection of shoot interviews around

Slogan: I dont have one of those

Approx. delivery time: A week

Trades Taken?: Trades are most welcome!!!

Payment Methods: Cash, cheque, postal order, and PAYPAL!!

Latest Tapes/Offers: 6 per tape, 5 tapes for 30. Have the first 44 NWA TNA shows! I also have some fabulous new Best Of compilations, with Hogan, Sting, Vader, LOD, and Michaels! Please note that I have a new site address!!!

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post Jun 11 2003, 15:58
Post #43


Name: Mordey's Tapes

Website: Coming soon

Email : [email protected]

Type of videos: TNA, ECW, WWF, Indies, Shoots, Puro, etc

Approx. delivery time: 2-3 days

Trades Taken?: Yes

This post has been edited by MORDEY: Jun 17 2003, 13:42
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post Jun 23 2003, 0:31
Post #44


name--lee tanner


type of videos--most feds , big collection of shoots

approx del time--2/3 days from receiving order

trades taken--yes

payment methods--cheque , postal order , registered cash

latest tapes:--see below

pcw russ haas memorial cup 2002

3pw when legends collide

ovw tv april 2003

roh 15:expect the unexpected

roh 16:night of champions

roh 17:the epic encounter

dutch mantell shoot

magnum ta shoot

stan hansen shoot

jerry lynn shoot

gary michael capetta shoot

czw then and now

american dragon shoot

chris adams shoot

louie spicolli shoot

little guido shoot

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post Jun 23 2003, 10:24
Post #45

In Training

Group: Members
Posts: 86
Joined: 16-September 02
From: Manchester
Member No.: 1,160

Name - Matthew Walker

Website - http://mysite.freeserve.com/mattstapes

E-Mail - [email protected]

Trades Taken - yes

Delivery Time - 2/3 Days

Wants - Recent OVW TV, ROH, ECWA Super 8 2003 & other stuff (offers welcome)

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